Emma Calve Higher Priestess At Esotera Sessem

Upon their discovery Sauniere showed the parchments to Henry Boudet, the abbe at nearby Rennes-le-Bain. Abbe Boudet is described in The Rennes Visitor's Guide as a "highly cultured and erudite man, especially in the fields of archaeology and ancient languages."20 Many consider Boudet the real brains behind the Rennes story. Sauniere was his assistant.

Boudet suggested to Sauniere that he visit his superior, the bishop of Carcassonne.21 Upon reviewing the parchments, the bishop immediately dispatched Sauniere on an all expenses paid trip to Paris.22 During his three weeks there Sauniere turned the parchments over to Church palaeographic experts and decoders of medieval writings.

Specifically, Sauniere allegedly offered his story to the mystery men of St. Sulpice in Paris, the center of occult study for the Catholic Church in France that was built on the foundations of a temple of Isis in 1645.23 What did the masterminds of this sanctuary discover?

Whatever it was it probably accounts for the reason why the skinny church mouse from tiny Rennes was received like a fat cat by the highest echelons of Church authorities and Parisian society. Included among the admirers was the famed opera singer Emma Calve,24 a beauty who was the Madonna of her time and known to be the high priestess of an esoteric Parisian occult society called the Rose Cross of the Temple and the Grail.25 The priest and the opera singer are reported to have grown quite amorous during her many visits to Rennes.

Also, Sauniere went to work tearing the Church of Mary Magdalene apart for further clues, including some strange activities in the graveyard of the Church.

No one is certain what Sauniere discovered when he parted the waters of Rennes. Whatever it was it accounted for the source of his wealth. The Church wrote nasty letters to Sauniere accusing him of simony (the selling of pardons).26 The Church wished for the world to know Sauniere as nothing more than the pioneer of the modern-day televangelists whose mail-order religion is pure fraud.

Of course, this charge trivializes the secrets of Rennes-le-Chateau. The Rennes mystery lives without Sauniere.

Along with his friend and comrade, Henry Boudet, he devised a plan to preserve this mystery and encode its secret.

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