Brother Lon DuQuette is about to take us on a guided tour of Chapel Perilous. He has asked me to make the following announcement: "Will all readers please fasten their seatbelts."

Many of the concepts and questions to which you'll soon be exposed may be altogether new. Some may threaten your most closely held beliefs and childhood conditioning. We ask only that you approach with an open mind and a willingness to continue your own research when you emerge from these pages.

Lon lays out the goal fairly early on. We will be encouraged to become "a principal player, ajunior partner with God in the great plan of creation." Our companions will be such luminaries as Moses, the great Qabalistic adept; King David, the poet and heroic slayer of Goliath; David's son Solomon, the greatest Magus of all time; Hiram Abiff, the slain master builder; Jacques DeMolay, the martyred Grand Master of the Knights Templar; and de Molay's avengers, the ruthless Adam Weishaupt and his Bavarian Illuminati.

We will stand with the High Priest injerusalem in the Holy of Holies and gaze upon the Ark of the Covenant. We will travel to the great temples of Egypt. We will be admitted to Masonic initiation chambers the world over, and be invited inside the sacred walls of Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland. We will even cavort with spooks and spies at the headquarters of the CIA in Virginia, and hobnob with the cognoscenti in Paris at the Louvre.

We will join the Knights Templar in clandestine archeological digs and discover a secret whose revelation could shatter the foundation of the world's three great monotheistic faiths. What is "the most dangerous secret in the world"? Is it true? And who were the people who discovered it, those who "dreamed greater dreams" than their European neighbors? Is the Bible real?

Frankly, Lon's statements on the historicity of the Bible exceed the scope of my own research to date. The more I know about history, the more I am aware it is written by people with agendas. I am as suspicious of those who claim one version as I am of those who advance another. As an example of the difficulty of determining fact from fiction, look at the controversy over whether Saddam Hussein did or did not possess weapons of mass destruction. (I tend to agree with Ted Koppel who quipped that we know he did because we still have the receipts!) The question of whether Moses, David, or Solomon existed is even more loaded. While Lon will raise these issues, it is the reader's task to answer them. The depth of your research will be the measure of the truth of your conclusions.

Where Lon and I are in absolute agreement is on the pernicious doctrines of Original Sin and Vicarious Atonement. How vile a slander of that most magnificent miracle of God called Man to burden him with original sin. How despicable the coward's gesture to fling an innocent life before God to die for his own redemption. I will die for my own sins, thank you. Let the crucified die for his. Like the Templar of old, I spit on the belief of the inherently evil nature of mankind and the abdication of individual responsibility on which the myth of the Dying God is anchored.

The Seven Secrets of Solomon establish the author's credentials as a lover of freedom and a believer in the inherent dignity of humanity. These principles circ 3. celebration of our divine birthright and a wondrous affirmation of Nature and the grandeur of Creation. When Lon writes that, "All creation is a play in the mind of God," I hear a ringing endorsement for that participatory, vibratory, divine rock concert we call Life.

Lon's intimate familiarity with Masonry is one of the more delightful themes of this book. It is virtually impossible to overstate the importance of Freemasonry as a tool of the Enlightenment. It helped liberate millions and led to the founding of governments built on the principle of the consent of the governed. (Perhaps our modern task is to expand that doctrine to read "informed consent.") While Masonry has become an increasingly gray-haired fellowship in the last four to five decades, one hopes it will regain its appeal to younger generations. Some Masons feel the best way to accomplish this is to camouflage the mystical roots of the Craft. Yet anyone interested solely in charitable work can join United Way. The active core of Masonry is Initiation into the Mysteries —just like the active core of this book.

Lon's inclusion of the material from the Goetia is a stroke of genius. For here is a practical means of experiencing the states of mind and magical powers discussed throughout these pages. Myth becomes personal reality. The reader is encouraged to leave the comfort of his or her armchair and begin the work of achieving the Wisdom and Power of Solomon. Here is where it all comes home. This is not a Dan Brown /National Treasure style tale designed to stimulate and titillate. Rather it is a manual of Gnosis. Lon's step-by-step instructions and educated advice for understanding and conducting Goetic evocation are among the best I've read. Simple, clear, methodical, they are intended to be used. Here is a roadmap for the exploration of Self.

Welcome now to the wonderful world of Lon DuQuette and the real secrets of Solomon's Key.

~James Wasserman 2006 e.v.

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