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Hell Really Exists

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-The Thirst of Lilitu-

Sexual Subliminal Images For Seduction

Self-Will is directly connected to the path of Jeh the Whore. Knowingly, Her names

are many. The bride of the Dragon and spiritual mother of Cain opens the portal through Hell in those who seek her. The aims of Adamu is to present the infernal garden of delights within and outside the arcana of self - love, being the essence of Trshna, being Thirst. The succubi or incubi arises from the depths of our own hell, this may be a partial combination of the Ahriman - like aspects of the self -masculine, always in motion - chaos inspired storms which allow the sorcerer to invoke change and becoming unto the Prince of Darkness.

The Left Hand Path by means of isolation allows the practitioner to discover his or her self; to explore it and change it according to Self - Will. It is the essence of Az -Jeh being Concupiscence which divorces the psyche from the natural order of decay and stillness, it centers the mind itself into the Eye of the Adversary, the fires of intellect which as a gift of Lucifer - the Light Bringing name of Ahriman, to the center of possibility and self-control.

Sexual Sorcery is not only about control, but how to explore the most infernal and Luciferian facets of the self -and utilizing this power productively. It is possible for the sorcerer to become like the Daevas or Druj, to become like Ahriman. The Yatus (he who practices sorcery) must be willing to bear open his or her soul, to immolate it in the Black Flame of the Adversary and baptize it into the future possibility of self-godhood. This is not an easy task, nor does it not come with consequences. You shall change, your mind will strengthen, expand and your thoughts will intently focus on your goals. Those unprepared for the process of self-deification will by no doubt seal their fate into the morass of madness - to be devoured by Az herself.

The spiral of Adamu offers the secrets of the soul; and the horror of the abyss which is waiting within each of us. Do not seek the darkness to dissolve, to die. Seek the darkness as a fiery serpent that refuses the death of the psyche, by Trshna shall live beyond the veil of physical death.

Strengthen your psyche and soul now; demand the cup of Az and drink deep of its fornication. The Grimoire of Adamu is laid across time and culture; it does not hold specific dogma to one tradition or way.

It must also be mentioned that Sexual Magick holds powerful servitors, but shall destroy those who have not the Will to control their desires. Such incubi and succubi are devouring masters and will slowly feed from those who cannot control them. Be warned. The methods of Left Hand Path sexual magick may be explored and expanded by the imagination of the practitioner with the methods of old. It must be considered that such practice is not aimed at inflating the ego; rather to manifest a power unto the subjective or interior world of the magician. Sex Magick is very powerful but equally as dangerous. By the process of evoking and creating succubi or incubi, a weak willed individual who lacks self control may by his or her own error fall into obsession in which the succubi/incubi begins to control the master itself. This is perhaps one of the more dangerous aspects of basic sexual sorcery, while such dangers escalate depending on the Working itself.

"The Evil Spirit produced the dark and thievish wolf, the most worthy of darkness, noxious, of the darkest race, of black astral body, biting.." - Greater Bundahishn

The foundations of the Wolf Species as defined in the Avesta are predatory spirits of Ahriman. While they do not have to be specifically a wolf, a human or animal may manifest the traits and predatory nature of the wolf itself.

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