What Is The Creator

The Creator is what one finds to be the Upper Degree. The Hebrew term, Boreh (Creator), indicates an invitation to "come and see" (Bo means "come," Re'eh means "see"). One who attains the highest degree is in a state of adhesion with the Creator. Be fore reaching this highest degree, a flaw will always appear in this adhesion, although this is not really a flaw, but a new, uncor-rected desire that has surfaced in the person.

These desires appear so that we will correct them, and through correction enhance our adhesion with the Creator. For every new desire that surfaces, the Creator seems higher than before. As one discovers the oppositeness of the Upper Degree and its level of altruism, one must muster the strength to elevate to it.

Hence, prior to the state of Ein Sof, where all the ends come together, there is no absolute Creator. The only definition we can give to the term, "Creator," is (until we reach Ein Sof) "higher than I am." The Upper Degree builds, creates, begets, corrects, and fills the lower degree.

The Creator appears as a blend of higher qualities than those one presently possesses. The Reshimot that awaken cause one to picture a higher degree every time. Nevertheless, the depiction of the Creator is always the projection of one's present qualities on the Abstract Light. The Abstract Light's pressure is constant; the changes and movements are only within. Although only the Reshimot change within us, it seems to us as if it is the Creator Who is changing.

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