The Worlds Are Within

The Upper Worlds and their degrees exist only with respect to us, not in and of themselves. The worlds exist in potential, waiting for us to correct and discover their spiritual shape. In that state, we will immediately be presented with all the degrees between us and Ein Sof, beginning with the next adjacent degree.

A charge in a magnetic field "senses" the field's influence on it, and hence "knows" that the field exists. Had the charge not been inside the field, it would not have "felt" the effect of the magnetic field; in fact, it would not even know that the field exists.

Similarly, when leaving Earth's atmosphere, we discover that outer space is dark. It may sound strange, considering that sun-rays spread out across space, but if there is nothing that stands in the rays' way and "captures" them, we cannot detect the existence of the light.

Another good example of this principle can be observed when we watch sunlight come in through an open window into a room with some dust in the air. We can only detect the rays by their reflection off the dust in the air. In other words, if the creature does not feel a certain thing, it cannot say that it exists on the outside. In such a state, we say that all that exists is the Thought of Creation to do good to that which has been created.

The creature, which is at Ein Sof, discovers the Ein Sof according to its relative correction or corruption. The degree of intensity in which it feels the Light in each of the spiritual levels, from Ein Sof to the creature, depends only on the individual creature. For this reason, we say that all the worlds are within each creature, and only after we perceive certain parts of the Thought of Creation do we become aware of the existence of this Thought. We cannot talk about the Creator, attainment, or fulfillment when it is not from within the attaining individual, meaning if there is no Kli, there is no Light. In other words, without a creature, there is no Creator.

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