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Hell Really Exists

Hell Really Exists

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within. He found in the darkness the creation of beasts and serpents, thus mingled with the following elements:

Smoke: Spirit, Astral plane material hunger. Shoulders: Eagle and Twin Serpents. Druj Nasu, Push, Azhi Dahaka (twin attributions between Smoke and Storm), Vayu (Unseen Daeva of Willed Future or created destiny).

Fire: Wish/Desire/Lust. Head - Lion. Az,Aeshma/Khashm, Rishk, Padmoz

Storm: Wind, air, hungering spirits. Change and Progression. Body - Dragon. Chishmak, Apaosha, Spenjaghri, Kundak, Astwihad, Azhi Dahaka (as the Storm Fiend), Varenya

Mud/Water: Atavistic knowledge. Tail: Leviathan. Bushyasp,

Darkness: Hyle or Matter, material world: Hands/Feet: Demons. Akatasha, Niyaz, Arashk, Anzakih

MEDITATION: Utilize the methods of Ahrimanic Yoga to begin stirring the Kundalini, raise the fire snake within the Temple of Self, encircling and joining with the Black Serpent, Ahriman. Az-Kali-Lilith is indeed the path to inspiration, imagination and stirring emotion. Nothing is possible without the balance of the Feminine and Masculine, to believe otherwise is folly.

INITIATORY FOCUS: Ahrimanic Yoga, awakening the Archdaevas in the path of Kundalini. This is the very driving force of life-loving predatory spirituality. You are the only God that is, your path is made by your own choices and the interaction with the physical world will determine your tomorrow. As one seeking to mastery the path of sorcery, yatuk-dinoih, know that you must be insightful to the five senses and magick itself. This is the world of Satan, understand it well.

IVĀ° Az the ArchDaeva teaches Sexual copulation and Devours their offspring

Ahriman falls into 3,000 years of slumber and is awakened by the Whore

Az went forth to the Daevas or Demons in the darkness of hell, she began teaching the art of sexual copulation and how to give birth to dragons and serpents. She taught the demons of the east, the arch-daevas, beasts possessed by druj and other female demonesses the art of fucking and using the sexual fluids and spiritual energy give birth to other forms. It was Az who soon watched many demons give birth to other children, from which she entered two lion-fiends, then devoured their children. Az grew in spirit and form, entering mankind more and more.

Ahriman is all vileness without goodness, that is, Ahriman is cunning and awakened to the predatory laws of the universe, Ahriman is not a spirit which is blind in its own light of arrogance, yet has the knowledge of blackness and the serpent-path. Ohrmazd created and brought forth the method of the Ahunwar mantra, which was much strength poured at Ahriman. He fell into the darkness for three thousand years, sleeping. The war of heaven was over for now.

Many daevas went to Ahriman seeking to rouse the spirit of motion and chaos, yet none could stir him. Humanity in its cradle of being were led by Gayomerd, called Adam or a man of a tribe.

"Arise, O our father, for in the battle I shall let loose so much affliction on the Righteous Man and the toiling Bull that, because of my deeds, they will no be fit to live. I shall take away their dignity: I shall afflict the water with the blood of the moon, I shall afflict the earth with the druj and burrowing creatures Druj Nasu, I shall afflict the fire with smoke and bless it in the darkness of my being Sama Atar, I shall afflict the plants with Taprev and Zairich,, I shall afflict all the creation which Ohrmazd has created." She related her evil deeds so well that Ahriman was awakened, leapt up out of his swoon, and kissed the head and cunt of the Whore; and that pollution called menstruation appeared on the Whore. The tongue of Ahriman was forked and slithered up her bleeding wound until she cried with arousal, The spirit of the Adversary had returned.

And the Ahriman called Angra Mainyu cried out to the demon Whore called Az or Jeh: "Whatsoever is thy desire, that do thou ask, that I may give it thee and strengthen our bond." Then the weakened Ohrmazd in his impotence knew that at that time the Adversarial Spirit could give whatever the demon Whore asked for and that there would be great profit to him from this. The form of Ahriman was in the form of a frog and would shapeshift into a lizard's (vazak) body.

'What is thy wish Az? What does thy burning core desire? so that I may give it thee.' And Jeh-Az shouted to the evil spirit thus: 'A man is the wish, so give it to me, I wish his pulsating cock to impale and satisfy my hunger O Evil Spirit.'

Ahriman appeared a young man to Jeh-Az, and that brought the thoughts of Jeh to him. In this form he fucked Jeh-Az deep until she moaned with the endless ecstasy of copulation, her slippery and dripping cunt was filled again and again. His form from a young man soon transformed into a serpent like beast, a greenish - gray skin, course and scale-covered in parts. The face elongated into wolf like snout, fanged with serpent-fangs which resembled a cobra. Two horns tunneled from the skull and the eyes were a burning crimson with yellow highlights. At the joints of the arms and legs, demonic faces formed at the elbow and knees, whispering unearthly chants while his stomach formed a beast like visage. His own penis now took the form of a serpent with spikes emerging from it. With each thurst in the Whore Jeh she clawed into his back, her own form bestial and demonic. As he thrust into her bleeding cunt, the thorns from his cock shaft tore deep into her flesh, causing ecstasy for both.

Ahriman ejaculated barbed-wired and thorn covered sperm, yellowing from corruption which found a deep crevice within her womb until the coagulated blood mingled with it. He then changed into the form of the Serpent and spilled into the core of Az again, spilling his filth called seed in menstruating womb. They bred demon upon demon, evil spirits which took half bestial forms and copulated to beget more young. They prepared to enter the world of

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