The Chamber of the Serpent

Hell Really Exists

Hell Really Exists

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Sexual Workings in a bondage setting may also be implemented depending on the fetish of the participants. Magick proves a powerful drive behind S & M if practiced in any certain way. A basic description is as follows.

Upon entering the room, one male and two female were already prepared for the gates they sought to open within themselves. The main witch of the coven was dressed in a strap halter top which revealed her ample breasts. She wore also crotchless black latex panties and crimson whip boots, with two Luciferian sigils painted carefully in black on the sides. Her hands were bare, even from rings and her nails carefully manicured. The second witch wore black latex stockings and matching tight fitting panties. She was gloved in crimson gauntlets and wore a skin tight corset which gave the slight appearance of being extremely uncomfortable, which aided her aggressive mood.

The male in question was dressed in a tight fitting latex body suit and masked with a hangman's hood. He was able to speak and to see, yet he was unable to have intercourse or even arouse himself with the restraint of the latex. He was bound by two wrist cuffs made of a sturdy Velcro, while the ankles were let loose with no restraints. A spiked collar was tightly around the male participants neck, with a silver utility chain fastened to it. One female witch held the chain upon attaching it to the male, while the other looked on with her riding crop in hand. None had spoke at all once the chamber was entered, as silence was the law of the Working. They sought to invoke the aspect of Lilith in each of them, that Az would manifest in the dominance of both females and the male would seek this inferno by not being able to have sex, merely experiencing pain and lust by both females. The second witch had a double headed black dildo which was roughly 12" long, which she began rubbing between her breasts while the first witch anointed herself in Leviathan oil, while the incense burnt in unison and filled the chamber with a sweet and powerful scent.

The male, whose arms were restrained, rested on his back watching closely the two witches, the first witch began by tapping gently on the left leg of the man from above the ankle. His arousal was at first very slight, as he was very uncomfortable in the hot latex. The second Witch began an invocation -

"By the First Moon of Hecate-Lilith do we come as virgins unto Her, let us be blessed in innocence and beauty, perfect love and trust.

By the Second Moon of Hecate-Lilith do we emerge as Harlots, blood filled whores who fuck the living and the dead, for our desire is endless, seeking the tongue dance of each other in anxiety filled desire. Let our wounds be fucked with the cock of the beast, whom is hard and cold member of Our Lord the Devil. Let us soon taste his pleasure.

By the Third Moon of Hecate-Lilith do we enter the graves of the dead, to rest and seek the loving and chilling touch of the dead, whom each shall choose as a lover. Let their cold embrace fill us with the shadow of Azael who walks the rows of graves, who among the tombs seeks his Lady who is the Crone, in age there is beauty."

"By Zazas, Zazas, Nasatanada Zazas I open forth the Gates of Hell

Az-Jeh, who is Lilith, who rides the Dragon do come forth through us, we shall reach the heights of ecstasy through your Honor!"

The first witch who was tapping the males' leg was now rhythmically chanting the words which open the gates of hell, moving further up his leg. While doing this, the second witch, with her long black latex gloves, the right hand moved between the others legs and made her way slowly to the open area revealing her lips and began slowly moving her forefinger up and down, massaging her clitoris.

The male who was bound was becoming more aroused upon seeing such an interaction, and focused the thoughts to blood covered bestial shapes which began to fuck in a frenzy, while female beastlike fiends covered in black hair patches sucked the other demons off, semen spilling in their mouths which created more demonic shapes which appeared as greasy looking boars and pigs which moaned in desire. The male thought of slow fucking of goats and women, dragon-like worms moving in and out of moaning girls who had passed beyond maturity by some five to seven years, knowing the very desire contained in the image of the Devil and His Bride. The male was at this moment very hard as the first witch, being aroused with the second witch and her slithering tongue and hand, slapped the double black dildo on her ass in-between tonguing her. The witch who was receiving this pleasure ran her tongue across the black latex crotch area of the man, and then spit at his mouth, while he lustfully sought to lick from his mouth.

"Hekak Vozath Ka-Sath-Ompos" she hissed at him, the male hissed the same invocation back, and both looked lustfully at each other. By this time the second witch took her right hand away, now slick and wet and moved the black dildo slowly inside of her. She motioned her hand in the front of the witch who was now slapping the male on the right leg near the crotch, the first witch with her tongue sucked on the slick fingers of the second witch, whose black gloves had entered her and were thrust deep inside.

The room had heated up with the smell of incense and body heat, feeling like they were surrounded by fire. The witch who was thrusting the phallus within her felt as if she had completely entered her within spirit, she moaned with every thrust and the witch felt as though she was controlling every breath which entered her lungs, the group was one. At a point of raising the energy within the room, both witches desisted in their sexual Agape and on each side of the male began caressing his legs. Their eyes showed lustful expression and a hunger which could not be sated. He remained controlled, willed and determined upon their magical goal. While he felt as if he could in mere seconds obtain an orgasm he carefully kept himself in check. The first witch whose hands were bare carefully reached at the waist of the man to move his latex pants pack to reveal his hardness. The second witch, whose hands were latex covered reached down and with her right hand gripped his penis tightly and began licking the head in a slow, circular motion. The male warlock was on the brink of orgasm, filled with ecstasy. With a slow mantra he gained control again and resisted the urge for finishing and spilling out the energy. The first witch began also licking the penis of the man while both women moved their tongues into each others mouths while kissing the head of the cock. As the male was at the brink of shooting semen all upon the faces, mouths and hands of the witches, they stopped and he sought with every ounce of his being to control the explosion. At this moment each practitioner in their own way invoked their higher Angel to seek a defining moment in their own becoming; by arousal of the serpents within does one grow more powerful in the Eye of Sorcery.

The male was untied to have his mask removed. Sweating and aroused the two witches had him lie upon the ground and the first witch placed her stiletto heel upon his face and applied a slight amount of pressure. The second witch took a vessel used in the coven to spawn succubi and incubi. She removed the top and began to lick and suck on the head of the penis while pumping the base of it. As the first witch applied pressure, the male witch felt an ecstasy which could not be described, a weight on his skull and the slurping of the second witch on his cock. As he began to pre-cum she jacked him off harder and faster, at the point of explosion the second witch, who had known him intimately for some time, allowed him to ejaculate in her mouth, and then spitting it into the Succubi - Vessel. The male witch fell into a coma of ecstasy upon orgasm, and drifted into the death posture as the pressure on his face was removed. He now would see the face of the Hidden God.

Man is only one aspect to the key of Magick. To know of the craft, you must know of the Witch...Christianity and Islam should be corrupted from within to destroy it. Make strong the original religion of the Serpent and the Goddess...

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

Magick is the art and practice of moving natural energies to effect needed or wanted change. Magick is natural, there is absolutely nothing supernatural about it. What is taught here are various techniques of magick for beginners. Magick is natural and simple and the techniques to develop abilities should be simple and natural as well. What is taught on this site is not only the basics of magick, but the basics of many things.

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