The Tzadik Righteous

Dr Satinover: What is the nature and role of the Tzadik (righteous person)?

Rav Laitman: The term Tzadik refers to a person who is at a degree where he or she Matzdik (justifies) the actions of the Upper Force. The Tzadik justifies everything that happens in Creation because he or she has come to sense the whole of Creation, not just the part accessible to our five senses. The righteous sees the rules that govern the realm beyond the boundaries of our five senses—the rules that affect our world, create everything within it, govern the unfolding of every event, and lead it to the purpose desired by the Creator.

Thus, clearly a Tzadik is a Kabbalist, one who discovers the Upper World, the World of Forces, the level at which plans concerning this world are made, and from which they come down to operate it.

The nature of the Tzadik corresponds to the level the individual Tzadik has reached. Kabbalah explains that all that we feel in reality adheres to the principle of "equivalence of Form," the a • 1 11

congruence principle.

In each of our five senses, we perceive a certain span of reality. For example, our sense of hearing enables us to hear a certain range of frequencies, and our eyes can see a finite range of colors. If we had additional senses, we could perceive reality differently and perhaps perceive additional dimensions.

Actually, we cannot even imagine how we would perceive reality if we had other senses. It turns out that our five senses with their specific spans create limits defining our sense of reality. We cannot exceed this limit.

There is, however, a method that allows for perception beyond this picture of reality, including the forces that govern our reality, which we call "the Upper World." The way we are able to perceive them is based on the same principle that applies to our perception of reality, namely "equivalence of Form." In other words, we must match ourselves to these forces.

Our task is to cultivate the attributes that inhabit the Upper Sphere, which conducts our world. However, it is impossible to know these attributes before we reach them. Hence, here we are assisted by Kabbalists, those who are already "there," who teach us how to acquire these attributes. They explain how one can develop an additional, internal sense, a "soul," through special activities. Using that sense, we can perceive an additional reality that was previously hidden; hence the epithet of Kabbalah—"the wisdom of the hidden."

Perceiving that hidden reality brings us to understand the formulae by which it operates us, the goal to which it is leading us, and the way in which it is executing these formulae. The Kab-balist is inside that reality and is an integrated part of it, a part that justifies it. In that state, a person is called a Tzadik, and this is the Tzadik's nature.

125 degrees comprise the justification of the Creator's actions. Total agreement with the Creator's actions is achieved at the last degree. Every person must reach this final degree. This process of life and death, which repeatedly "recycles" us to this world, is what enables us to rise to the degree of utter righteousness, that of one who completely justifies the Creator.

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