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Perhaps taking a cue from the pyramid builders who etched the sacred wisdom of ancient Egypt on the limestone casing stones of the Great Pyramid, or the Egyptian scribes who encoded the Pyramid Texts (hieroglyphic writings on the walls of the temples at Heliopolis which contain the instructions for rebirth of the Pharaohs) on ancient temple walls, or possibly even King Solomon, Boudet and Sauniere concealed the instruction manual for the Rennes mystery within the Church of Mary Magdalene.

The ancient name for this site: the Temple of Isis, suggests that it is best studied in parallel to Egyptian Mother Earth cults known as Black (meaning 'hidden') Madonna or Isis cults that are prevalent in the Languedoc. In France the 'Madonna' is not the Virgin Mary. Mary Magdalene, the bearer of Jesus' children (the Holy Grail) is the Madonna.

The word Madonna brings clarity to the connection between Jesus and Egypt. Madonna is composed of the elements M (mem is 'water') and adon. Earlier we noted that adon means lord and is derived from the Egyptian word aton, the sun disk channeled by the Key of Life.

Substituting the 'd' and the 't' Madonna is M-atonna or M of ATON, the waters or Key of Life. Allowing for this substitution, the Madonna cult is the cult of the Key of Life.

If the Key of Life is the same as the Grail, then the M or waters of life of ATON is the same as the Blue Apples.

The Blue Apples must be what is being channeled through the Key of Life into the nostrils of Isis in the depiction on page 16. The question is, what, exactly, are the Blue Apples? The answer may be found in Egypt.

Hints of the Egyptian mysteries are everywhere evident at Rennes. A nearby mountain is called Seribouru or Sabaru. A statue of Isis was found nearby in the 1800's. The river Sals, which sounds similar to the river Sais in Egypt, runs through Rennes-les-Bains the twin village of Rennes-le-Chateau. There's even a local village called Luc Sur, Aude (phonetically similar to Luxor in Egypt).

In her formidable book The Refuge of the Apocalypse, Rennes resident and author Elizabeth van Buren reveals the direct connection between Rennes and Egypt "Rennes is Egypt," Ms. Van Buren directly.27

I put this nonsensical statement right up there with that bizarre statement from Revelation 11:8;

"And their bodies shall lie in the street of the great city, which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified." Jesus was crucified in Egypt, and not Jerusalem?

The word Egypt cloaks a confusing mess of meanings: black land, land of the moon, land of alchemy, land of transmutation.

There is a definite connection between Rennes-le-Chateau and Egypt. The original name for Egypt was Ta-Mari, which means 'Mother Love'.28

The Cathars of the Languedoc (whom we will meet again momentarily) claimed they possessed the secret gospel of Jesus called the Gospel of Love. They called the land of the immortals AMOR, love. They said Jesus came from this place.29 He had come to lead his sheep out of Earth or ROMA (the mirror image of AMOR).

This book was the foundation of the Church of Love. It is equated with the Grail. This secret manuscript is attributed to Jesus who gave it to John the Divine. The existence of the Book was revealed when the Church subjected the Cathars to torture. Its contents were said to transform ordinary men into supermen, or Homo sapiens into Homo Christos. Its power was such that it could cause all hatred, all anger, and all jealousy to vanish from the hearts of men. Once ignited the Christ Light of Amor or Love, like a new flood, would submerge all souls and never again would blood be shed on this Earth.

The German mythologist Otto Rahn believed the Pure One's mastery of the Book of Love enabled them to participate in the ultimate human experience: transforming or metamorphosing themselves into beings (or 'flow-ers') of light and becoming immortal inhabitants of the indescribably beautiful world(s) of Amor.

The Buddhists called this realm 'the Pure Land'. The Christians and Hebrews called it 'the Promised Land'. In addition, the Cathars were concerned with the transmutation of matter, the transforming of the elements from one form to another. The land of AMOR is said to be far more beautiful than can possibly be imagined on Earth. Upon awakening from a possible dream journey to this place, Jacob, an Old Testament ancestor of Jesus, looked around him and exclaimed, "Terrible is this place!" In comparison to AMOR, "Earth is ugly!" 29

Is it just me, or after we do the mythological math, does 'Egypt/Amor' sound like a spiritual place that might have deeply interested Jesus? Do the activities that went on there, i.e. alchemy and transmutation, have anything to do with that mystery of all mysteries, the Holy Grail and the Blue Apples?

Yes they do. Furthermore, they pertain not only to Jacob's experience with the ladder reaching into heaven, but to the Crucifixion since the Grail was present at both the Last Supper, where the Grail secrets were revealed, and the Crucifxion, where the results of these secrets were retrieved.

We shall unravel more of this perplexing Egypt/Amor-Grail-Crucifixion-Rennes connection momentarily. First, let us continue to follow the trail of Berenger Sauniere and the clues to the Blue Apples this reveals.

During the restoration of the Church of Mary Magdalene Sauniere was travelling throughout Europe bringing home large amounts of cash wherever he went. Money orders also conveniently arrived by mail, all in the name of Marie Denarnaud his eighteen year-old confidant, girlfriend and housekeeper who always dressed in the latest Paris fashions.31

It is believed Sauniere shared his secret with Marie, who promised to reveal their secret before her death in 1953. Unfortunately, she suffered a massive stroke which left her mute and paralyzed, and therefore unable to communicate her

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