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The Shakti is the red serpent, the feminine creative force which dwells at the base of the spine. She is given life by the power of the black substance, of ashen and blackened matter. Darkness is Ahriman and this is the black serpent, this is the material desire or body itself. In Ahrimanic Yoga, the Shakti joins with the Black Serpent and coils up the spine, illuminating the Chakras and the faculties of the ArchDaevas.

The Kundalini resides in the body of both sexes as a serpent and is awakener of the spirit and body to new heights of wisdom.

The point of illuminating, controlling and moving through the Chakras is to achieve control and spiritual/physical bliss, not a numbing nirvana but a passion for living and the continuance of consciousness. As you move through the Chakras and begin developing your astral form, reaching Ajna or the Chakra of Akoman, you may take form as anything you wish - to feed from others and drink of the chakras, or to rise up to drain the divine powers outside of your body. To rise up to the essence of Ahriman is to drink of the divine darkness of the Cup of Az, the blood of the whore, whose own hunger is the devouring spirit itself, manifesting in the physical as disease, hunger, death and war. It is this aspect of instinct we must revel in, to understand the demonic is to control the bestial instinct within our physical bodies. Through the practice of Ahrimanic Yoga, the Luciferian spirit controls the more hungering aspects of the material body. In Sexual Rites, your partner may counterweigh your own initiatory

experience and further illuminate the consciousness into sheer power by the union of the physical with the spiritual.

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Yoga For Beginners

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