After his initiation in the Pit Joseph was given the name Scalit.6 Scalit means 'wise man' and comes from slt, assistant to the High Priest.7 Fascinatingly, Scala means a ladder or flight of steps.8 Lit means light or to illuminate.

We have already encountered this term in Scala Dei, meaning "Ladder to God," as another name for the Cross. Modern physicists have resurrected this word for use in describing energy as Scalar energy, i.e. shaped like a spiral ladder.

Joseph's father Jacob laid his head on a stone and dreams he sees a ladder reaching into Heaven.9 Was this a scalar or spiral ladder of light? Did it emerge from an unspecified Pit? Why is this scene so eerily reminiscent of the Davenport Stele found in Iowa and depicting a spiral tube emerging from a ladder?

In Jacob's story, which runs through six chapters of the Genesis, he sees a fiery image at the top of the ladder. On the right and left of each of the ladder's twelve steps he sees a statue or bust of a man. Angels are ascending and descending this ladder. From atop the ladder God calls to Jacob. He promises that the land on which he is sleeping will be his and that his descendents shall be blessed.10

Tracing the word scalit backward, as did Godfrey Higgins, we learn the root sclt comes from saca, which is the same as the Hebrew word ske, imaginari, and scio, to contemplate. The root sk, became skl, wisdom, and our skill or knowledge or scientia

The Davenport Stone depicting the Pillar of Osiris

(wisdom).11 As we have seen, the word Druid means 'skilled'. The etymology of this word suggests that when Joseph went into the Abatton Pit he emerged with skill or wisdom, hence the name Skill or Skilly.

This word fossil, Skilly, resurfaced in Britain as a name for the Blessed Isles, the surviving islands of Atlantis in British lore. Atlantis was also known as Ultima Thule. This is the same name as the Druid homeland, suggesting the Druids may have carried the seed name Skilly to England and planted it in the ground there. Located off the English coast at Land's End, the Isles of Skilly (pronounced silly) are a series of islands which today are known for their charming residents who spend their lives fishing and growing flowers. The gardeners of the Skillys have bred a blue flower that is almost electric in its dark glow.12

This, according to some, is the land of king Arthur and his knights of the Round Table, the land of the Holy Grail. Joseph of Arimathea is said to have owned land here.13 His tin mines were here. Today those mines are under the sea. To others the Skilly's are the home port of "the people of the sea," traders and pirates who came here long ago. The poet Alfred Tennyson lived here when he wrote "The Idylls of the King" in which he brought Camelot to life.

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The Chakra Checklist

The Chakra Checklist

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