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The serpent is presented in the Bible as the Devil who tempted Eve to denounce Yahweh by eating the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge.15 This makes it all the more strange that first Moses, who set a healing serpent on a pillar, and then Jesus would highlight this figure so prominently in their stories.

Jesus repeatedly refers to Moses. What is the explanation for Jesus' action and statement:

"And as Moses lifted the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of Man be lifted up: That whosoever believeth may in Him have eternal life.

For God so loved the world, that He gave his only begotten Son...?"16

In fact, the Chaldeans called the Brazen Serpent the WORD.17 It conveyed the idea of wisdom and language. The Word, I have proposed, is the a-tom or the A-ton.

A strange story told in Acts 28:1-6 is made clear by this understanding. In this story the Apostle Paul is visiting the 9-mile-long island of M-Alta (then called Melita), a center of serpentsoul worship beneath the southern tip of Italy. The underworld of the gods, it was claimed, was accessed from this island. Paul is bit by a serpent or viper on the island, and survived only by the power of the risen Jesus. Does this suggest Jesus was present at M-Alta to heal Paul? Or, does it mean Paul was 'given wisdom' during his stay there as evidence by his act of 'holding the serpent', and that the 'risen

Jesus' emerged from within him? After seeing that Paul was unharmed, and could 'hold the serpent', the Maltese 'said that he was a god'.

As noted, in the Hebrew Bibles, all references to serpents are made by use of the word nahash (from the stem NHSH). This term does not relate to serpents in the way that we would know them -- that is, reptiles. It relates to serpents in their traditional capacity as bringers of wisdom and enlightenment, and to souls, since NHSH is also the stem for the Hebrew Nashamah, or soul. The word nahash actually means 'to decipher' or 'to find out'.

Serpentsouls, in one form or another, were always associated with wisdom and healing, and the Trees of Life and Knowledge are customarily identified with serpents. Indeed, the logo of today's American and British medical associations is a copy of this image of a serpentsoul coiled around the Tree of Life -- a depiction shown in the clay reliefs of ancient Sumer and identified as E.A.'s personal logo.

When Jesus arrived at the beginning of the Age of Pisces to become the new Lord of the Temple (or A-Tum Pillar), he supplanted Tammuz who became the Doubting Thomas, the apostle who challenged Jesus' claim to authentic apotheosis and resurrection in the flesh.

Thomas or Tammuz (E.A.) apparently knew the real thing because he already was the real thing. The Gnostic Holy Book of the Invisible Spirit or The Egyptian Gospel affirms this.18 Composed before 350 AD, this Gospel contains the "true history" of the line of the Savior and tells of the Great Invisible Spirit who emanated from the "eternal light of the aeons." Three powers emanated from it: namely the father, the mother and the son. Next, there emanated a great cloud of light, a living power, the mother of the holy incorruptible beings of great powers, the Moirothea (or Meru-thea), Greek meaning "divine part."19 And she engendered that being whose name is uttered:

Thou art unique!

Thou art unique

The Gospel describes E.A. saying, "inasmuch as Adam is light that has radiated... this being (E.A.) is the eye of light."20 This is the same eye of light that appears on the logo of the American enterprise.

The Gnostic Gospel of the Egyptians is divided into two parts. The first is a revisionist "true history" of Adam's son Seth down to Jesus, the final incarnation of the Savior. The second part is a liturgical service book for gnostic baptism.

This book begns with a uranographic catalog (a list of structural elements of the universe) and concludes with a hymn spoken by the newly baptized gnostic.

This gospel describes the spiritual universe as a 'throne room' . A Word of power, the Name of God, it says, is written on a "tablet" near the "throne of glory."

This Word of power emanated from a Great Light (that would be Tula) along with seven powers (rays), which are the seven vowels: I,E,O,U,E,A,O. Before the baptism these letters are spoken as a hymn spoken by the newly baptized gnostic. After the baptism, when the "great name is upon me," they are copied as a pyramid as follows:

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