Choosing The Future

We believe that we have many possible futures to choose from. But choosing means seeing the future, so what is this choice based on? How does one know which future is best? If we could see the result of choosing one option and the result of choosing another option, we would know which was better. But in truth, there are no options to choose from whatsoever.

A certain Reshimo awakens within a certain will to receive, meaning within a certain person situated in a certain environment. Subsequently, that person realizes the Reshimo, accumulating further impressions from life's events.

If we realized that we are only marionettes, and that at the same time we can change our future, we would then be at a point of choice. In other words, we could then choose an environment that would influence us positively and assist in our spiritual development. Such an environment would help us realize that Reshimo in the same direction and the same preexisting ladder, but we would do it willingly, instead of under pressure.

In any given state, the Reshimo in the awakened will to receive, and the environment are all predetermined. Even if one had an urge to realize the Reshimo, this urge would stem from within; and even if one used the environment to accelerate the unfolding of the Reshimo, it would only shorten the predetermined unfolding period.

However, our efforts to be part of an environment that is interested in spiritual evolution, and to be prompted by it to evolve, offer us a new intellect—"the comprehensive intellect," which pertains to the Creator's intention with respect to the creatures. Acquiring that intellect means discovering that intention and the subsequent ascent to the Creator's degree. This is the great bonus.

We need to understand that, by ourselves, we can want anything except to advance in the right way to the right goal. A person alone is like a blind person--unable to see the path of correct progress. We cannot see the outlet from this world to the Upper World, from the will to receive to the will to bestow. We cannot even see that such a thing exists and that here lies our salvation.

It follows that the point of free choice is very, very subtle. We can choose an environment that will bring us to a state where the Upper Light changes our quality, and through the operation of that Light, we will be able to enter the spiritual realm. But alone, without a method or a social environment, we cannot make the breakthrough to spirituality.

Terms such as "parallel worlds" and "parallel universes" are becoming increasingly fashionable. Many find the possibility of choosing their future enchanting. There are meditations that offer abilities to choose first thing in the morning the events of the coming day. Psychologically speaking, in this manner one is "programming" oneself and predetermining a specific manner in which to accept the Reshimot that will surface that day. Yet the question remains whether or not we can actually create a different reality by doing this.

We cannot say that such a person is exceptional, as we all have our predispositions about life. We all have habits with which we start our day, whether they are physical exercise or a visit to a therapist.

Whether we plan our day consciously or unconsciously, the fact remains that our picture of reality is entirely determined by the Reshimo within us. This Reshimo situates us in this picture and creates all the decisions in it. Correspondingly, our conscious efforts to "choose" what will happen are a product of the unfolding Reshimo, and nothing more.

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