Hell Really Exists

Hell Really Exists

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physical/spiritual desire). The fires were seemingly countered by the Five of Ohrmazd, yet none could extinguish them fully. The Fires of Ohrmazd are known as the Propitious, the Good diffuser, the Aurvizisht, the Vazisht, and the Supremely-benefiting. None of these could extinguish the fires of Ahriman, who is the God of the World. The fire of "Propitious fire" itself in heaven (garothman), yet Sama Atar was brought to earth to awaken mankind. The flame of Atash-e-Akoman, another name for Sama Atar is manifest in the fires of the earth, made in homage to Ahriman and the Daevas, when smoke is mingled with it. The Fire of Ohrmazd being "The Good diffuser" is that which is in men and animal, and its business consists in the digestion of the food, the sleeping of the body, and the brightening of the eyes. It's counter is Druj Nasu - the spirit of immortality, the daughter of Az which resides in the body as heat and hunger, both spiritual and physical. The sleeping of the body is the strengthening of the shadow and Druj Nasu is the darkening of the eyes. The Aurvazisht is that which is in plants, yet Zairich and Taprev are the hunger within the earth, the counter action which awakens. The Vazisht is that which has its motion in clouds, and its business consists in destroying the atmospheric gloom and darkness yet is countered by Spenjagra, the demon of the astral plane, who brings storms and spiritual darkness and wisdom. The "Supremely-benefiting", is the flame of the Warharan fire, of priests. It's enemy is of our spirit called Aeshma, the wounding spear and earthen mastery demon, that of the Yatus and Pairikas. The Children of the Lie should seek to disturb the luminaries by the concealment of stench (hidden darkness among the normal-lives of society), and by witchcraft (yatuk-dinoih) corrupt and awaken the creatures and the celebration of witchcraft, especially at night, the sacred time of Ahriman and the demons.


Awakening into the Cult of Daeva-yasna.

I knew she had spread her legs____I heard the insects spill to the floor, the serpents slither about the hardwood worn-through surface of the room. I felt the cold tingling of arousal as I thought of where I might go, where I may have been before. She is something I cannot describe, can you call a lady who brings you to a brink beyond orgasm a whore? Does it really matter? The fact is when she sucks the end of a corpse and looks at me with a gleam of sensuality I can only shudder about what we can do. What about the corpse fluid which she smears about her mouth as she asks me to enter her from behind.

When I sleep she comes to me, screaming and droning like a fly, her name was Nasu. When she rides me at night I feel insects enter me like a catheter, sharp stinking pain which causes complete shock and every limb freezing in unconscious pain. She lets her rancid salvia drip on my open mouth, locked in an ever screaming mouth which has no beginning or end, like the abyss. The smell is like when you pass a rotting animal dead for two or so days, exception being the ghastly odor emerging from a nubile and almost beautiful woman.

This necrophiliac nightmare (she is moving like a living woman) riding your cock and lubricating it with fly-infested cold female-ejaculation, the motion too intense to feel the littering my groin with larvae. It is as if she has the hemorrhagic saliva lubricating her genitals which seem to be as small hungering mouths moving up and down in a moment of obsession, seeking to fill her desire accordingly.

She comes to me as a gray-greenish skinned woman, like a corpse who has rested in cold waters for too long. She rushed to me as the corpse fiend, her cold lips licking my own, he blackened finger tips caressing my chest, the chilling touch arousing me like something I have never felt before. As she began riding me, thrusting me deep within her cold core, I felt again the rush of insects, her very spirit corrupting everything in which I was.

I closed my eyes when I felt I would climax within her, she whispered in my ear not to give in to that and hold myself in check. From her sides did those legs tear through the skin, kneading my flesh with slow, careful movements.

She kisses me again, her bites are small, she drinks the blood. I can feel the burning of hemorrhagic saliva she drips into the wound as she laps up the blood. Her eggs may turn to larvae and awaken in my body, yet we will be as one.

I want to see her take the form of a beautiful woman, seduce another and with the insatiable lust of a Sapphic idealist, push her tongue deeper into the burning opening of a woman of thirty...then can she vomit the larvae of her body, drujih, darkness and corruption of her black flame into her womb at the moment of orgasm. I hope to awaken an antichrist by this way a new flesh.

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