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-The serpent headed Varuni holds a nagapasha which is a noose of snakes. Her skin is blue.

-The wolf headed Vajudevi has a banner and blue skin.

-Mahahsastinbi holds a large corpse, green skinned and has the head of an elephant.

-The serpent headed Vajra holds a ghanta which is a bell. Vajra has the skin of the color green.

-A buffalo headed stake carrying Goddess Nari has red skin.

-The black skinned Goddess Varahi has the head of a pig and a noose made of human teeth.

-The crow headed Vajri carrys the skin of a child and has red skin.

It is their function as guardians of the path of which guides their fierce behavior as devouring daevi, the very hungering spirits which seek the charnal ground for enlightenment. As one seeks them through both sexual magick and vampirism, a symbol of their image may be drawn according to basic description, meditated upon by both practitioners' and then copulated with in mind. Before a climax is made the practitioners will symbolically call and drink of their power, from which as guardians they may or may not give willingly. Absorb and slowly reach climax accordingly. Keep the symbol in something kept in the ritual chamber. This may be mediated upon later.

DURGA KAMAKHYA Death and Sex Magick The Forbidden Gate

The Daeva who has initiated his or herself in the art of Kali may approach these rituals symbolically or literally. Let the practice be guided by predilection, let no boundaries remain lest the rites are profaned by restriction, with respect to your local or federal laws. By the path of death can you possess life!

The Corpse and the Seduction

Soiled legs lead him forward as he tries to slow her and massage her breasts. She is a woman of exotic ends - human bone fragments in her hair to describe her desire of death, eyes brown, a seeming edge play into her raw dripping cunt, like a gateway opening to infernal depths which guide you along in razor straight agony. An Adept who seeks Kali must understand the priestess is the guiding and inspiring aspect of all life. Deep in her burning core he moved fingers deeper while she groaned, yet she stopped him to guide him further to the corpse field. Initiation breeds resilience concerning the lusts of our worldly demons.

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