Governeth Legions

Do you actually expect me to believe this kind of magic works

King Solomon Conjuring Spell

I don't expect anyone to believe anything. Magic is psychological art form not a belief system unless, of course you consider the concept of 'cause and effect' to be a belief system . I am expecting, however, that you will withhold absolutejudgment about the efficacy of such exercises until such time you actually perform a Goetic evocation for yourself. I have on numerous occasions, over the last thirty, years evoked a number of the spirits of the Goetia utilizing the basic formula outlined...

The Magic Ring Or Disc Of Solomon

How Use The Solomon Brass Vessel

THIS is the Form of the Magic Ring, or rather Disc, of Solomon, (See Figure D.) the figure whereof is to be made in gold or silver. It is to be held before the face of the exorcist to preserve him from the stinking sulphurous fumes and flaming breath of the Evil Spirits. THE VESSEL OF BRASS Figure E. The Vessel of Brass. THIS is the Form of the Vessel of Brass wherein King Solomon did shut up the Evil Spirits, etc. (See Figure E).

Confess I Am A Freemason

Masonry is a progressive moral science, divided into different degrees and, as its principles and mystic ceremonies are regularly developed and illustrated, it is intended and hoped that they will make a deep and lasting impression uponyour mind. From The Fellow Craft Degree Free & Accepted Masons4 I am a Freemason. In 1998, at the age of fifty, I was raised5 in the same lodge that raised my father fifty years earlier. Masonry claims to make good men better, and although my father had many...