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Hell Really Exists

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man and corrupt the earth itself. Their aim was to awaken mankind with the fire of imagination, to raise them up from the slaves of a sheep herding fearful and jealous God.

Ahriman soon went forth to the tribes of men and found a woman who slept alone, her husband being nearly impotent and weak as a sheep herder. Ahriman called Samael by the Hebrews mounted and penetrated deeply Eve, injecting filth into her, and she conceived and bare Cain who was the First Satanist and Sorcerer. Ahriman left this land to again the darkness of hell. Ahriman proclaims thus, those who make the Daevas a part of the human body and spirit make themselves immortal as a Temple of Ahriman. Worship the Daevas and humans are worshipping themselves! It was indeed Az according to Manichaean folklore that Az formed human bodies so that they may be her covering, thus Az dwells in our bodies.

MEDITATION: Az awakening Ahriman is the balanced union of the Black and Red Serpents, wherein the Mind is illuminated and the Arch-Daevas stirred up. Know that you must fall into the depths of darkness and hell, the subconscious mind, to illuminate and perceive Light and Wisdom.

INITIATORY FOCUS: The Whore or Az-Jeh is the very driving power of the Yatus, the Temple of Druj is unmoved until the Blackened Flame is brought to life. When you become depressed or exhausted, rest with clarity and the mindfulness of rising from it to conquer once again. Do not sell yourself short by becoming a depressive person - that equates to loser and is not a trait of a Luciferian or Satanist.


Pre Menstrual Cycle: With your partner, before she bleeds monthly, use two nights before expected flow to have intercourse with the male assuming the posture of the corpse, much like Shiva and Kali. She should ride upon you and utilize the methods of Karezza. As Ahriman slumbered, so should the male in a meditative state. When she is fucking you, do not allow yourself to ejaculate. Keep the mind still.

During Menstrual flow: When she begins her cycle, have her collect blood clots or coagulated blood into a container. The male should now have intercourse with her in a lively manner, with every thrust invoking Az and Druj Nasu, the fly-demoness of corruption. Focus on how she inspires you and how this drives your desires to become. Focus on your goals and how you are seeking to achieve them by action.

As you bury yourself in Her during the ritual, take special notice of the congealed and thin layer of blood around the base of your member, soon, as sweat and friction spreads the blood all around your genital and inner thighs, both should focus on the ensorcelled power from this act.

V° Ahriman assaults the good creation

In the Month of Frawardin and the day of Ohrmazd, the cursed sheep herding god, Ahriman came forth into the frontier of the sky at noon. The date of this is March 21st. Ahriman went unto the planets and many ArchDaevas joined their essence with them. Soon Afterwards, the evil spirit, with the confederate demons, went into the sky; and he led them up, driven with malicious intentions of consuming and growing strong from life forms itself. Ahriman sprang, like a snake, from the sky down to the earth, his form scorching and burning with shadow covered clouds surrounding flame, roaring into the earth. His own druj and daevas mingled into the depths of the earth itself, filling with serpents, spiders and other predatory beasts. He went through the depths of the waters of the world, in the secret and hidden places. As a serpent he went form into the depths of the planet into the core of Hell, which would be his abode with the druj.

Ahriman, with the Eyes which perceived the astral, found a great tree which tooks its roots deep into the darkness. He found life here, mingling with it he and the confederate demons went forth to corrupt the Tree of Life and it became yet a mirror of the tree as it could not be devoured. The Tree of Da'ath or Death was now the abode of many fallen angels and demons. This mirror of the tree was now withered with wisdom, age and the power of immortality. The Tree of Death now is that of infernal life.

Ahriman created from this the darkside within the earth, the storm fiend Azi Dahak, who as the storm fiend hand his form within the stars, with the ArchDaevas counteracting to perceived stasis - power of the planets. The earth itself was filled with serpents, lizards, scorpions and wolves. Thus the earth would find balance and counteraction. Ahriman came up to the fire itself, and mingled darkness and smoke with it to awaken it as the Black Flame. The Five

Flames of Ahriman were now illuminated upon the earth, the doctrine of the ArchDaevas has been announced, there forth the Yatuk-Dinoih shall be the path of all life, corrupted and awakened by the serpent.

Ahriman thus came forth from the sky in a downward direction, thus the darkness invaded the world of stillness and peace. The planets with the many demons, went against the celestial sphere, and they mixed the constellations and invigorated them with fire; and the whole creation was as disfigured as though fire disfigured every place and smoke arose over it, thus the essence of the Adversary was brought in all things.

It is said for ninety days and nights the weakened heavenly angels were contending in the world with the confederate demons of the evil spirit, the Adversary and hurled them confounded to hell. The Bundahishn writes that Hell is in the middle of the earth; the chthonic places where the evil spirit pierced the earth and rushed in upon it, as a serpent and toad, as all the possessions of the world were changing into duality, and persecution, contention, and mingling of high and low became manifest through the Black Flame of the Immortal Spirit. The opposition was essential to the continuance of human and animal life, nature itself thrives upon it. Thus Ahriman and the forces of Chaos brought a sense of order, the void offers the storm and challenge, that we may grow strong and live.

VI° Ahriman evokes Astwihad upon bringing chaos from the outer void

The man of Ohrmazd's tribe, Gayomerd, was seen by Ahriman and considered to be a weak man, made soft by the light which would not allow the balance of chaos and order. Ahriman sends forth Astwihad to infect the earth with bacteria, that man may grow sick from the elements if he is not strong enough. This is a means of challenge, of progression. Saturn was called the planet of death to creatures, yet to the Yatus or the Children of the Lie it is a planet of strength and hidden wisdom.

The first battle, that of the sky with Ahriman

The sky was filled with darkness and the coming of the storm, be it from the spirit of Ahriman. The cold winds were caused by Ahriman as a means of bringing change, what was initially was horrible to humans would make them stronger and allow progression in life. Ahriman and those devs called Ahrimanes were indeed spirits who were of the element air, they reside in darkness and beget inner light. Ohrmazd attempted to bring an army of angels to defeat Ahriman yet he was the mightest of the Gods, would not bow before another. Angels fell as darkness and light invaded, therein was balance. The Daevas would take any form they desired, from pleasing to repulsive. No longer would the spirits of the wind hold the Ahrimanes back, their desire would shake the foundations of the world. Astwihad went forth with Ahriman to conquer the winds of the earth, that all spirits and demons could ride upon them. And this was the first awakening, that of the Air.

The second battle, that of the water

From the cold winds of the north did Ahriman come forth and enter the water with the demon Apaosh, who took the form of a black horse. Tishtar tried to keep Ahriman from this element yet found he could not, terror was abound by this counter acting motion which brought the chaos of the void to the ocean waters, many serpents and creatures filled it and Ohrmazd was proclaimed worthless. Into the waters came more noxious creatures who filled the holes and dark places of the earth, that their venom and stench filled the earth. Let us praise Apaosh, the demon who took the earthly form of a black horse, whose spirit frightened and rejected Tishtar who could never banish him, for the darkness mingled the water was the servitors of Ahriman.

And this was the second awakening, which was with the water. It was indeed Az who would stir the primordial passions of the oceans and beget demons within it, that they may reside truly alien of humanistic emotion deep in the waters of chaos.

The third battle, that of the earth

Ahriman came up from the darkened places within the earth to where life was being created. The mountain range of Alburz arose as a seeming defense against yet nothing could stop the demons which came as legion. The Evil Spirit came unto earth and it shook violently as an earthquake. Serpent and wolf covered as a gigantic cloud of darkness, Ahriman became the tyrant against those spirits who sought to oppress he and his children. Yet within this mountain chain is Arezur, named from a Son of Ahriman who fell against Gayomerd, called the Mouth at the Gate of Hell. It was deep in the depths of the earth, in the caverns and caves of hell, the lair of Az that she brought the demons in union with each other. The fallen ones were smitten as she taught them the acts of fucking, ejaculating in the womb of the whore, entering her from behind and all acts of erotic initiation. The flames within their bodies grew and the females produced dragon-children. As they grew Az consumed many of them, growing stronger as she drank of their blood and tasted their flesh. Az sought to always create, yet her balanced nature was that she is also the consuming and blackened mother.

The Fourth Battle, that of Plants

Ahriman went forth upon the earth and took many forms which pleased him - wolf, serpent, toad, dragon and many other predatory and bestial forms. He brought unto the earth 10,000 diseases which fought within the bodies of all living creatures. Ahriman sent Taprev and Zairich to the plants, to beget the tools of witchcraft and sorcery, but also to join in bodies to produce heat and thirst. As the plants and trees buried themselves deep in the chthonic depths of the earth, Taprev and Zairich took the sacrifices of man such as blood, hair, nails and the corpse to be the food of which druj would grow and manifest. Seek the earth and its dark places, there you will find rest.

The Fifth Battle, that of Animals

Ahriman went forth to the cattle and brought wolves upon them in the night, his spirit mingling with the beasts of the earth. The spirit of Akoman came upon the earth, from which Vohuman battled with and could not fully defeat. It is written in the texts of creation that the stench of Akoman is that which proceeds from the sick and yawners, the very putrid stench of decay. The bodies of animals became the clothing of demons, Az entered two Lions and remained in their bodies for a long period of time. The instinct of Az is within all predatory beasts upon the earth, observe and learn from them.

The sixth battle, that of mankind

Ahriman came forth unto Gayomard, by other cultures by his wife in which he seduced and awakened to evil, spawning a beast. Ahriman went to corrupt Gayomard, the very embodiment of weakness and human blindness. The clay was awakened by the spirit of Ahriman, who had many children and those he had awakened in spirit form.

The seventh battle, that of fire

Ahriman went forth to the fire of divinity, he beheld that gift within his being which was more intense than any other spiritual being, except for his father the mindless light and the weakened brother Ohrmazd. Ahriman created from his single flame the Five Fires of Ahriman which are the Sama Atar (Sama Nairyo-sangha)/ Atash-e-Akoman (the awakened mind), Druj Nasu (Blackened Spirit of Immortality), Zairich and Taprev (Fever and thirst, spiritual and physical hunger), Spenjagra (the astral plane or spirit) and Aeshma (fury, passion and

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