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Hell Really Exists

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The feminine is essential as we know to the process of initiation with a Shakti, or divine power. The Book of Enoch which is centered around the feminine-hating religion of Christianity could only attribute the negatives of the feminine, even as the so-called "targets" of the Watchers and their empyrean knowledge. Look to the purpose of the fallen angels and their copulations with women, their "taking of wives" indicates the desire for completion and essential transformation via the Shakti power of the feminine, the muse and temple prostitute.

As "Kundala" means in the Indian culture "Coiled" the very Kundalini Shakti is the divine power associated with the Chakras, it is the leading or guiding aspect while the Chakras are awakened and illuminated in the physical and spiritual body. Thus the serpent Tabaet, a form of the adversary, is the awakening aspect which brought divinity to woman with Lilith, to soon beget Cain the awakened one.

Samael, the ancient serpent, took a pleasing shape along with his other fallen angels and went forth to man. These dark spirits which brought light to mankind were known as the leaders, the first being Tabaet the Serpent, there was Jeqon who led astray the sons of Zurvan or the one called God, Asbeel who gave the council on joining the bodies of these angels with women, the daughters of Cain. There was Gadreel who taught men the blows of death, taught how to make weapons and assisted in leading Eve astray, the enemy of Lilith. There was also Kasdeja who is the angel teaching the purpose of other demons and spirits and the art of abortions for those who would not have children, as well as the Noon-tide Sun Daemon who was the son of the Serpent, Tabaet. These were called Watchers and the Hebrews knew of their names: Artaqifa, Samjaza, Armaros, Azazel, Penemue, Baraqel, Neqael, Danjal, Batarjal, Azazel, Hananel, Turel, Simapesiel, Jetrel, Kasbeel, Tumael, Turel, Rumjal, Turael, Kokabel, Armen, Rumael and Busasejal. The chiefs of ten were called Samlazaz, Araklba, Kokablel, Rameel, Tamlel, Ramlel, Ezeqeel, Baraqijal, Asael, Batarel, Ananel, Zaqlel, Samsapeel, Satarel, Turel, Jomjael, and Sariel. These were the ones who took the forms of angels, according to the Hebrews and went forth to breed the Nephilim, the sons of demons.

They were called Great giants, whose physical height or power of will was more intense than others. Such were of the predatory spirit, when they could not be sustained by man, they soon devoured mankind. The started to devour flesh and drink of blood, while Azazel and the other spirits were still teaching mankind. Azazel taught the art of the Blacksmith, much like Cain. Azazel knew the art of swords, knives, shields and how to work with the metals of the earth. Azazel also taught the art of makeup to women, and soon was copulating again with other women and teaching others the art of war. Semjaza taught enchantments, Kokabel the constellations, Ezeqeel the clouds and astral plane and Sariel the course of the moon. It was the one called Azazel who taught mankind the secrets of heaven which were not meant for mankind, they all became like Gods.

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The Chakra Checklist

The Chakra Checklist

The chakras are described as being aligned in an ascending column from the base of the back to the top of the head. New Age practices frequently associate each chakra with a particular color.

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    What are the sex secrets taught by fallen watchers to mankind?
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    Does watchers taught secret of sex to womans?
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    What fallen angel taught man the paths to the moon?
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