Rosslyn Chapel

Rosslyn Chapel is called a rebuilding of the Temple of Solomon. It was designed by William St Clair over a fifty year period beginning c. 1434 AD. The first shovel hit the ground in 1441, with the first four years being taken to dig the foundation. It is astonishing so much time would be spent on the foundation since the building is of such cozy dimensions.

William died in 1484, two years before Rosslyn's completion. Before his death he supervised the creation of each of the thousands of carvings within the structure. Every carving, from the stars sprinkled across the ceiling to the pyramids and images of Moses were first modeled in wood for his approval before being carved in stone.

William hired some of Europe's finest master craftsmen who carved within Rosslyn's luxuriant friezes and decorative stone carvings plants and leaves and flowers. Included are American plants such as maize and aloe cactus. These plants should have been unknown to St Clair. Colombus did not discover America until 1492, six years after Rosslyn had been completed, American plants and all.

Dozens of miniature Temples of Solomon also dot the wall. Most prevelant at Rosslyn is the visage of the Green Man. His face appears over 100 times. It could be called his 'chapel', but this is not to say it was a church. There is some doubt as to whether it was consecrated as a Christian building until 1862. If not a chapel, then what is Rosslyn?

The answer assuredly revolves around the fact that Rosslyn has the original nine knights of the Grail buried in its vaults. It has been suggested it was constructed as a tomb or shrine to house their bodies. This would make Rosslyn a Grail Castle.

The Grail connection is undeniable. William St Clair's tombstone was recently discovered in Rosslyn Chapel. On his tomb is found the Holy Grail and the Rosy Cross. At the base of the Grail is a depiction of the steps of the Temple of Solomon.

The original nine French knights who founded the Knights Templar excavated the site of Solomon's Temple in 1,118 AD. They are believed to have discovered some facet of the treasure of the Temple, possibly including the Language of the Birds. With whatever knowledge that they recovered, upon returning to France they inaugurated the Cathedral age with the construction of Chartres Cathedral, a masterpiece of hyperdimensional proportions.

In the centuries following its completion Chartres received massive attention. In 1307 the Templar Order was destroyed. Thousands of the Order's members were executed. Hundreds went into hiding. St Clair quietly constructed Rosslyn as the final resting place for the original nine Templars. Her secrets were forbidden to all but the initiated.

William St Clair is a man of many M-Istic revelations. What does one expect from a man who was titled 'the Knight of the Cockle and Golden Fleece'?11 He would perfectly well understand John the Baptist baptizing Jesus with a silvery cockle-shell, wouldn't he?

The rose cross of William St Clair (left). Compare it with the Buddhist Dharma 'Wheel of Life' (right)

The Holy Grail on the tombstone of Sir William at Rosslyn is an 8-sided or octogonal rosy cross with the flower signifying Christ's blood in the center. This heart is considered to be the temple where the life of the world dwelt as well as a rose and a cup.12 The rosy-cross symbol is thought to have been of Gnostic origin, and a part of the secret

Gospels guarded by the Templars, and later also claimed by the Cathars.

The Rose-Cross is associated with Jesus. However, it is much older than him. Sir Laurence Gardner dates it to the time of Moses and the Pharaoh Tuthmosis III (c. 1468-1436 B.C.).13 Pythagoras (600 B.C.) and Plato (400 B.C.) picked up this golden thread which wound its way into the thinking of the Therapeutae, the powerful cult of healers who lived in Qumran at the beginning of the Age of Pisces.

What was the source of the healing powers of these varied individuals and groups?

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