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Hell Really Exists

Hell Really Exists

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The blackened serpent is a symbol of wisdom obtained, the knowledge of the Adept who has trespassed the halls and meeting ways of the forbidden, who has drank the poison of the serpent's fang, yet from that struggle has obtained a new life, awakened and illuminated further by the striking at the Anvil of Cain. By each strike, each spark which ignites the clay of selflessness, Lucifer emerges again within the psyche.

This is the Rite of the Luciferian Ascension, the Agape of which Summons the Black Serpent. Let the initiate being either male or female choose a partner of art, who will by any means necessary arouse, copulate and stimulate the initiate for exhausting lengths of time. This rite is of the nature of Aleister Crowley's 'Eroto Comatose Lucidity', from which the initiate is led to the gates of exhaustion and beyond, when the flesh fails by overworking and the spirit must ascend by Will to the Luciferian Aethyr, of which the spirit is emblazed with the presence of the Peacock Angel, being Azal'ucel or Shaitan.

There are specifically two methods of this rite - Via Lilith (AZ) or Via Cain. As Lilith, musick should be played in the background which inspires dark emotions, chanting and somewhat horrific sounds. The chamber of operation should be decorated in crimson and black, with images of Lilith and her familiars, the Lilitu and Succubi. The Path Via Cain is one where the initiate is adorned and surrounded with the fetishes of the Horned God, thus in earthen decorations and symbols of Cain. Moroccan or Middle Eastern Music may be played to achieve the foundation for Gnosis early on, with the participant focusing on the meaning and mysteries of Cain the Blacksmith and Luciferian Initiator.

The purpose of the rite is to cross a boundary of flesh into spirit, of entering what the Cult of the Hand and the Eye call "Neither - Neither", by which the senses are not recognizable in any standard fashion, led to a state by extreme physical and mental exhaustion. It is by this path that the magician shall in a state of mental isolation, rise up in spirit to the Luciferian Aethyr, the very Sabbat of the Sun by which he or she shall commune with the Blazing Soul of Lucifer, the Peacock Angel who is the fiery initiator and father spirit of Cain. Within an initiatory sense Azal'ucel/Shaitan is the Angelick Higher Self (what Aleister Crowley called the Holy Guardian Angel) of Cain. The female and male magician will both undertake the Rite in the context of both Via Cain and Via Lilith, to understand two Aspects of the Adversary.

The rite is composed of several workings of causing exhaustion of the initiate by sexual arousal - over and over again. This is similar to what was called the "release of woman", who in swoon communicates with her higher self, the sweetness which is referred to her voice as the "Peacock" in the "Ananga Ranga", her voice is the Joy of Mankind. Thus as the initiate reaches near the final gate of the working, the Adept is led to Shaitan the Peacock Angel - Serpent, who is Azal'ucel. This rite is equally undertaken in the gnosis of Lilith (AZ), whose darksome embrace leads the Adept to leaving the flesh and seeking the Hidden Fire of Her, she who is web to the Crimson Dragon Samael, Ahriman, who is the Devil and Our Father. This is the marriage of Fire with Spirit, the quickening of the Witch into the Gnosis of the Lightbringer.

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