In the Gnostic M-Istery tradition, which forms the backdrop to the Rennes mystery, we find a belief in a winged, radiant and loving Good Serpent who was called 'the Reconciler', 'the Deliverer', the 'Angel of the Dawn' (i.e. the Morning Star), and, like Akh, was 'the Spirit of All Knowledge'. His name is Nous or Chnoubis.

Serpent Christ

In his Secret Teachings of All the Ages,18 Manly P. Hall notes that: "To the Gnostics, the Christ was the personification of Nous, the Divine Mind." Further, according to the Gnostics, Christ emanated from a higher or hyper spiritual realm. He descended into the body of Jesus at the baptism and left it again at or before the Crucfixion.

The Gnostics were fond of word play. Take Nazarene for example. The words Naaseni and Nazarene are believed by some to have originated from nazar, meaning keep, guard, protect, and from naas or nahash, Hebrew for serpent. The Hebrew word for soul is nashamah. Linguistically, they are similar and therefore interchangeable. Therefore, Jesus is cast as the good guy wise serpentsoul who protects and delivers cosmic knowledge.

It might amaze many people to learn that virtually everywhere the story of Chnoubis appears in the M-Istery tradition, we learn of a sanctuary described in similar terms to the Garden of Eden (which the Cathars called AMOR), including housing a Pillar or Tree of Life. The Vestal Virgins were married to the spirit of Rome by means of an artificial phallus in the Palladium shrine.19 The Palladium originally belonged to Pan. It signified AMOR.20

Stories say that not only did Chnoubis, or his Pillar, have the phenomenal ability to translate souls from one dimension to another, it could also drill holes in space, creating 'halls' or 'doorways' linking far-off regions of space to 'wells' on Earth!21

Today, physicists call these 'holes' wormholes or stargates. How in the world the ancients could have known of such technologies is another one of the great M-Isteries of this story.

Plato said that if we could see the Earth from a far it would appear as a 12-angled pyramid, or a dodecahedron. In Gnostic tradition, Chnoubis is the guardain of this 12-angled pyramid that surrounds the Earth.22

The Egyptian scribe of the gods Thoth first introduced the concept of the 12-angled Planetary Grid. He is also credited in Egyptian lore with the invention of magic and writing. Freemasons also say that Thoth possessed all secret knowledge on 36,535 scrolls that were hidden under the heavenly vault (the sky).23 Thoth is described in the exact same terms as Chnoubis. He is part-man, part-serpent, part-bird.

Heavenly Vault

Thoth as a bird-serpent-man, with his pillar in the background (left) supported by lions.

The Thoth or Thought Sphere is another name for the Nous or Nousphere the Egyptians believed encapusalted the Earth. It is also the source of Ch-nou-bis' name. This special scientific knowledge was contained within what DR. Carl G. Jung called "the collective unconscious" of humanity. The collective unconscious may be thought of as the "global brain" of humanity, or the "spiritual Internet."

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