Shinje Chogyel Lord of Death

The King of Existence is also the Lord of Death, Shinje, the husband of Kali. Shinje drinks human blood as well as consumes both human and horse flesh. It is said he "rests on the great flames of existence and subdues even the tortures of hell", thus Shinje is both dark and light. There is no good or evil with this God, his sign is of the consumer of life, the predator without regret. Shinje is also connected to the cult of Shiva as the Kapalabhrta and Mahakala, meaning "The Great Destroyer". Some tantricks who work with Shiva utilize the human skull as a drinking vessel and smearing the body with human ashes. It is known some Aghori, a left hand path sect of India, will once in a life time at least eat flesh from a corpse in the cremation grounds.

The Kapala itself is the bowl from which offerings were made. The Vajrayana system in Tibet and India made the practice of human bones spread as a basis of ritual

Offerings to the Protective and Wrathful Dieties






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foundation. The skull essentially becomes a vessel of worship and a dwelling place of deific forces, possibly relating to the sorcerer himself. The mantra specifically associated with the skull is OM RATNA MAHAKAPALA SARVA SIDDHI PHA LA HUM HUM. Essentially, there were cults which utilized the tantric orders of which the offering bowls were used to offer both blood and semen.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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