Mithras And The Door Of Wisdom

In Rome the mysteries of the bull were celebrated in March and featured Mithras in the act of killing the bull, the life-force of the Earth that he himself embodied. We have already associated Mithras with Maitreya. Mithras is also often equated with Attis, a fourth-century BC Greek figure who was known as a good shepherd and was called the 'Green Man' or the 'Green One,' and obvious link with Osiris and Tula.31 He was depicted with sun-rays or ears of corn emerging from his cap. In rituals he was called 'the cornstalk .32 The Roman rites of his mother Cybele (or Sa-Ba-El) were accompanied by the sacrifice of a bull in a ritual known as the Taurobolium.33

The cult of Attis strongly influenced early Christianity. He, along with his mother Nana, were established in a temple on the Vatican hill in 204 BC, where they remained popular until 900 AD.

Attis in front of the doors of wisdom.

Followers of Attis (or A-Tet-Is) celebrated his passion on the 25th of March exactly nine months before the celebration of his birth on December 25. To mark the moment when Attis entered his mother at conception, his 60-foot tall tree-phallus was carried into her sacred cave.34

His death was celebrated as the Day of Blood. Attis died and was buried. After a journey to the underworld, he was resurrected from the dead three days later. His worshippers wre promised salvation as a result. The celebration of Attis' death and resurrection included the gelded bull of the

Taurobolium. At the celebration reed-bearers carried phallic-shaped scepters representing the regenerated phalli of the god.

The bull and tree of the Taurobolium are, of course, the TET or Pillar of Osiris, the 40 foot tall golden device which housed his soul. As our investigation into the mysteries of the Grail has revealed, it is probably the same as the (s)tone or coffin of Sarapis and the Holy Grail, the container of the 'blood' or 'soul' of Christ.

Inscriptions from the 4th century proclaimed Attis the Menotyrannus, from Greek tyrannos, "lord," and Men or Mennu, Osiris as the resurrected moon-bull.35 From our point of view, he is also the lord of the Nu or the A~tomic Christ.

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