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Scott, in Marmion, describing a wizard, also alludes to this Talisman as follows :

" His shoon were narked with cross and spell. Upon hia breast a pentacle ";

and in Germany it is still considered a Talisman against the powers of witchcraft.

The Kahala, the source and inspiration of numerous Talismans, came into being very soon after the establishment of the Christian Religion, when the Jewish Rabbis developed a complete science of Divine things, received, as the name implies, by direct revelation, according to which all created things from the highest to the lowest are ruled, through the ten principal names of God, acting tirst through the nine orders of the Angelic Hosts and blessed souls, and through them to the Celestial Spheres, I'lanets, and Mankind. Lower degrees of Angels and celestial influences, known as Intelligences, ruling each element, nation, language, animal and vegetable life, atmospheric conditions, emotions and aspirations. The early Christians had great faith and belief in the power of numbers, and their magical formulas were largely composed of letters having numerical values, usually expressed in Hebrew. Sometimes Greek letters were used, which, combined with astrological formulas, attracted the good influences of the Angels and Intelligences ruling through the Planets, the houses of the Zodiac, their triplicities and degrees.

One form described as the

Table of Jupiter, which is illustrated on Plate X, Illustration No. 139, contains sixteen numbers which total up to thirty-four whichever way they are added. This, with the Divine names around it, is to be made in a plate of silver when Jupiter is strong, and was worn for riches, favour, peace, and concord, to appease enemies, and to confer honours and dignities.

The Good Spirits were always working to preserve mankind from the machinations of E\il Spirits ; the Jupiterian Spirits working especially to preserve Justice and Mercy on Earth. This Talisman may be seen reproduced in Albrecht. Diirer's picture of " Melancholy." The complete set of the Planetary Tables with their Angels and Intelligences, together with full instructions for their making, may be found in the Magus by Francis Barrett.

Tin". Ten Names of God were used to attract the virtues and powers they represent, or to accomplish some desire signified.

The first is the name Ehf.ia, the essence of Divinity, influencing the angelic order of Sera-

pliim through whom the gift of being is bestowed or. all things.

The second is Jod, signifying wisdom, ruling through the order of Cherubim.

The third is Elohim, signifying providence and understanding, ruling through the order of Thrones.

The fourth is El, signifying clemency and goodness, grace, piety, and magnificence, ruling through the order of Dominions.

The, lifth name is Eloiiim Gibor, signifying power and judgment, ruling through the Seraphim.

The sixth name is Eloiia. meaning Beauty and Glory, and has power through the order of Virtues.

The seventh name is Adonai Sabaoth, the God of Hosts, triumph and victory, justice and eternity, ruling through the order of Principalities.

The eighth is Elohim Saraotii, signifying Piety and Agreement, ruling through the Archangels.

The ninth is called Sadai, that is, Omnipotent, and has influence through the Cherubim, ruling the increase and decrease of all things.

The tenth name is Aponai Melech, signifying Kingdom and Empire, and has rule through the Blessed Souls giving knowledge and understanding.

Very powerful in Talismans were the names of the Angels ruling the Planets, as follows :

Names of power were compounded from letters taken from verses of Scripture : for example, the Agla is formed from the initial letters of the words Ate Gebir Leilam Adonai—" Thou art mighty for ever, O Lord " ; a popular charm during the fourteenth century against Fever, frequently found on rings and brooches of this period. It was used by Dr. Dee, as illustrated on Plate X, Illustration No. 138.









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