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Here you will find what some have hoped not to find - Self-Empowerment through Sexual Congress. Some of these involve

Sex Magick

Man to Man (adapt to this if this is your sexual preference), some Woman to Woman and some Male to Female. In rituals of the Sun and the Moon, two men may participate however one will take a Lunar side (feminine) and one Solar (masculine), the same with Woman to Woman workings. Do not hide your sexuality away, be what you are and let no one tell you it is wrong!

The model of Left Hand Path Sexual Magick is a challenge which moves beyond the constraints of sociological limitation; it is taboo without psychological degradation, self-motivational empowerment through becoming as a God or Goddess, to discover your weaknesses and strengths. The God forms of Sexual Magick within the Witches Sabbat or Luciferian Path is best described through Lilith, Lucifer, Ahriman and Cain.

Lilith represents the Black or earth bound control/manipulation of the world around you in accordance to the Will of the practitioner. Lilith is the patron mother of beasts, demons and the nightside of nature. Lucifer is the Bringer of Light and Wisdom, the Solar side of Ahriman. Cain represents the Son of Samael (the Devil) and Lilith, whom is known in many Luciferian circles as Baphomet. Cain represents initiation and the process of the Great Work itself; be it within a sexual magick format or not.

Sexual Magick through Samael (Azazel/Lucifer) is self-transformative Magick; through the symbol of the Sun do you illuminate yourself by the immolating inner awakening known as the Black Flame. By the combination of Samael and Lilith and their respective paths do you create within Cain, the Horned Witchfather and Master of the Forge.

Sexual Magick through Ahriman is the Yatus/Daevai1 summoning/invoking the principle or shadow side of Lucifer into the body of darkness made flesh. This is a

1 Daevi is a female Daeva, a demon.

mutating and transformative state which is painful, yet filled with the ecstasy of self-deification. Ahriman is movement, chaos and the Will made flesh. The sorcerer, who becomes Yatus, or Witch, is the isolated power which is an avatar for Ahriman and Lilith. By seeking this path you become as Ahriman and will create the Daevas and Druj which arise from him. The Prince of Darkness is a power unto himself, he cuts and devours that which becomes useless to him, and recognizes that he is the only God that Is. Sexual Magick is used to invoke this force within, the Dragon Made Flesh and does not represent or suggest any specific form of gender or sexual orientation. It is the sex of the individual, or avatar.

In addition, Pairikas or Witches of the Left Hand Path may become an avatar for the darker side of Lilith, the Bride of Ahriman known as AZ or Jeh. This is the feminine aspect of Darkness, the Tiamat of the Sumerians which represents Time and the devouring aspect which continues life, the thirst for continued existence.

Models of Left Hand Path / Witches Sabbat Sex Magick


Thinking Force, the Djinn (Azazel/Shaitan) of Fire, masculine strength, energy, the movement of the self through life. Known also as Shaitan/Satan this is the Black Serpent or Kundalini. In its masculine opposing nature, it is known as Ahriman, the Imagination. Samael is the Black Dragon.


Red Force, the mother of demons, darkness in nature, primal instincts, menstrual blood from the Kiss of Ahriman. She is the Fire which in instinctual, both exchange power with attraction/repulsion to become stronger as one.

The models of the Left Hand Path and the Witches Sabbat are described now for a further clarity. Samael, called Azazel or Lucifer. Samael is the left kingdom of separation from the natural order, the force which brought light or intellect to humanity through leaving the thrall of the all-father or Zurvan. Samael is represented as the Fallen Seraph or Djinn which is composed of Fire and had Twelve Wings, superior to other higher angels who had six wings.

Samael's bride is Lilith, who was once the bride of the All father and Adam. It was Samael who took the form of the Dragon - Serpent, who rode Eve while possessed by Lilith and by injecting "Filth" into her, conceived and bore Cain. Lilith is the initiatory mother, who awoke Cain after his murder of Abel, which is represented as his lower self of the thrall of sheep. Cain becomes the Wolf through devouring the life of his brother symbolically.

Samael and Lilith obtain power behind Metatron, or Zurvan, the Black Sun itself. This is the separating force from the natural order, the Sigil of ALGOL often represents this theory as the Eye of Ahriman/Set transformed and isolate, thus Order within Chaos.

BABALON may best be described as the embodiment of Lilith, Az and Kali as the mother of Sexual awakening, thus Shakti, power and the hunger for eternal life. In Aleister Crowley's "The Vision and the Voice" he writes that the sign of the Mother and the four-fold word of CHAOS is equal to the seven-fold word of BABALON = 156.

Vision And The VoiceSex Magick

Left Handed Tantric Sex Magick

The Union of Ahriman and Druj - AZ

The Yatuk Dinoih and Paitisha are both tomes of Yatukan Sorcery which explores the foundations of invoking and becoming via the Daevas and Druj from ancient

Persian lore. A development through the Yatus is the sexual magick and willed self-transformation from the fountainhead of Az - Jeh, known also as Lilith in other areas of daemonic mythology. In working with the Yatuk-Dinoih one invokes the Daemonic and Chthonic (earth based) energies of the daeva and druj, that the self becomes an empowered vessel of these forces. By Will one becomes a Daemon or Druj unto themselves. Sexual Sorcery is a useful, powerful and dangerous path which is a means of controlling and creating familiars, demons, sending nightmares, controlling dreams, etc. One is able to use sexual sorcery by the way of envisioning a spirit or goal and loosing the self in the ecstasy during climax, to create and send forth the druj.

Through the types of Left Hand Path Sexual Magick, the Black Magician not only becomes a Daemon/Daeva/Druj but also a gateway for the Luciferian and Ahrimanic force within - the Sun and the Moon, Noon and Midnight. This is a process of self-association with the respective God forms, their integration within your mind and overpowering anything which seeks to enter you. It should be understood that such spirits must never be allowed to control you, as this is weakness and will follow to your own self-destruction. You must control and Will this form of balanced Order within your mind.

The sorcerer who seeks the transformation path of Az-Jeh-Lilith shall undertake the test of which invokes the creative powers of darkness. Sex Magick initiates the magician into the current of Ahriman by moving against the natural by controlling/creating daevas and succubi in the spirit plane, that by dreams they manifest.

As a model of AZ, let the magician invoke in their own way LILITH, who is the dark primal instinct, the spirit of night and desire, hunger and sexual copulation. She is the force which roused Ahriman from his slumber, she who awakened the Demons to beget Dragon-Children.

In Nazorean-Mani legends of Adam, Az-Lilith came forth from the depths of hell to teach and instruct the fallen angels, demons and other averse spirits the art of sexual copulation. How by joining male and female spirits together, they created such off springs upon the earth. These demons spawned other children, Az - Lilith devoured some of them later on, which increased her vitality and power. Lilith is thus the First Vampire, the enfleshed anthropomorphic form of Tiamat/Azhdeha, the Dragon Stars.

A practice of this Creation rite may be done accordingly-

In the circle, create two sigils, one masculine and feminine.

Prepare and invocation to AZ-Jeh, the great whore who awakens your minds' eye.

which roused Ahriman from his slumber, she who awakened the Demons to beget Dragon-Children.

Sigil Azazel

Dedicate yourself to HER name that you shall become through HER.

Stimulate yourself by the imagined formation of a male and female Daeva/Druj, at Climax anointing the Sigils with the fluid. If you have a partner, ideally if she (unless you are the she) is menstruating her fluids may be anointed as well. This formula creates the demons which will carry forth and enflesh your desires. Your Will is the driving factor associated with this, so do be prepared to ensorcel yourself in your desire - will - belief.

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