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In the Grail tradition, Mary emerges as a lightning rod of brilliant, focused, religio-political thought and action who had little resemblance to the diminutive and repentant prostitute portrayed by the Church. She constantly questioned Jesus, as if she were checking his work, and was the benefactor of his most advanced and secretive scientific teachings concerning the universe.

One of the tenets of the Grail heresy holds that the marriage of Jesus and Mary Magdalene was a dynastic union between a son of the royal House of David, and a royal daughter of the Benjaminites, one of the original twelve tribes of Jacob/Israel. Their union was intended to solidify the political aspirations of these two families. Mary and Jesus' children (twin boys, one of whom became St. John of the Light, or a girl named Sarah, depending up the story) assured its future.

Upon his death, it is believed Jesus gave his personal possessions and most secret oral teachings to his 'apostle of the apostles', Mary Magdalene, who secreted them away to await the return of their owner.

The exact nature of these secrets is unknown. However, the Knights Templar may have provided a vital clue. The Languedoc region -- which stretches from Provence to the eastern Pyrenees and includes Rennes -- was home to the highest concentration of Knights Templar in Europe. The ruins of their castles and commanderies haunt this land. Many believe the secrets of Solomon's Temple are to be found in the Languedoc.

In their book In Search of the Holy Grail and the Precious Blood,18 Ean and Deike Begg tell of the bizarre graffiti found in the chateau at Domme, France, where Knights Templar were imprisoned after the persecution by the Catholic Church in 1307. Here is found a depiction of the Crucifixion that is slightly twisted from the accepted Church version (or the Church version is twisted from the original event). Joseph of Arimathea (Jesus' wealthy uncle) is shown catching precious droplets of Jesus' (royal blue) blood (presumably with the Holy Grail).

On Jesus' left is a pregnant woman holding a wand or a rod.

According to the Gnostic legends, and early Christian art (see p. 18), Jesus possessed the Egyptian ankh or Key of Life (Light). This is both an advanced technology, a Rod of Miracles which once belonged to Moses, and a spiritual teaching which enables one to raise their spiritual bandwidth to master this technology.

The myths I accumulated in my book The Peacemaker and the Key of Life19 record that the Key of Life may be used to transfer souls from one dimension to another, level mountains, control natural phenomena, and for healing. In this work I will show it is also the key piece to opening ancient stargates.

The Key of Life was also present at the Crucifixion of Jesus. We know this because the Key of Life was made from a branch that grew on the Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden.

According to medieval Christian legend, Adam was buried on Golgotha ('the Skull').20 His son Seth returned to the Garden of Eden to retrieve a branch from the Tree of Life. He planted it on Golgotha where it grew into Christ's Cross, the Tree of Crucifixion. Before the Flood Noah dug up the Tree for safekeeping in the Ark. After the Flood, he buried Adam's skull under Mount Cavalry, where Jesus was later Crucified.

The knowledge of the branch or Key of Life was handed down through the line of Shem, son of Noah, from generation to generation, until it reached Abraham, Jesus' ancestor. Abraham's great-grandson Joseph brought it with him to Egypt where he rose to highest rank in the Pharaoh's court. There, the Key of Life remained among the treasures of the Egyptian kings until it passed to the hands of Moses.

According to Exodus,21 after his conversation with God in the midst of the burning bush Yahweh himself taught Moses to 'make' (a police term for 'identify') his Rod of Miracles which was able to bring water (wisdom) out of (s)tone22 and part the waters of the Red Sea (the blood).23

After failing to properly glorify God the second time he struck the rock, Moses was barred from the Promised Land.24 He planted the Rod (and presumably the Grail Pillar) in the hills of Moab, near Jerusalem. According to legend, after a massive search King David retrieved it.25 His son Solomon installed it in the Temple of Solomon.

Moses removing his sandals and striking or loosing water from a rock. Catacomb of St. Callixtus, Rome, fourth century.

What did David, a musician and poet, and Solomon, also a poet discover and install in the Temple? Insight is found in the fact that Moses was raised in the Pharaoh's royal court26 and was, therefore, likely trained in all the wisdom of the Egyptians. Assuredly he would have known that the Key of Life was an Egyptian technology most closely identified with Thoth, the ibis-headed god of magic.

Thoth Magic
Thoth (right) resurrects Osiris with the Key of Life.
Thoth Key Life

Isis is receiving the breath of life from Ra and transferring it to Horus via her breast. Standing before her, ankh or Key of Life in hand, is Amon-Ra the Egyptian 'Lord of Eternal Light'. Standing behind her is Thoth. The second chapter of Genesis offers a similar description of the Key in use: "And Yahweh, Elohim (Shining One), fashioned the Adam of the clay of the soil;and He blew in his nostril the breath of life, and the Adam turned into a living Soul."

It is vital to note that following a strict genealogy, esoteric Egyptologists believe Thoth reappeared in the form of an Egyptian pharaoh named Akhenaton, who ruled Egypt from 1364-1347 BC. This coincides with the time of Moses.

Akhen Aton Egypt

Akhenaton and his bride Nefertiti receive the Key of Life from the Aton disk.

Akhenaton was called the 'Heretic King' because he defied the power of the establishment priests.27 He introduced a monotheistic Mystery religion based upon the principles of light from a hidden Central Sun that he called Aton, or simply 'the Disk'. He is frequently depicted receiving the Key of Life from Aton.

Aton is the root for Adon or "Lord," a title later given to Jesus. Later, though it is not widely known, the first Christians believed Jesus acquired the Key of Life, using it to perform many of His miracles.

Jesus uses the Key of Life or wand of miracles to raise Lazarus from the dead. Vatican Museum

The early Christian belief that Jesus possessed this branch or wand was profusely demonstrated in their characterizations of him found in the catacombs of Rome with wand in hand performing miracles, including turning water into wine and raising Lazarus from the dead.

It is quite apparent from the connection between these names and the continuity of the depictions of Thoth, Akhenaton and Jesus above that the secrets of Peace (the Grail/immortality) had something to do with music (tones or keys).

It also suggests Jesus perpetuated the Egyptian teaching of not only Moses, but also Thoth and Akhenaton.

Aton is a word play for a tone or a tune.

Interestingly, when, in the Bible, Zecharia prophesies that the Lord will be carried into Jerusalem on an ass he uses the word ATHON, so close to ATON. In Hebrew the male ass is called the hamor ('H-AMOR'), the she-ass ATHON.128 I t would make a staggering difference if the Hebrew scribes, fond as they were of word play, used the word athon as a pun for Aton or a tone, the Key of Life.

Was the Templar grafitti on the cave walls at Domme indicating that Mary Magadalene brought the Key of Life to France? A cipher found at Rennes says that Mary Magdalene holds 'the Key Piece'. Is this the Key of Peace or the Key of Life?

Is the Rod of God or the Key of Life of the Peacemaker at Rennes?

We will begin to answer this question in the next chapter.

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The Illustrated Key To The Tarot

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