Johannes Reuchlin 14551522

Reuchlin, a German humanist, political counselor to the Chancellor, a classics scholar and an expert in the ancient languages and traditions (Latin, Greek, and Hebrew) was affiliated with the heads of the Platonic Academia (della Mirandola and others).

"My teacher Pythagoras, who is the father of philosophy, did nevertheless not receive those teachings from the Greeks, but rather he received them from the Jews. Therefore he must be called Kabbalist, [... ] and he himself was the first to convert the name Kabbala, unknown to the Greeks, in the Greek name philosophy."

"Pythagoras' philosophy emanated from the infinite sea of the Kabbalah."

"This is the Kabbala, which does not let us spend our lives on the ground, but rather raises our intellect to the highest goal of understanding."

--Reuchlin, De Arte Cabbalistica

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