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Gout Eraser

The Gout Eraser is a guide written to give the readers tips on how to treat their gout naturally and effectively. The guide was put together to be something that can be done at home without a need to visit an expert as regards its use. This program is a proven home method useful in eliminating gout rapidly and permanently.The book is a quick fix that has been designed to help the user get a cure for their gout in 7 days. The system requires their full attention, persistence, and discipline. The methods employed in this book are natural ones that have been proven by many specialists. The system comes with bonus E-books- 'Sleeping Solace'(The Key To Using Sleep To Cure Gout) and 'Stress Soothers (How To Overcome Stress, which is a top cause of gout), How To Lose 10 Pounds Naturally (The Key To Losing Pounds to Fight Gout).The book is in a digital format (PDF) and has been created at a very affordable price.One big knowledge that would linger on the mind of the users is that fighting gout is hard. However, with Gout Eraser, you will be freed from the pain that comes with gout Read more here...

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Contents: Ebook
Author: Robert Miller
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Highly Recommended

Of all books related to the topic, I love reading this e-book because of its well-planned flow of content. Even a beginner like me can easily gain huge amount of knowledge in a short period.

My opinion on this e-book is, if you do not have this e-book in your collection, your collection is incomplete. I have no regrets for purchasing this.

2 Hour Gout Remedy

The Gout Remedy Report created by Joe Barton is a natural treatment for gout that is very simple and easy as people can apply instantly with several of information about gout, step-by-step alternatives remedies, treatments, and treating strategies. The ebook gives you details of cause, symptoms, different stages of gout, who is at risk of getting gout and what other complications can result from having this problem. And it provides details of conventional treatments that are prescribed for this problem. Then you will discover a list of 7 natural remedies that are known to treat gout successfully. To get the most benefit out of the information in the Gout Remedy Report, you may need to change a few things in your diet and take a couple of remedies, but according to the results people are getting, the effort is rewarded by a gout and pain free life. Read more here...

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Contents: Ebook
Author: Joe Barton
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Price: $39.97

The Ultimate Gout Diet

Gout and You: The Ultimate Gout Diet & Cookbook is an eBook written by Spiro Koulouris. Spiro Koulouris first found out he had gout in 2002. He was able to reduce his medications to a minimum and achieve a healthier and happier lifestyle just using the dieting and exercise plan he reveals in this book. The book contains a lot of nutrition advice on gout and recipes that can be used in the management of gout. It gives examples of diets to avoid like too much fat and sugar which have mostly empty calories and those that are healthy. It contains an optimized gout diet called the 80-10-10 diet which helps improve conditions of people with gout and helps reduce uric acid levels. This diet is discussed in more detail inside the book. The recipes are easy to follow and are written in a way that newbies can understand. In addition to this, the recipes also help in preventing diseases like diabetes and hypertension. This product is good for people suffering from gout, who want to prevent chronic diseases like hypertension and diabetes. Read more here...

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Contents: Ebook
Author: Spiro Koulouris
Official Website:
Price: $22.00

Cure Gout Now

You'll learn: How to cure gout quickly and naturally in seven easy steps these tips will put you on the fast track to better health. 6 high-risk factors for gout if you read nothing else, you absolutely must know this . this information will have a dramatic positive effect on how you live your life. The primary causes of gout and what this means for you and your future. The painful symptoms of gout and how to quickly and easily eliminate them. The secondary causes of gout and how to quickly assess your risks. Who's at the greatest risk of developing gout and how to dramatically lessen your chances of getting it. And so much more including over 20 delicious recipes that won't set off a gout attack. How to change the underlying cause of your gout. How to stop painful gout symptoms in their tracks. How to lose weight quickly and easily. How to lower your levels of uric acid naturally and effectively. Gout friendly foods as well as how to avoid unhealthy options that will set of another attack. Read more here...

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Contents: Ebook
Author: Lisa McDowell
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How we must find out and examine the Vertues of things by way of similitude

Manifestly see in sensible Animals, in which the nutritive Vertue doth not change the meat into an Hearb herb , or a Plant, but turns it into sensible flesh. In what things therefore there is an excess of any quality, or property, as heat, cold, boldness, fear, sadness, anger, love, hatred, or any other passion, or Vertue whether it be in them by nature, or sometimes also by art, or chance, as boldness in a harlot these things do very much move, and provoke to such a quality, passion, or Vertue. So Fire moves to Fire, and Water moves to Water, and be that is bold moves to boldness. And it is well known amongst Physitians physicians , that brain helps the brain, and lungs, the lungs. So also it is said, that the right eye of a Frog helps the soreness of a mans right eye, and the left eye thereof helps the soreness of his left eye, if they be hanged about his neck in a Cloth of its naturall Colour The like is reported of the eyes of a Crab. So the foot of a Tortoise helps them that have...

Woman Her Magical Formula

Wine rots the liver fever swells the spleen Meat clogs the belly dust inflames the eye Stone irks the bladder gout plague leprosy Man born of woman is most full of trouble God, a gorged fool that belches him, a bubble But of all plagues wherewith a man is cursed, Take my word for it, woman is the worst

Natural Causes Of Lycanthropy

p. 145 The old man suffering from rheumatism or gout conceives himself to be formed of china or glass, and the foxhunter tallyhos at each new moon, as though he were following a pack. In like manner, the naturally cruel man, if the least affected in his brain, will suppose himself to be transformed into the most cruel and bloodthirsty animal with which he is acquainted.

Of the Images of the Zodiack what vertues they being ingraven receive from the stars

But the Celestial Images, according to whose likeness Images of this kinde are framed, are very many in the heavens Some visible and conspicuous, others onely imaginable, conceived and set down by Egyptians, Indians and Chaldeans Chaldaeans and their parts are so ordered, that even the figures of some of them are distinguished from others for this reason they place in the Zodiack circle twelve general images, according to the number of the signs of these they constituting Aries, Leo, and Sagittary for the fiery and oriental triplicity, do report that its profitable against Feavors fevers , Palsie palsy , Drosie, Gout, and all cold and phlegmatick infirmities, and that it makes him who carrieth it to be acceptable, eloquent, ingenious and honorable, because they are the Houses of Mars, Sol, and Jupiter. They made also the image of a Lion against melancholy phantasies, the Dropsie, Plague, Feavors fevers , and to expel diseases, at the hour of the Sun, the first degree of the sign of...

Wish Exercises Matos Spells And Magic Xi

The health defects of this House are generally of an uncommon nature, such as suppressed gout and rheumatism, painful and inflammatory ailments of the lower organs (which are governed by Scorpio) hemorrhoids, malaria, typhoid, angina pectoris, insomnia, and severe sick headaches. In temper they are electric and impulsive and inclined to take offence but although an angry type have often great self-control, but when badly aspected their strong passions predominate, and like the Scorpion they sting with the tongue, and their expressions are sarcastic, lurid, and cruel. frequently set in wedding-rings for this purpose. In India it is believed to give vitality and health to those who wear it, and it is very popular amongst Mohammedans as a Talisman against evil spirits. In Elizabethan days mariners had great faith in this stone as a preservative from shipwreck, and also as an Amulet against gout if worn next the skin.


The intense pain which the Sciatica produces is similar to the pain which Gout produces, plus there is the grave consequence of becoming an invalid, because the person reaches the crippled state. Therefore, for these grave motives, it is urgent that this medication is used in conjunction with chastity. Let the fornicators say whatever they want, but know that such is the cause, such is the effect.


Months' provisions, and it was less trouble to feed and be done with it, than to examine the question whether we were hungry. If you cook your own food, you soon find that you don't cook more or less than you want and health returns. If, however, you go to the other extreme and think of nothing but diet, you are almost sure to acquire that typical form of melancholia, in which the patient is convinced that all the world is in league to poison him. Professor Schweinhund has shown that beef causes gout Professor Naschtikoff proves that milk causes consumption. Sir Ruffon Wratts tells us that old age is brought on by eating cabbage. By and by you reach the state of which Mr. Hereward Carrington make his proud boast your sole food is chocolate, which you chew unceasingly, even in your dreams. Yet no sooner have you taken it into you than you awake to the terrible truth demonstrated by Guterbock Q. Hosenscheisser, Fourth Avenue, Grand Rapids, that chocolate is the cause of constipation,...

Removal Of Tonsils

The tonsils are ruled by Taurus, one of the signs of Venus. There is great sympathy between signs ruled by the same planet. Libra, the other Venus sign, rules the kidneys. Removal of tonsils from the Taurus region affects secretion of urine in the Libra region. Therefore, when we remove the tonsils from a child we increase the tendency to gout and rheumatism in later years.

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