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The left hand path indicates that it offers transformation and power through an anti-nature approach. While this term "anti-nature" relates only to the prescribed normal humanistic code of the day, the real left hand path embraces nature as a teacher and guide through the course of a life. If you want to learn the basis and foundation of discipline, look to the animals of the wild for this display of grace and power. Look to reptiles for the instinctual drive of survival and mastery, therein can you learn much without a "guru" or so-called teacher. You cannot learn magick by another, you can be guided to the water but you have to be willing to dive in.

In Buddhism it is considered that the physical body is shaped in accordance with what we know as the astral body. As the physical body is the highest percent water, the astral body is fed by the heat of the body. When you are able to control your bodily movements, i.e. sitting still for periods of time, slowing thought, breathing and allowing a frenzy (Aeshma) to rise up, you are exercising the path of Buiti and discipline.

The Chakras and ArchDaevas





Emotion or Hell


Taromati (also Taprev and Zairich)

Base of Spinal Column





Reproductory organ


fury, lust, determination



navel area


Dushvarshta (Evil Deed)





Understanding - the lightning bolt of initiation.



base of throat


Dushukhta (Evil Word)



between eyes, third eye


Dushmata (Evil Thought)



pineal gland or crown

Azhi Dahaka (King of the World)

Anaghra Temah (Endless Darkness)

In utilizing the practice of the Chakras, practice basic methods of breathing and focus on controlling your movements and thoughts. Start with Taromati and with the spirit of discontent move the Fire serpent to the Aeshma chakra, arouse discontent with lust. Here is where most humans fail and allow emotion to overrule Evil or planned thought. Do not let discontent allow hasty actions with lust. Think about the core issue, the problem and it's cause -always the self in pro-action or re-action in the world around it, and how careful planning and the use of the five senses will channel it in a positive way. This is why discipline is so essential in magick, the current of the Adversary is very powerful, control and willed focus is the factor deciding true power and its various applications.

The Body is a Temple of Satan is exactly correct, you must strengthen your body accordingly.

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