The Draconian Rite of the Adversary Raising the Twin Serpents of Lilith and Samael2

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As individual vessels of Cain/Naamah (Cain's sister), the magician will focus on visualizing the Red and Black Coiling Serpents up the spine. Sit upon a comfortable pillow, legs crossed and begin to slow your breathing. This is done by banishing all other thoughts and concentrate on your lower spine. Slowly begin to form a great Red serpent which starts at your lower back - this is Lilith, the Red dragon which is the fiery life source which rises as the Sun itself. With each breath, you shall feel it ascend and coil around your spinal column. You should imagine fire, heat and creative force as the dragon ascends your body. When Lilith reaches your right shoulder, you should bask in the Fire of Self, this is the life bringing force of hunger and desire, the qualities of being and self-love. Be pleased that your imagination has created this mental and physical pleasure; know that you by yourself are the creator of your own Gods. This is the essence of the Left Hand Path, self-deification.

Now you will begin to call forth the Black Serpent,Samael/Ahriman. This is the 'shadow', the primal instinct and sexual desire for becoming. The emotional, lustful aspect which is the driving force of sorcery and self-expansion. Begin summoning the Black Serpent up your spine, coiling with the Red Dragon as red flame and blackened fire join as one. As these two forces continue to connect, rub together and bring about friction, ecstasy

2 An advanced formula is hidden within the symbolism of the rite, AZHISH, found in The Paitisha by Michael W. Ford. It is a spiraling of the Daevayasna who advances the psyche in the Luciferian Gnosis.

shall overtake you. Do not allow the Will to fail or to lose your determination. As the Black Serpent moves up your spine focus on its essence - darkness, lust passion and hidden aspects of the self, bestial transformation, isolation and the foundations of sorcery.

Draw the daemonic feminine inward, to merge with the Black Dragon, Lilith. As the Blackened Dragon rises above the Left shoulder, envision now the union of this force - the creation of Cain. You may reflect on these two forces in relation to your own unique being. Ask yourself, how will I use this knowledge and power to improve my being and life? When the twin serpents have both been raised, you may now perform an act of High Sorcery, of the Blackest Magick of self-deification. Invoke the Luciferian Angel, Azal'ucel, practice what spell you wish with improved potency and BECOME through the Black Flame. Becoming as it is called requires patience, but determination and commitment. The circle of sorcery knows only the bounds you present to it, Know Thyself!

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