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Hell Really Exists

Hell Really Exists

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Austin Spare created a number of illustrations and paintings based on the bestial aspects of the mind, emerging as demonic and elderly spirits and servitors clothed in the parts of animals. The illustrations shown in "The Book of Ugly Ecstasy" present the possibility of a reality from behind the face, the opposing side or adversarial aspects of each concept of normality. Often a seeming sex magical process is depicted, ejaculating spirits clothing other familiars in their desire of self-love, that which you want most manifesting - no matter how disgusting or ugly. Spare created numerous illustrations featuring the concept of vampirism -essentially the devouring aspects of the subconscious which take the form of half-animal people. One specific drawing, called "The New Eden" which is in several versions depicts a nude dreaming woman, facing a serpent and desiring it, encircled by a bat winged manifestation of darkness which rides above the moon, it's blackened face manifesting and up swelling her desire for the 'other'.

Austin Spare who was Zos vel Thanatos understood the process of sorcery from a left hand path perspective, rather internally. He did not seek mastery of the physical world, nor was he Satanic or Luciferian. He was the artist of the inner mind, his temple was that of the elderly fucking in demonic forms. Spare knew that once the subconscious could be opened, those bestial and sometimes angelic desires could be controlled and shaped to the desire of flesh in the world.

Take for instance, the concept of the Alphabet of Desire. It is merely, a language of the subconscious, a book of dead names. By naming those 22 zones of the subconscious, which is called the Qlippoth in the Luciferian Path of Liber HVHI, Luciferian Witchcraft and Book of the Witch Moon, one may accomplish many internal aspects of unleashing power. Spare drew and focused on the Alphabet of Desire as a kind of sacred letter which would preserve belief from the Ego itself, allowing belief to return to the subconscious mind over and over again. It becomes lost to the conscious mind from intelligence, but is understood completely in the form of emotion to the subconscious.

In summary, the Gates of Hell is the subconscious from which one may Will their desire into flesh in this world, it is ultimately a means of exploring the Immortal Essence, and ones own Coming into Being. Leviathan is the gate keeper of this process, and the Higher Self (Immortal Essence or Holy Guardian Angel) is the manifestation of this work.


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