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In ancient Bon Po, there are two specific rituals which exorcize the self from the Nine Dre and Ten Si, the "Dre dgu skyas kyis 'debs pa" and "Sri bcu thur dug non pa", both of which are demons of so-called "negative energies". Their creation is born in the legend of the two progenitors of existence which is "Srid pa stang dbyal" copulated at midnight, good and evil emerged from both being harmony and the balance of discord, rebellion. White deities and black/evil deities were born, from this came thousands of diseases and other so-called ills, which were scattered on the earth. Finally, from this were born the Nine Dre.

I. Demon which drags down and holds one in the infernal realms, Mtho ru mi ster dma ba'I dre

II. Dre which annihilates and consumes existence called yod du mi ster med pa'I dre

III. Dre which empties and continues to drain never allowing to fill is gang du mi ster stong ba'I dre

IV. Demon which makes poor is phyug tu mi ster dbul ba'I dre

V. Dre which makes on sterile and does not allow propagation is phan tu mi ster rmang ba'I dre

VI. Demon which destroys and and ceases development is chags su mi ster 'jig pa'I dre

VII. Dre which causes sadness is skyid du mi ster sdug pa'I dre

VIII. Demon which causes mistakes is yag tu mi stern yes pa'I dre

IX. Dre which diminishes and will not allow growth is phel du mi ster grib pa'I dre.

If one compares the Druj of Persia to the Dre of ancient Tibet, a connection a spirit or demon types is seen, how such may be used in an initiatory sense. If the Yatus/Sorcerer wishes to utilize the Bon Po imagery of death in a productive way with sex magick, such wrathful spirits may be utilized with legally obtained human bones to channel the desire or goal of the couple outward towards what they seek. In the authors' personal Triad and Coven, utilizing human bones and ashes as a sacrament in such rites has been employed to a wonderful extent. It takes imagination and knowledge of the self.

The Ten Si are called maleficent spirits who are chaos bringers throughout the world. They emerge from the negative energies of death, the Tibetan word being Mas Kyi Shid. The first was born Male Si, a long maned king of the Dud and a Female Si which beget 8 sons. Those sons are:

From the Energies of Death (Mas Kyi Shid) Pho sri ral chen bdud rje - King of the Si Mo sri dar gzhon - Queen of the Si Sons:

I. Che Sri - Disturber of the Large

II. Chung Sri - Disturber of the Small

III. Thab Sri Ngo Nag - Black Face Si of the Hearth

V. Gzhon Sri - Si of the Young

VI. Dar Sri - Si Disturber of adults

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