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Hell Really Exists

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Within the Shadows...

Sister Claire prayed feverously, invoking Jesus and the Saints, yet her heart was filled with blackness and the lust of the Adversary. As she had been awoken by Father Urbain Grandier, who as a Priest of their parish in St. Pierre du Marche in Loudon, he whispered something to her and she felt the searing heat of lust, of desire and blasphemous entanglements with Goat faced spirits. Pig like beasts snort and lick up the drippings of their dreamlike fornications, while her swelling grew with the size and violent thrusts of the beast like member pounding deep within her burning core.

That was before, this night Sister Claire so wished for the Devil to come unto her. Many nights Asmodeus came to them and bit her inner thighs while reciting prayers backwards, she would move her forefinger at a feverish pace over her clitoris while calling to her lover, the Devil himself and lusting for the pulsing yet cold member of the demon Asmodeus. Grandier would often join in these Sabbatic and Sexual Rites, often wearing a black hood while fucking her with a fury that would tear many girls apart. There was no rape in this Covenant, only desire and fulfillment. The Nuns knew the passion of the Cross, but also the lust and desire of the Demons summoned by Father Urbain Grandier. He taught them the keys of summoning and going unto the spirits as friends, not as the Christian tyrants whom they pretended to uphold.

Sister Claire was in her cold chamber again; rather in her mind was an elaborate temple of both the heights of Heaven and the depths of Hell. Urbain Grandier had taught her the art of coitus cum demone, to use their union to empower their very being and strengthen them as sorcerers - the very art of the witch. Sister Claire invoked the God of Flies, Beelzebub in her chamber one night before sleeping. She envisioned flies and larva into her chamber and she drifted off to sleep. Waking in a half dream state, she tore from her sheets to be greeted by a Blackened Shadow, yet its very head was obscured in a mass of circling flies.

Submissive Slave Sex With

She understood and when touched by this daemon, she recited "Fuck me with your filth and raise me up in your fire, let me be your whore" to herself and she positioned herself on her knees and felt the cold press of the demon's member into her. She felt a strong pressure on her knees as she knelt on the uncomfortable makeshift bed.

While revolting at first and feeling the frigid grip of Beelzebub's left hand on her hip, she felt a burning sensation and gently pushed back to take his large and painful cock inside her. As this large shadow which had a frigid touch began to thrust slowly back and forth, she heard a hissing and the buzzing of flies, which grew in volume. At first being repulsed, she found a desire which could not be sated by anyone else. She fucked this beast with frenzy, spitting chants of transformation and becoming while the serpent tongue of Beelzebub hissed words of power which seemed to burn themselves in her back. The member of this devil seemed to be entangled with flesh, yet seemed to crawl with insect like legs from the base of the demon. As the cock pumped deep within her, she felt a moist sensation she could not understand, yet the slight stinging was a sweetness she could not resist. With each thrust, deep within her she felt small and large insect legs tickling her lips which devoured this devil's penis. Sister Claire wanted these demons as the earth longs for a falling star, she thirsts for it to fill her cunt with a burning abandon, she wanted to shed tears of obsession and a deep desire as she gave every ounce of herself to the demon.

While still being fucked as a chained slave, she suddenly felt a deep burning sensation in her anus. Slowly she was being invaded by another member of the devil. It entered slowly; looking back she was fucked with harder thrusts, the demon lover allowing black spittle to pour from its mass of flies onto the anus and the other black cock which emerged from a liquid belching demonic mouth above his humanistic genitalia. She was repulsed and filled with more desire. She felt as if it was tearing her apart even with the burning black spittle ejaculated from the mass of flies which made up its head.

She knew of the names of the servitors of Beelzebub, from ancient Hebrew sources known by Father Urbain Grandier. As she was slowly fucked deep in her asshole and cunt pounded by the pulsing and growing phalluses of the Beast, she chanted and hissed the names of some servitors - Amatia, Dorak, Arcon, Plison, Lamalon. Each name vibrated and hissed in unison by Sister Claire and Beelzebub, who seemed to know and be completely in tune with her words. The demon servitors would grow from shadows to attend their calling; their form would be perverted corpse like children dripping in the moist grease from a body during the stages of decay. Such incubi and demonic servitors were bred forth by the blood and elixir into a vessel made strong in the light of the moon.

Fucking the beast she looked up and found other shadowy forms taking shapes as what appeared to be demonic and malformed bestial-children. Five appeared from the blackness of the corners, which which The Lord of Flies brought with his summoning. Their faces were wrinkled and scab covered with seeming old age, their eyes were black as they reflected neither light nor comfort as normal children's eyes. Each moved forward, white pale and corpse like flesh, gray then turning pitch black on ends, still born and emerging from shadows. They were chanting in child like voices and touching themselves in lewd ways.

As they moved forward the demons slowly mutated into decaying dogs with little or no fur and pasty, almost greasy colored gray flesh. Emitting a foul odor, these beasts now began to fuck each other, dripping a bile on the back of the other being sodomized. Their mouths changing and transforming into large vaginas while savagely being fucked from behind, a serpent tongue slithering from the vagina lips and then suddenly came more flies and maggot larva from the blood dripping holes. When one beast finished fucking the other the pull out brought a seeming ejaculation of rotting milk, the smell rising over the odor of the decaying dogs which was similar to that of clumped blood clots. When one beast finished the other moved in a half human way to the front and began penetrating the vagina in the face of the other. As Sister Claire was being pumped in both her spread anus and vagina, powerless and submissive, she was hearing the slurping sound of the cunt-mouthed demon sucking the other decaying beast off.

As the Beelzebub reached a climax, she felt the in pouring of a cold and almost burning substance within her, she bent up to take the serpent's tongue deep in her mouth while the Shadow which took form continued ejaculating within her womb. Flies buzzed and landed on her face as she kissed deep her Demon, and for the moment did she find satisfaction...the demon brought not death but life, and rested in the blackness of her mind.

Cum Magic Spell
Above: Satanic Copulations


Behold! A Grimoire written in flesh, blood and the fluids of the Agape! From shadows long forgotten does her name come forth again in the minds of many, Az. She is of many names, Lilith, Kali, Jeh, Izorpo, Batna, Satrina, Eilo, Abeko, Kokos, Odam, Partasah, Talto, Patrota, Amizo, Abito, Ita, Kea, Lamassu, Ardad Lili, Abyzu and known among you all. By these names shall you fornicate in honor of, be it known, anyone who may undertake an Holy Rite of Passage as described in this book of spirit, you must at all times during do so in honor of Her in mind. The End of all Flesh is the beginning of the Fiery Spirit of which you seek. Know her in ecstasy and aversion, from that shall you begin to understand her nature within you.

This is a forbidden text, here is given the means, formula and cipher to invoking sexual daemons and the spirits of the abyss deep within you. This text is meant as an honest manual of practice, a key to the gates of hell.

Know that the Agape (love) and the path of Sexual Magick can be as elaborate or as simple as you wish. It can also be as dark, brooding or as "dangerous" as you wish (this does not apply to unsafe sex mind you!). Individuals are able to interact with spirits and daemonic forces within and outside of themselves. If one chooses to work with a partner, they should be well informed and focused on the path as well. Casual sex partners would in some ways degrade the purpose of the Great Work, unless they were aware of the significance of what you were undertaking. It may prove dangerous for them as well, malefic forces in the shadows of the practitioner do

manifest in various ways. The "pure" one undertaking the rite subconsciously controls these powers, while an outsider may not have the slightest idea of what they are truly involved in.

The ritual tools of Sexual Magick - altar, circle, dagger and any other implement is used as a means of self-inspiration, of bringing tools towards a specific and direct application to aid in ritual work.

Within this grimoire text you will find fictional, inspirational and practical elements of exploring sexual sorcery. The utmost importance of any working however is safe sex. You should communicate and discuss workings with your partner, do not leave any subject untouched within sexual magick and ensure that both partners are completely clear of their direction, needs/wants and focus. Do not explore sex magick without the responsibility of practicing Safe Sex.

Above: Aapep, the Serpent of Darkness
Enochian Consecrate Tarot Cards

Within the realm of Sexual Magick it must be understood that you must be completely honest with yourself, or you shall create a spiral force which will devour you. Sex Magick is dangerous because you are working with intense emotions; Magick is successful with intense emotions utilized and Willed in a specific direction. Know thyself is a key part to the success of the Work. The Creative Power of the Universe is the Shakti, when summoning and ensorceling (circling within your boundary of self) the spirits you are having congress with your

Daemon but also the Succubi and Lilitu, the offspring of Lilith, the Mother of the Antinomian Path, so be well focused. Lilith is the Mother of Forbidden Desires, in Manichaean Lore she taught the Fallen Angels how to form bodies and copulate with others to beget "Dragon Children". She had alone the power to awaken the Serpent - Mind of Ahriman (the Devil) from his deep slumber, in which he bestowed upon her the Kiss which caused menstruation. Tantric sects of the Left Way consider the menstruation cycle to be the most powerful for the practitioner, thus Woman is Blessed as the Daughter of the Devil itself. The deeper mysteries of Luciferian Sex Magick are found in the early Hebrew tales of Lilith and Samael original born in the Same Fire, thus they are both twins and lovers, as well as the begetters of Cain, the First Witch and Satanist. In the Great Work, the practitioner seeks to bring into union within him or herself both Samael and Lilith to beget Cain, or Wisdom.

Lilith And Samael

The Circle within Luciferian Witchcraft represents the very binding space of the sorcerers body, both of spirit/celestial and flesh/infernal. It is the symbol of both the Sun and the Moon, the sphere which begets strength and the very focus of the Magician. Thus the circle of Cain is the symbol of the Beast or Devil in flesh, a very manifestation of a God or Goddess on Earth. The circle is a continual and progressing manifestation and power center, which is merely a reflection of the body.

When the two meet within the circle, be it male and female, male and male or female and male, both symbolize a manifestation and incarnation of the Adversary or Two Headed One. This is Noon and Midnight, the very essence of Shaitan/Satan as the Double Wanded God/Goddess. One Head represents Satan while the other is Lilith, the union of duality to bring the strength of being.

The female partner should be menstruating which represents the vital energies of the feminine. She who seeks the invocation of Lilith will collect the blood and place on the altar of Art Magickal, the male represents the devouring. The goal of this Tantrick exercise is to focus the inherent energies via the Will, but to use them in a process of self-transformation, a mutation into a living temple of which the Daemon may manifest. Thus in this work, the sorcerer becomes a director of the current itself, a living expression of what is called "the Devil" or Adversary. The female is also a living vital manifestation of this current as well, it is in ancient Hebrew folklore that both Satan and Lilith were born of the same Fire, being twins.

The use of a vessel/fetish represents the 'home' of the Daeva or Demon. It is closely connected to the transformation of the sorcerer, thus an 'envenomed' and empowered ritual tool. When seeking to empower a fetish of Lilith or Cain, ensorcel (encircle) yourself in the love of the Daemon itself, this is why working with the Inner Guide or Holy Guardian Angel is so essential. Throw yourself into the internal association of the force, as it relates to you. Use incense, candles and anything which holds useful association. The Vajra Lightning bolt, that which falls from the sky (often associated with Lucifer or Satan, the Watchers or Fallen Angels) Is a symbol of internal vitality, strength and a cipher of initiation.

The libido is symbolized as a snake; the 'Black Serpent' of Yezidi lore is to represent knowledge and wisdom. The serpent thus represents a willed focus of energies connected with the self, as also the Daemon associated with the Working and the Azhish Ritual of Zohak/Azi Dahaka (The Paitisha). You may seek sexual congress to bring both Kali and Lucifer to flesh by using menstrual blood and semen in a vessel. You may wish to use a white sheet which you copulate on again and again to empower the working. Use the sheet as a wrap of sorts for the vessel which may have images or sigils of Kali and Lucifer upon them, that you may encircle them with the Love (Agape) of the Willed Desire of both practitioners involved. You may seek to empower this vessel beginning at the full moon to then the Dark Moon.

A suitable description of a Sex Magick working by Pascal Beverly Randolph "was to copulate with many different women on one bedsheet, never changing or cleaing it. Thus, it retained the cumulative life force of those couplings, mingled and preserved in crusted fluids. He then stretched the sheet as an artist's canvas, and painted upon it his visual image of a succubus. He used his imagination like a lens to bring the power into focus, flattering and feeding the spirit who then manifested through it."

This provides a power tool for the magicians to create a working based around Kali and Lucifer, which by joining such fluids over and over again and filling them in a vessel a demon lover may be born. Use a variety of invocations, spells and averse chants such as the Lord's Prayer Backwards and similar "Satanic" chants to empower the demon.

On the night of the Dark Moon, refresh with blood and semen again and rebury the vessel in the earth. Each night you may exhume the vessel and wrap it in the sheet or cloth used in your congress, smeared over and over again with the sexual fluids of both partners. You may wish to evoke a Demon or Succubi/Incubi as this child of Kali-Lilith and Lucifer, thus being a servitor and third lover for the couple. Focus its gender or Will it to be able to change accordingly. Thus a rite which you create may be done as a Higher or a Goetic or Lower Working of sorcery.

On the Evening of the Full Moon exhume the Demon Vessel and perform a final incantation to it, then copulate with the vessel near and upon the white sheet which should be stained and crusted with blood and semen. Ensure that your fornication is intense and drawn out as long as possible, both envisioning the spirit you are creating. Allow this force to move within you as you fuck. When ejaculation occurs, the female or male (if both are consenting and monogamy is trusted) may take the semen in their mouth and mixed with their saliva or blood, spit into the vessel to empower the demon. If the rite is homosexual, a incubi with a preference for men will no doubt be created. If the couple are lesbians, a succubi will no doubt be empowered and bound to them. It is the combination of fluids of both male and female which seem to create a demon which may mutate between both and be able to perform various tasks depending on the sorcerers.

If you wish to destroy or banish the demon, simply burn and pour salt over the vessel during a created banishing rite, including the sheet.

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