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How by enmity and friendship the vertues of things are to be tryed and found out

And their enmity is stronger, whose exaltations are opposite as of Saturne, and the Sun of Jupiter, and Mars of Venus, and Mercury. But their friendship is the strongest, who agree in nature, quality, substance, and power as Mars with the Sun, as Venus with the Moon, as Jupiter with Venus, as also their friendship whose exaltation is in the house of another, as that of Saturne with Venus, of Jupiter with the Moon, of Mars with Saturn, of the Sun with Mars, of Venus with Jupiter, of the Moon with Venus. And of what sort the friendships, and enmities of the superiours be, such are the inclinations of things subjected to them in these inferiour. These dispositions therefore of friendship, and enmity are nothing else but certain inclinations of things of the one to another, desiring such, and such a thing if it be absent, and to move towards it, unless it be hindered, and to acquiess acquiesce in it when it is obtained, shunning the contrary, and dreading the approach of it, and...

The Election Of The Brahmatma

May we not regard the friendship of the two brothers for each other, when informed subsequently of their common origin, as one of the causes that impelled Moses to abandon the sacerdotal caste, of which he was a member, in order to place himself at the head of the Egyptian slaves, and lead them into the desert in search of that promised land which the pariahs, helots, and outcasts of every degree have always looked forward to in their dreams as the sunny land of peace and liberty

Astrology Letter No

The intrinsic nature of Venus may be summed up in the ideas of Harmony and Rhythm therefore, she has the tendency to draw together all who are in accord, to unite mankind in pleasant companionships of varying degrees which we call friendship and love. The department of our lives in which she will exercise her beneficent office is, of course, indicated by the house, and the quality or degree by her configurations with other planets. If well placed in the third house, which signifies brothers and sisters, we may conclude that we have earned the love of our relatives by devotion in a former life, and that their affection for us will brighten this earthly existence. From the angle of the 7th house she may draw to us a soul companion whose conjugal love would make this earth seem heaven-like, for true marriage, marriage of souls, is a song of ecstatic joy, a paean of praise by kindred spirits. It is taught by the angels in heaven to the tuneful accompaniment of the Song of the Spheres, and...

Vigil In The Chapel Of Abominations

We shall not ask you for any pledge of secrecy, he said, for you have only to say what you see and hear to be laughed at for a liar. If this be our last meeting, we are quits. You will be taken to a little chapel leading from this room. There you will find a circle, which you must enter, being careful not to touch it, even with your dress for that would be dangerous. Within that circle you must remain until we send for you, unless you wish to leave, in 92 which case you have only to pass through the white curtains in the north. You will find yourself in a lighted passage open the dooor at the end, you will be in the street, where my automobile awaits your orders. Your use of this exit will, however, close your career in magick in any future relations we should merely be good friends -or I hope so -- but we should not consider any proposal to reconstruct the present situation.

Sigils Methods 2 Matos Spells And Magic

If you see a sigil every day, perhaps on a wall or engraved on the outer side of a ring, this should only take place unconsciously, just as one might not consciously notice an object which is in use all the time. Of course, you should keep your operation secret, for discussing it with skeptics or even good friends may dissolve the sigil's power.

How To Control Desires

In this ocean of Samsara, desires are the crocodiles. Kill them as soon as they arise on the surface of the mind. Do not yield to them. Do not become despondent under your trials. Make friendship with the pure, Sattvic mind and destroy the impure mind with the help of the pure mind. Make your mind rest in the blissful Atman. Desires should be crushed the very moment they arise in the mind, by discrimination and dauntless, indefatigable efforts.

Of Musicall Harmony of the force and power thereof

Things, which whilst it follows opportunely the Celestial bodies, doth wonderfully allure the Celestial influence, and doth change the affections, intentions, gestures, motions, actions and dispositions of all the hearers, and doth quietly allure them to its own properties, as to gladness, lamentation, to boldness, or rest, and the like also it allures Beasts, Serpents, Birds, Dolphins to the hearing of its pleasant tunes. So Birds are allured with Pipes, and Harts are caught by the same. Fish in the lake of Alexandria are delighted with a noise. Musick hath caused friendship betwixt Men and Dolphins. The sound of the Harp doth lead up and down the Hyperborean Swans. Melodious voyces voices tame the Indian Elephants and the very Elements delight in Musick. The Hulesian fountain otherwise calm, and quiet, if the Trumpet sound riseth up rejoycing rejoicing , and swells over its banks. There are in Lydia those which they call the Nymphs Ilands Islands , which at the sound of a Trumpet...

Nd and 3rd Chakras Digestion and Power Center

Our goal is to befriend our bellies and to consciously allow our energy to flow. Overtime our peaceful relationship with our energy and our body will supercede any programming of how our bodies should look. As we make friends with our bodies, HOW OUR BODIES FEEL BECOMES OUR COMMANDING TOUCHSTONE.

Of the Observation of Celestials necessary in every Magical Work

Every natural vertue doth work things far more wonderful when it is not onely compounded of a natural proportion, but also is informed by a choice observation of the Celestials opportune to this (viz. when the Celestial power is most strong to that effect which we desire, and also helpt by many Celestials) by subjecting inferiors to the Celestials, as proper females to be made fruitful by their males. Also in every work there are to be observed, the situation, motion, and aspect of the Stars, and Planets, in Signs and Degrees, and how all these stand in reference to the length and latitude of the Climate for by this are varyed the qualities of the angles, which the rays of Celestial bodies upon the figure of the thing describe, according to which Celestial vertues are infused. So when thou art working any thing which belongs to any Planet, thou must place it in its dignities, fortunate, and powerful, and ruling in the day, hour, and in the Figure of the Heaven. Neither shalt thou...

The Manifesting Of Simplicity

Even Kwaw felt tired, and applied himself to sake-and-soda. Refreshed, he continued The men who are willing by this means to become the saviours of their country shall be called the Synagogue of Satan, so as to keep themselves from the friendship of the fools who mistake names for things. There shall be masters of the Synagogue, but they shall never seek to dominate. They shall most carefully abstain from inducing any man to seek the Tao by any other way than that of equilibrium. They shall develop individual genius without considering whether in their opinion its fruition will tend to the good or evil of their country or of the world for who are they to interfere with a soul whose balance has been crowned by the most holy Tao

Nanchuan Rejects Both A Monk and Layman

NYOGEN Silas Hubbard once said, As I grow older, I simplify both my science and my religion. Books mean less to me prayers mean less potions, pills and drugs mean less but peace, friendship, love and a life of usefulness mean more . . . infinitely more. Books are burdens to them and prayers but their beautiful excuses. They consume potions, pills, and drugs, but they do not decrease their sickness physically or mentally. If they really want peace, friendship, love, and a life of usefulness, they must empty their precious bags of dust and illusions to realize the spirit of freedom, the ideal of this country.

Swiss Rectified Rite Profess Grade

During this time, the Strict Templar Observance had become (1772, St. John's Day, 24th June) The Scottish Reunited Lodges , and Baron Hund replaced by Duke Ferdinand of Brunswick as Grand Master. In the same year, in September, Claude de Saint-Martin came to visit with Willermoz. For three years, the two friends had maintained a very regular correspondence. Their friendship became even deeper during the course of Saint-Martin's year-long stay with Willermoz. It was there that the book, written by Saint-Martin under the pseudonym of the Unknown Philosopher , entitled Of Errors and Truth , saw the light of day. If it is overall the work of Saint-Martin, it is incontestable that Willermoz collaborated, as an intelligent critic, as the work proceeded to be developed. It was Perish, a bookseller, and himself an Elu-Cohen , who ensured its publication. Simultaneously our two men decided to operate the ceremonies of the Rite together. But (as often happens) the theurgic Operations performed...

Chapter the Fourteenth

Irony did apologize to Michelle the Blond, for they are good friends, and they shared smores and tea over a campfire for a short while as it misted softly around them. Anne and Michelle the Dark, and perhaps others, did visit the two vigiling Druids and shared their wisdom and brought more water for tea & cider mix.

Of the Images of the Zodiack what vertues they being ingraven receive from the stars

But the Celestial Images, according to whose likeness Images of this kinde are framed, are very many in the heavens Some visible and conspicuous, others onely imaginable, conceived and set down by Egyptians, Indians and Chaldeans Chaldaeans and their parts are so ordered, that even the figures of some of them are distinguished from others for this reason they place in the Zodiack circle twelve general images, according to the number of the signs of these they constituting Aries, Leo, and Sagittary for the fiery and oriental triplicity, do report that its profitable against Feavors fevers , Palsie palsy , Drosie, Gout, and all cold and phlegmatick infirmities, and that it makes him who carrieth it to be acceptable, eloquent, ingenious and honorable, because they are the Houses of Mars, Sol, and Jupiter. They made also the image of a Lion against melancholy phantasies, the Dropsie, Plague, Feavors fevers , and to expel diseases, at the hour of the Sun, the first degree of the sign of...

On Magic Competition

Here I am with Finn Jon at my lecture in Oslo, Norway. His friendship has always charmed me and his magic has always inspired me. Although I didn't notice it at the time, a magnifying glass review of this photo reveals that he had already hooked up four invisible threads to my body. I didn't feel a thing

The Lord Of Illusionary Success Seven of Chalices

Possible victory, but neutralized by the supineness of the person illusionary success, deception in the moment of apparent victory. Lying, error, promises unfulfilled. Drunkenness, wrath, vanity. Lust, fornication, violence against women, selfish dissipation, deception in love and friendship. Often success gained, but not followed up. Modified as usual by dignity.

The Theosophical Society

Meanwhile, Madame Blavatsky began to make friends amongst the Europeans, and in 1880 visited Simla, where she began late in the day to approach her work from the right direction. Again, however, some mistakes were made which have retarded the establishment of the Theosophical Society, as far as India is concerned, on the dignified footing that it ought to occupy. A great many wonderful phenomena were manifested in the presence at various times of a great many people but proper safeguards were not taken to avert the great danger that must always attend such a method of recommending occult science to public notice. It is beyond dispute that phenomena, exhibited under thoroughly satisfactory conditions to persons intelligent enough to comprehend their significance, create an effect in awakening a thirst for the study of occult philosophy that no other appeal can produce. But it is equally true, though at the first glance this may not be so apparent, that to minds , quite unprepared by...

Acquiring a Companion

Despite the druid's best efforts to locate a desirable companion, achieving a lasting friendship with an animal is not a foregone conclusion. Because of their acute senses and inherent instinct, animals immediately detect danger or fear. As a result, success is attainable only if the druid's motivations are purely altruistic, any latent or subconscious intentions to harm the animal automatically result in failure. If the druid meets these requirements, he may attempt to win the trust and companionship of an animal via the animal friendship spell. An animal failing its saving throw against the spell immediately befriends the druid, cementing a permanent natural bond between the druid and the animal. A successful saving throw indicates that the animal resisted the druid's overtures. In this case, the animal's next action depends upon its demeanor. A timid, docile animal flees the vicinity, while an aggressive, belligerent animal may attack the druid. Despite his inability to befriend...

The Companions Daily Life

Although both parties engage in an enduring friendship, the druid's companion is not tethered to his side. During the course of the day, the animal must attend to its own sustenance needs as well as other biological instincts. While the nutritional needs of smaller animals may be easily met by carrying a small packet of food, the requirements of a large carnivore or grazing animal prove far more costly and cumbersome. If the animal is traveling with the druid through a familiar wilderness area, it may utilize its Wilderness Lore skill to forage and hunt for food. For instance, a leopard journeying through a temperate forest may employ its Wilderness Lore skill to locate food because a forest is not an unfamiliar environment for a leopard. On the other hand, a leopard stranded in an arctic environment finds it far more difficult to hunt for food in such an alien environment. The following charts summarize the difficulty class modifiers for unfamiliar habitats and climates. If an animal...

The Realm Of Emotions

Description the invocation must be cast during a conflict, whether physical or verbal. A translucent man appears, who speaks with a sweet voice, rich and deep. When he is present no one can fight, either physically or verbally. If they are present, he easily dismisses the Keru-bims of Exasperation and Confusion with his winged wand. He will dismiss as well any first circle Summoned creature, Sorcery spell or Alchemy Formula that troubles the peace and harmony between living creatures. His presence creates a feeling of love and friendship between all human beings, and with nature in general. Once peace is established, he pronounces a 15 minute sermon on the futility of hatred, and then disappears. No one can try any aggression for 15 minutes after his departure. People will try to talk, explain themselves or leave.

Home Lightning Matos Spells And Magic

MEADOWSWEET Use to increase the chances of getting a job. Aids one during times of distress. Useful as an alter offering, especially during love magick. Burn or strew about the house to relieve disharmony in the home or remove tensions. Carry to gain popularity and friendship. on stems and about the diameter of a tomato seed. Bright hot pink these berries are perfect for Faery magic. This herb is also good for friendships spells and Peace rituals. MYRTLE Great herb for fertility, love, youth, peace, and money. Carry myrtle leaves to attract love. Burn as an incense to bring beauty. Wear myrtle while preparing love spells and mixes to increase their intent. Wear or carry to attract true friendship. Use in sachets to ensure a peaceful and loving atmosphere. Also called Bayberry Tree.

Galangal For Magical Money Doubling

GARDENIA Good for promoting peace, repelling strife, protection from outside influences. Carry or wear to attract love or friendship. Burn with other healing herbs to bring peace and comfort to one who is sick. Use dried flowers in healing incenses and mixtures. Scatter around a room to bring peaceful vibrations. GUM ARABIC Protection, psychic and spiritual enhancement, money, platonic love, and friendship. Use to anoint candles and censers and to consecrate chests or boxes that hold ritual tools. Use in incense to promote a meditative state. Also is known as Acacia.

Passionflower In Spells

PASSION FLOWER Magickal uses include attracting friendship and prosperity and heightening libido. Carried to bring great popularity and to attract new friends. Place in houses to calm trouble and arguments and to bring peace. Used as a wash to diminish disagreements and stress. Placed beneath pillow to promote sleep. Bathe in an infusion of passion flowers for 5 days to attract the opposite sex. If you carry some of the herb in an amulet bag, you will make friends easier since it will work to increase your personal charisma making you more attractive and more likeable to the opposite sex (or everyone).

Wish Exercises Matos Spells And Magic Xi

In love and friendship they are very exclusive, having strong and intense affections for those to whom they are attracted, but are subject to sudden revulsions of feeling and are for this reason frequently unfortunate in marriage relations, being inclined to be exacting, mistrustful,

Deliberate Creation of Elementals

In contrast to thoughts living in their forms in the mental or spiritual sphere, the elementals are entities with a certain degree of intelligence deliberately created by a magician. Such elementals are capable of fulfiling certain tasks on the mental plane and obviously they may be looked at as obedient servants of the magician according to the purpose he aims at. Through the creation of elementals of the so-called elemental magic type, the magician can accomplish everything on the mental plane without any discrimination of his own or a strange sphere. I will quote only a few examples just because of the great variety. With the help of the elementals the magician can influence the mind of any other person optionally, he can strengthen or weaken man's mental and intellectual faculties, he can protect himself or others against foreign influences, transmute friendships into animosities or the other way around, he can produce a favourable atmosphere in associating with his fellow men,...

Evocation Of Taliahad

Golden Pentacle

Talismans can be made to effect all sorts of things to acquire money, obtain patronage, recover lost property, influence people, obtain knowledge, disrupt or cause friendships, compel someone's love, and so forth. The possible objectives range from the most laudable to operations distinctly smacking of black magic. Even the last mentioned objective above has been censored by MacGregor Math ers (1)

HP Blavatsky The Voice of the Silence

In some groups, friendship alone is enough to move to a higher grade. Formal attainment of a grade in a magical organization does not guarantee that one has actually attained the knowledge and abilities of that grade. Crowley, for example, soon realized that many Golden Dawn leaders were not actually qualified. None,

The book of talismans

In matters relating to marriage and friendship the 7 are difficult to please, being apt to demand a reason even for their ideals which makes them scrutinise the faults and failings of those with whom they come in contact, thoughtlessness and its resultant mistakes being to them incomprehensible. Although fond of living in towns and cities and mixing with others are often the most lonely of all the types but if once deeply attracted are staunch and true, and will be most in sympathy with the Gemini, Libra, Aries, and Sagittarian types, and least in harmony with those of the Taurus and Scorpio signs.

Magic Mental Training X

Magician has watched something that he might be tempted to criticize. He may be cautioned against doing so, for the earth-sprites would overpower him instead of his bringing them under his control, which ought to be the purpose of this experiment. In such an occurrence it might happen that by their various magical tricks the gnomes could captivate him by means of the element so that he would become a gnome himself, unable to return to his own body. Then after a certain time the mental bond between the astral and the physical body would break asunder, which would mean the physical death. In such a case a medical expert would find out death from heart attack and nothing more. But the magician who has obtained the necessary control in the course of his magical training and considers this law has nothing to fear. On the contrary, as soon as the gnomes begin to talk, they see in him a being higher in rank and superior to them and will try to make friends with him. This law forbidding you...

Matos Spells And Magic Anger Of Hurricane

In the eyes of the Italian was a passionate reverence for the younger, but more gifted, man, coupled with a human affection which was almost more than friendship there was in it the devotion, selfless and unsleeping, which is only possible to those of immense singleness of heart. He understood that Brother Cyril was of a finer mould than himself he seemed to be rather a flame of fire than a man, so subtle and so keen was he. For in every talk, whenever he thought that he had sounded Cyril's guard, he suddenly found, on the riposte, that he had lost touch of his blade without knowing it. But he burned with constant ardour to know more of his idol and this morning the young man had awakened him softly with a whisper, smiling, with a finger pointed to the terrace Let's go over 210 there, where the Chancellor of the Exchequer can't hear us. So they had risen and come down to the lily-pool, after the morning adoration of the Sun, and their daily exercise of meditation.

Asana Or Posture

How does Asana help one in meditation The relation between the individual and the universal has to be brought to mind in this connection. There is an organic tie between the individual and its environment, and the purpose of Yoga is to rouse to consciousness this inherent harmony. This is to be brought about in successive stages. Whatever one is, and whatever one has, should be set in tune with the universal. This is Yoga, ultimately. When the personal individuality is attuned to universal being, it is the condition of Yoga. The individual begins with the body, but there are many things within the body, as there are in the physical cosmos. There are Prana, senses, mind, intellect, etc., encased in the body. All these things within have to be in gradual union with the universal. The mind cannot be so attuned when the body is in revolt. Yoga requires union of everything in the personality with the universal. Asana is the initial step in Yoga, whereby the bodily structure is set in...

Chap xxxiii Of the twenty eight Mansions of the Moon and their vertues

The wise-men of the Indians and ancientest Astrologians have granted twenty eight Mansions to the Moon, which being fixed in the eight sphere, do enjoy (as Alpharus saith) diverse names and proprieties from the diverse Signs and Stars which are contained in them, through which while the Moon wandreth, it obtaineth other and other powers and vertues but every one of these Mansions, according to the opinion of Abraham, containth sic twelve degrees, and one and fifty minutes, and almost twenty six seconds, whose names and also their beginnings in the Zodiack of the eight sphere, are these. The first is called Alnath, that is the horns of Aries his beginning is from the head of Aries of the eighth sphere it causeth discords, and journies the second is called Allothaim or Albochan, that is the belly of Aries, and his beginning is from the twelfth degree of the same sign, fifty one minutes, twenty two seconds compleat it conduceth to the finding of treasures, and to the retaining of...

Jabamiah 70th Kabbalah Angel

Kabbalah Angels Names

He serves to obtain a person's friendship. This angel rules over astronomy and physics he influences all those who distinguish themselves in these fields. The person born under this influence will love travel and all honest pleasures he will have a sensitive heart and love will cause him grief. He serves to appease God's anger and to cure epilepsy. He rules over vegetation and aquatic animals he influences sleep and dreams. The person born under this influence will unite all the good qualities of body and soul he will bring about friendship and goodwill among all good people through his pleasantness and the sweetness of his character.

The Dark Side Of The Moon

Yet in the long run that very knowledge became a danger. The extraordinary powers of mind -- in certain limited directions -which insanity often temporarily confers, enabled her to see that she was regarded as in a critical mental state. She accepted the situation as a battle, instead of cooperating in frank friendship, and began to manoeuvre to outwit her guardians. Those who have any experience of madness, or its congeners, drug-neuroses, know how infernally easy was her task. Many's the woman who, with her pocket handkerchief to her face, and the tears pouring from her eyes, has confessed all to the specialist, and begged him to break her of the whisky habit, the while she absorbed a pint or so of the said whisky under cover of the said pocket handkerchief.


Before I started Kindergarten, met a boy named Brian, who was about three years older, and we became friends. Brian was a good friend, but he had a bad habit of lying. Brian felt that lying made him seem more knowledgeable and important than other kids, and he loved to be in that position of power. At that young age, I was naive and always asking questions, but I had no concept of dishonesty. Hanging around Brian, it didn't take me long to find out what a lie was. Before long, I didn't trust anything that Brian said to me. Still, Brian was my only friend and there were no other kids my age in the area. Instead of abandoning our friendship, I took it as a challenge. I still valued his friendship, but I had to learn to separate the fact from the fiction. I was forced to use logic to tell when he was lying and when he was telling the truth. Sometimes it worked, and sometimes it didn't. But I got better at it by verifying some of the facts with grownups I knew I could trust. Before too...


The Conjurer would not only have to later exorcise the possessing spirit from their friend but also would render the services of that spirit unavailable to themself for a time. Think of your objective and then think of the options available to you considering your caster type. Sometimes the cost isn't worth the benefit. That's why I personally recommend that whatever type of caster you are, that you make friends with a caster of opposite alignment and ability (i.e. a Demon Conjurer with a Priest, a Healer with a Necromancer, a Wizard with a Sorcerer, etc.).

Scourge of the Dead

Humans, half-elves and elves compromise more than ninety percent of the scourge's ranks with a smattering of other humanoid races supplementing the remaining numbers. Despite the brotherhood's name and its ghastly purpose, scourges are highly sociable and trustworthy. They form incredibly close bonds with fellow pack members, frequently forging friendships that last for the rest of their lives. Because of their unswerving loyalty to their individual pack, the last surviving member of these groups often become adventurers rather than join another pack. Unlike most other druidic circles, scourges do not demonstrate the usual xenophobic attitude towards nearby cities and towns. In fact, a large percentage of packs work closely with sedentary authorities for the mutually beneficial goal of eradicating the undead from the immediate vicinity. In exchange for the pack's expertise in combating the unnatural threat, sedentary societies pledge to uphold the sanctity of the druids' territory.


At any specific moment, the Gemini native results a very sincere friend, capable of sacrificing even his own life out of friendship for the person to whom he has offered his love, but at any other moment, he is capable of the worst infamies against that same loved person. The inferior type of Gemini is very dangerous and that is why his friendship is not advisable.

The Super Group

Magic clubs, while valuable, are probably not the best answer. As great as they are, their major accomplishment is to promote close friendship and harmony (sometimes) among people with similar interests. These clubs and organizations are the only realistic answer to a solid worldwide foundation for our fraternity. However, another solution is necessary to promote individual advancements and to stimulate personal creativity at higher levels of proficiency.

The Clairvoyant

I rarely saw her in person because we worked different shifts, but we exchanged computer mail for a couple of years. During that time, we agreed on a little experiment To establish proof during an OBE, I would try to visit her while out of my body. When I arrived, she could see me clairvoyantly and validate that my OBE was real. From then on, I started trying to reach LD during my OBEs.

The romances

And Miss Florence Cook (Crookes's24- famous medium). S. W called these two personages her brother and sister. She gave no information about their previous existences. At the beginning of the nineteenth century, Ivenes had been Frau Hauffe, the Clairvoyante of Prevorst, and at the end of the eighteenth century a clergyman's wife in central Germany (locality unspecified), in which capacity she had been seduced by Goethe and had borne him a son. In the fifteenth century she had been a Saxon countess, with the poetic name of Thierfelsenburg. Ulrich von Gerbenstein was a relative from that time. The lapse of three hundred years before her next incarnation, and the slip-up with Goethe, had to be atoned for by the sorrows ofthe Clairvoyante. In the thirteenth century, she had been a noblewoman with the name of de Valours, in the south of France, and had been burnt as a witch. From the thirteenth century back to the time ofthe Christian persecutions under Nero there had been numerous...

Helping Hand

The two friends were normal-looking spirits that were my own size. And I could see them all right. They were very friendly to me, and we became friends right away. These two spirits were average-looking men. One had brown hair, and the other had slightly lighter colored sandy brown hair. They were happy, and they were good friends. The master spirit left. Unfortunately I blacked out.

Queen Of Wands

The characteristics of the Queen are adaptability, persistent energy, calm authority which she knows how to use to enhance her attractiveness. She is kindly and generous, but impatient of opposi tion. She has immense capacity for friendship and for love, but always on her own initiative. and snap at her best friends without intelligible excuse. Also, when she misses her bite, she breaks her jaw

The Third Chapter

HAVE already said in the preceding chapter that shortly after the death of my father, I attached myself unto the research of the True Wisdom, and of the Mystery of the Lord. Now in this chapter I will briefly mention the places and countries by which I have passed in order to endeavour to learn those things which are good. And I do this in order that it may serve thee for a rule and example not to waste thy youth in petty and useless pursuits, like little girls sitting round the fireplace. For there is nothing more deplorable and more unworthy in a man than to find himself ignorant in all circumstances. He who worketh and travelleth learneth much and he who knoweth not how to conduct and govern himself when far from his native land, will know still less in his own house how to do so. I dwelt then, after the death of my father, for four years with my brothers and sisters, andIstudied with care how to put to a profitable use what my father had left me after his death and seeing that my...

Book Xi

'Amongst the bad a friendship, worthy of their family, ceases to continue (and fades) like prosperity among the faint-hearted it is only the good who keep increasing the old friendship of their ancestors by a new succession of friendly acts. 6. This thy determination concerning me, O king, is prompted by pure generosity and friendship 2 I will meet thee courteously with simple friendship I would not utter aught else in my reply. 32. 'What man of self-control could find satisfaction in those pleasures which dissolve friendships and for the sake of which the two Asuras Sumda and Upasumda perished, victims engaged in mutual enmity 50. 'He then who has attained the auspicious road to happiness is not to be deceived in regard to pleasures remembering thy professed friendship, tell me again and again, do they keep their promise 54. 'He who lives on alms, my good friend, is not to be pitied, having gained his end and being set on escaping the fear of old age and death he has here the best...

The Sixth Chapter

One old scribbler of symbols26 gave me many enchantments which only tended to work evil. He performed other operations by means of numbers, which were all odd, and of a triple proportion, in no way similar to the other, and for proof of this, he caused by such means in my presence a very fine tree which was near my house to fall to the ground, and all the leaves and fruits were consumed in a very short time. And he told me that in Numbers there was hidden a very Great Mystery, because that by the means of numbers one can perform all the operations for friendships, riches, honours, and all sorts of things, good and evil and he assured me that he had tried them, but that yet some that he knew to be very true had not yet succeeded with him. With regard to this particular, I found out the reason through the Wise Abramelin, who told me that this came and depended from a Divine Ministry, that is to say, from the Qabalah, and that without that, one could not succeed. All these things have I...

King of Swords

A WINGED King with Winged Crown, seated in a chariot drawn by Arch Fays, represented as winged youths very slightly dressed, with butterfly wings heads encircled by a fillet with a pentagram thereon and holding wands surmounted by pentagrams, the same butterfly wings on their feet and fillets. General equipment as the King of Wands but he bears as a crest a winged angelic head with a pentagram on the brows. Beneath the chariot are grey nimbus clouds. His hair long and waving in serpentine whirls, and whorl figures compose the scales of his armour. A drawn sword in one hand a sickle in the other. With the sword he rules, with the sickle he slays. Full of ideas and thoughts and designs, distrustful, suspicious, firm in friendship and enmity careful, observant, slow, over-cautious, symbolizes GR Alpha and GR Omega he slays as fast as he creates.


The apex of the airy triplicity is in the Western angle occupied by the cardinal sign Libra, which is ruled by the planet of love, Venus. This triplicity is therefore concerned with the different unions possible in human life. The seventh house where it rises properly denotes the most intimate of all those unions, marriage. From that union, other relationships result, and therefore one line of force goes from the seventh house to the third house, occupied by Gemini, the twins. This house therefore denotes brothers and sisters. The other line of force connects the seventh house with the eleventh, signifying the unions of friendship.

The Epistle of Ellen

Ellen Conway wrote this on almost the same day as Renny's Epistle and the Words of Green. This is not unusual since, Richard Shelton and Ellen Conway were good friends, Carleton Druids of the early 70s, and were then studying together at University of Michigan at Ann Arbor. She would later marry Richard. She also founded the Ann Arbor grove and worked hard with Richard to control the Isaac Affair. Here we see the first instance in the debate about the primacy of the Basic Tenets and the need to distinguish between personal beliefs and Reformed Druidism. I suspect that Ellen's comment on Neo-Paganism, probably did not sit well with Isaac.

Augustine 354430

Craved perfect freedom of investigation. Here he was brought more than ever, by obligations of friendship and gratitude, into close association with Manicheans, of whom there were many in Rome, not merely auditores but perfecti or fully initiated members. This did not last long, however, for the prefect Symmachus sent him to Milan, certainly before the beginning of 385, in answer to a request for a professor of rhetoric.


Nature is a hospitable and welcome host, and all living beings are its guests. This simple concept permeates druidic philosophy. In accordance with this belief, druids treat the natural world with the utmost respect, carefully adhering to and upholding its incorruptible beauty and order. As incontrovertible evidence of their informal pact, nature bestows bountiful blessings upon its loyal caretakers, instilling potent supernatural abilities and access to nature's divine powers. Druids pass through formidable natural obstacles without hindrance, leaving no evidence of their presence to the untrained eye. Through force of will, they adopt the physical features and abilities of countless species of animals. Most importantly, nature's minions form an intractable alliance with them, assuming a subservient role in exchange for protection, food and friendship. Nowhere is the inseparable bond between nature and the druid more evident than in the friendship between himself and his animal...

Uneasy Alliances

In this campaign, the characters are from both the Lodges and the Voodoo Societies (with maybe one or two In-Betweeners or spontaneous Initiates). The party members have to overcome their prejudice to face the greater threat of the Corruptors. This can be very difficult, as their respective teachers and mentors are unlikely to approve of the company the characters keep. Some of the characters could be suspected of spying on the others (in fact, some of them might have started the alliance with that purpose in mind whether the would-be spy carries out his orders or forges a lasting friendship with his companions is up to the PC).

Severing the Bond

As the druid's powers progress, he sometimes deems it necessary to cease his friendship with his animal companion. The animal's reaction to the sudden termination of the relationship varies depending on the circumstances of its dismissal. Most druids attempt to palliate the animal's wounded feelings by returning it to its original homeland or finding a suitable home for a domestic animal. Ultimately, the druid's alignment determines the efforts he takes to effect an amicable separation. A good druid always endeavors to ease the animal's emotional trauma, while an evil druid often prioritizes his own convenience over the animal's needs. When the separation is complete, the druid must roll a Charisma check to determine the animal's reaction. Table 4.13 describes the results of that check.

Directory Of Herbs

ACACIA Protection, psychic and spiritual enhancement, money, platonic love and friendship. Use to anoint candles and censers ant to consecrate chests or boxes that hold ritual tools. Used in incense to promote a meditative state. APPLE Love, garden magick, immortality, friendship, healing. Place seven apple seeds in a bag with Orris Root to attract sexual love. Use in rituals to give honor to gods and goddesses of fertility. ARABIC GUM Good for protection, psychic and spiritual enhancement, money, platonic love, and friendship. Use to anoint candles and censers and to consecrate chests or

Super Group

For those unaware of the event, the group adopted the name 'The Magic Hedonists', and the original members were myself, Dary , Paul Harris, Richard Kaufman, Adam Fleischer and Honorary Member Bill Herz. The involvement of Daryl and Paul were obvious because of our friendship and their talents, but few knew of the early involvement of Kaufman and Herz.

The Almadel

Seal Almadel Angels

Thou great, mighty and blessed angel of God N., who rulest as the chief andfirst governing Angel in the first choir or altitude in the East, under the great Prince of the East whom you obey, who also is set over you as King by the Divine Power of God, ADONAI, HELOMI, PINE, Who is the disposer of all things in heaven, earth and hell I, the servant of that God, ADONAI, HELOMI, PINE, Whom you obey, do invoke, conjure and entreat thee, N., that thou wilt appear forthwith. By the virtue and power of the same God I do command thee from thine order or place of abode to come unto me and skew thyself plainly here before me in thine own proper shape and glory, speaking in a voice intelligible to mine understanding. O thou mighty and blessed Angel N., I, the servant of the same thy God, do entreat and humbly beseech thee to come and shew unto me all things that I shall desire of thee, subject to the power of thine office and the good Pleasure of the Lord our God. By the three names of the true...

Book Ii

Now let us treat particularly of numbers themselves and because number is nothing els else but a repetition of Unity, let us first consider Unity it self. For Unity doth most simply go through every number, and is the common measure, fountain, and originall of all numbers, contains every number joyned joined together in it self intirely, the beginner of every multitude, alwayes the same, and unchangable whence also being multiplyed into it self, produceth nothing but it self it is indivisible, void of all parts But if it seem at any time to be divided, it is not cut, but indeed Multiplied into Unities yet none of these Unities is greater or lesser then the whole Unity, as a part is less than the whole It is not therefore Multiplyed into parts, but into it self Therefore some called it concord, some piety, and some friendship, which is so knit, that it cannot be cut into parts. But Martianus, according to the opinion of Aristotle saith, it is named Cupid, because it is made one alone,...

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