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There is another powerful connection between the stories of Mari, Joseph and Jesus. The link is Skilly Pit of Ab-aton. The Gospel of Luke says Jesus' father Joseph (E.A.) was a son of Hel.1 This is strange. In Judeo-Christian terminology Hell is a place to be avoided at all costs. Originally, however, Hel was the goddess' fiery furnace or womb of transformation; a place where men were transformed into gods.2

The Book of Revelation3 calls Hel the Pit of Abaddon or Ab-atton, the home of Apollo, the serpent-deity, who periodically returned to Tula to gather sacred knowledge. Significantly, the meaning of the Egyptian word ab, the heart-soul that came from the Mother Goddess, was reversed in Hebrew; ab was redefined as "father."

Hel was also the Greek word for the Sun. The Greeks called themselves Hellenes meaning "chidlren of the Sun." Today we have the words heliocentric (to be measured from the sun's center), helix, the spirals of human DNA.

In the feminine Gnostic tradition, Mary's husband Joseph was a carpenter who assembled the Pillar upon which Jesus was crucified. The feminine teachings relative to the heart-soul of the Pit of Abatton were suppressed, as were the

Joseph's secrets of the Pillar. They were not, however, completely erased. References to the feminine teachings appear in veiled form throughout the Gospels and in Christian tradition.

For example, Jesus spent his three days between Crucifixion and resurrection in Joseph's tomb.4 Some Christians believe Jesus spent these three days fighting demons in Hell.

If we follow the linguistic lead suggesting that Hell is the same as the Pit of Abatton, the womb of transformation of the goddess, and investigate this Pit's possible role in the Crucifixion, we find strange and persistent legends linking the family of Jesus to this Pit. Rather than a tomb, Jesus would have spent three days in a womb of transformation. One result of this process was the soma, the wise blood.

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