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Connecting Mary Magdalene, the Head Sister of the Order of Dan, with the Biblical people of Daniel and the Tuatha De' Danann slips the 'decoder ring' of Rennes back on our finger. It 'opens the book' on her secrets: the existence of the Dan's stargate at Rennes-le-Chateau linking Earth with AMOR.

The fact that in the Hindu Vedas the word Anu or Danu means "the waters of heaven or space,"20 and is only one letter away from the Egyptian goddess Nu or Nut, returns us to Egypt and the secrets of the gods.

As noted, early Christian texts describe Mary Magdalene as 'the woman who knew the All'. Cross-checking Egyptian mythology, we discover an astonishing Egyptian description of ' the All'.21

The side posts of Egyptian temple's entrance doors are often ornamented with horizontal bands of bas-reliefs portraying the three symbols:

Uas -- the tree branch, commonly called the 'Key of the Nile',

TET or Djed (center) -- the Pillar of Osiris, and Ankh -- 'life'.

Ankh Djed Uas

Uas Djed Ankh Uas Ankh Uas

These symbols are placed on a basket. This basket is the All.

One of the key figures in Egyptian mythology associated with the All is Ptah or Ptah-Tenen, which means "risen or raised Earth." Egyptian myth said Ptah formed and shaped the material world.

Ptah was most commonly depicted as a bearded man wearing a blue skull-cap. His close-fitting garment is made of bird feathers. In his hands he holds the forked uas ("branch"), the ankh ("life"), and the djed ("stability").

Ptah, covered in bird feathers, holding the combined Uas, Djed and Ankh

In Egypt "Ptah is usually regarded as a form of the Sun god," says Egyptologist E.A. Wallis Budge, "and as the personification of the rising sun..."22 Elsewhere he is described as the creative aspect of Ra. His name means "to open" by "sculpting or engraving." He was a master at working with stone. As John Anthony West observes, no sculptor sculpts without "inspiration," the muse. That is Ptah. Christians called him Pater ('Father') or Peter ('Rock', 'Stone'), and assigned him the role of holding the Key to


Ptah was also a great worker of metals. According to Budge, he was also both a smelter and a caster, and sculptor, as well as the master architect and designer of everything which exists in the world.24

The Greeks and the Latins claimed Hephaistos and Vulcan as his later names. Hephaistos was an early smith god, cast down from the Olympian's heaven by Zeus, for trying to protect his mother Hera (Earth). Like Asclepius, he was associated with lightning.25 A lightning bolt from Zeus killed Asclepius because he was afraid that such a skillful physician could make all men immortal.

Physician Symbol

The Staff of Asclepius shows a serpent wound around a staff. It is the symbol for medicine.

From the back of Ptah's neck hangs the menat, a symbol of magical fertility in earthly happiness that promoted fruitfulness and health.26

He stands on a pedestal made in the shape of the sign maat, "Truth," "Mother."27 Maat's symbol was the feather of Truth against which she weighed each man's heart-soul in her underworld Hall of Judgment. Thus Ptah, the bird-man, is clothed in the feathers of the Truth of Maat.

Those who lived by Maat took a sacramental drink, comparable to the Holy Grail, which conferred ritual purity.28

Maat is probably Tiamat, one of the Pleiades. There is an intimate connection in the early legends of this group of seven stars with a flock of birds, especially doves, and the Grail. In the Odyssey Homer tells us that;

"No bird of air, no dove of swiftest wing, that bears ambrosia to the ethereal king." The doves of Nestor's cup described by Homer in the Iliad are also thought to refer to the Pleiades.

Fascinatingly, the Pleiades have also been likened to a bunch of grapes or Blue Apples. Ancient coins depict doves with bodies formed by bunches of grapes. The dove appeared in migration at the time of vintage, its purple-red breast like wine reminding the wine makers of their grapes.29

Suddenly, the story of Jesus' "curing" Mary Magdalene, his chief apostle, of "possession" by "seven demons" takes on New meaning. These seven demons may well be the seven stars of the Pleiades. His "curing" would therefore represent him mystically attuning her soul or telling her stories about the seven stars (or Blue Apples) of the Pleiades.

The grapes of the Pleiades (the Blue Apples) may be the same as the seven demons which "possessed" Mary Magdalene, figures prominently in the mystery of Rennes.

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