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The Two were led by the Master of the Circle into a chamber, red walls and a black ceiling. The center of the room was a large comfortable chair, crimson with golden Chinese dragons embroidered in the fabric, a great pillow colored red at the foot of the chair. The master of the circle wore the mask of Shaitan, the Djinn of the Burning Noon Tide Desert Sun, horned and inscribed with sigils of the Dragon upon it. Adorned in black leather pants with his chest and arms blackened he sat one women in the center of the pillow. The Priestess who embodied Lilith - AZ, the Whore who rode the Dragon, the center of the Eye of Tiamat enfleshed sat in this chair, legs spread, a tight fitting leather corset gripping tightly to her pale flesh. Her mask was designed as a mask of Lilith, black and white with streaks of menstrual blood across it. She was a member of the Coven for sometime, and desired the Working which is rarely spoken of... Before her was the lady who would in carnal desire know both the harlot and the beast, and would awaken to their pleasure. The purpose of the rite was the consecration and ensorcelment of the Ahrimanic Familiar of the Coven. At the northern point of the room, was a small chest and upon it rested a human skull and a pot filled with a black Daeva statue (a demon), a black and red candle, underneath and filled with soil with various rocks resting within it. Next to the nganga was a skull cap turned into a bowl with some powdered human bones and herbs within it. The Priestess was handed a skull which was the vessel of Lilith by the Lord of the Circle. She held it in her left hand. The Skull cap was placed next to the Lady on the Pillow.

As she was knelt before the Priestess sitting lewdly in the chair, legs spread and slowly arousing herself, the Master of the Sabbat loudly vibrated the barbarous words of evocation, calling forth the Devil of the Sabbat as an invocation through him. Each word although unintelligible, seemed to cause ripples in the rooms environment, a great heat and fire seemed to encircle them. The Master of the Circle began the Sabbat chant, invoking and calling forth the shades of the night to encircle them...

The Priestess recited the staota of Zrazza several times, announcing her individual intent.

The Lord of the Circle began calling forth the Daevas of the Rite-

Az, Ahriman, Akatash and Vareno. "O horned initiator and devils flesh my cloak of serpent skin worn clothe me in the Robe of AZ in the Watchers field of time.."

The masked initiator then began reciting the Lord's Prayer Reversed, a chant of summoning Cain. As he began reciting, the lady turned and began arousing the Lord of the Sabbat with her hand. He then spoke the Words of the Staota, summoning to go forth into the flesh of AZ-Jeh, the great Harlot before him. All the while was the Priestess arousing herself, chanting and speaking in tongues that shadow language which beget serpents. She then called forth Lilith within the Infernal Sabbat, stroking herself with a demonic frenzy. As she recited further, the Priestess took the lady by the hair and guided her face into her gaping wound. The lady licked furiously, which sent shivers up the spine of the Priestess, who while growing in ecstasy, continued the chant to invoke Lilith.

The Lord of the Sabbat, kneeled behind the lady, who was moving her right two fingers in and out with each slow lustful kiss of her now swollen lips, began moving his hand between her leg. As he slowly excited her, she grew very wet. The sounds of the lust as the Priestess groaned in pleasure and the slippery movement of her licking enticed the Lord of the Circle to slowly insert and engage deep within her. The lady felt a great fire within her as he pounded deep, which excited her more. The Devil of the Sabbat began speaking in shadow tongue as he thrust within her, while Lilith (the Priestess transformed) was also speaking in shadow tongue sending forth the Lilitu with her great lust. Both as the lady knew, were calling forth the force of the Sun and the Moon into the circle, which would bind them all as the Yatus and Pairikas who embraced the Luciferian and Ahrimanaen Gnosis.

As the Priestess soon was preparing to explode while this lady licked and fingered her deep, she felt the atmosphere changing more, fire and shadow seemed to surround them. No longer were they just in flesh, but also in dream. She heard pounding drums and slow chants. The Devil of the Sabbat was spanking the lady hard on her cheeks, while he thrust deep in her warm core. The red marks as a result of the burning sensation drove her crazy, all the while the Lord of the Circle began rubbing slowly her clitoris, with each thrust bringing her closer to the climax she so wished during the Sabbat in flesh.

While thrusting deeper and deeper within her, he began reciting the Lord's Prayer Averse, used in Luciferian Witchcraft rites to summon the Devil Cain, his very blessing in flesh.

The lady was suddenly thrown into a state of complete desire, lust and demonic sexual fury. She began pounding back on the rock hard member of the Devil, who grew in his excitement. His chants grew louder as he rose to a climax. The Priestess who was the Mask of Az-Lilith moved her mask ever so slightly to tongue the teeth of the skull, when the orgasm hit her. She felt the atmosphere explode and with her great shuddering she imagined a serpents' tongue slithering out of her swollen hole and lick the tongue of the lady which brought her to orgasm. As the serpents tongue danced with her blood came out with it, the envisioned result of the Staota invoking the gift of Az, the lady opened her eyes, near Cumming herself while she spat this elixir which was coppery and old into the skull bowl. She nearly choked as she tried hard to gather as much of this fluid in her mouth as she could. At this moment the Devil of the Sabbat pulled out and stood up, the lady turned her blood filled mouth spitting it into the skull bowl and held it up near the phallus of the Magician, who ejaculated in the cap as well. As she mixed the fluid on her tongue she came very hard. Az-Lilith was rubbing her breasts lovingly from behind and the Devil of the Sabbat placed a small nganga (spirit pot) before her, she poured the combination of menstrual blood, semen, bone powder and herbs into the soil and on the black demon statue. The Lord of the Sabbat performed a summoning of shadow before the vessel and blessed it with envenomed life. The Priestess placed the skull in the vessel with the Demon statue; it was an Nganga of Ahriman, the patron Daemon of Sorcery of the Yatuk-Dinoih. The chanting continued, a necromantic summoning using a known phrase in Yatuvidah sorcery-

"Zrazza, zrazza, usha nicht, zrazza umpeshu.."

All three now sat in a triangle with the vessel in the center. The two removed their masks and all began slowly speaking in shadow tongue, to ensorcel the shade within the spirit vessel. This was the birth of the Druj that night, and the Triad had become as Hecate, and in their work of Yatuivah, each was becoming as Daeva and Druj within their own being.

The Circle was closed, yet the Work had just begun. The Daemons were coming forth into the World around them, and the Coven had much to do...

II - Self Love through Lilith

The Priestess stands before the vessel of Lilith, both women begin summoning the primal daemonic essence of Lilith.

Upon the Altar a Skull Fetish of Az-Lilith is centered, representing the spirit chamber of which she dwells on earth, the Three shades into One. The incense of Venus is burnt and filled the chamber with a sweet aroma. An image of Lilith is behind the Skull and a single whip laying loosely around four red candles.

The Priestess and her female partner performs invocations to Lilith - both recite according to their instinctual design, this is the path of which Az-Lilith hears their calls.


"By flame am I consumed, Her Lust. Immolate me my sister of Lilitu"

The priestess whips the ass of the female, with each lash a name of Lilith is recited by both, the willing embodiment invokes Lilith with all of her heart. Soon both become lost in their own ecstasy of invocation. The Priestess is then whipped in the same fashion while reciting again the names.

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