surging ecstasy. As I felt the sweat beads accumulate on my brow and back, I looked into her eyes. As dark as deep pools of a cave, slits of blackened blood called me in as I felt the instinctual urge for union and to penetrate deeper.

With one hand now on my shoulder, I felt the pressing and drawing forth of her body next to mine, the other hand placing a loosely knotted rope made from the entrails of one of the bodies here, slightly dried but still reeking of rot. The cold and sticky touch chilled me, she called it mother.

As the noose was drawn closer around my neck, she called out HRIM and with a arousal of passion draw it close until I could not breathe. I start ramming her with a bestial rhythm which shook the body below us and cause the flies and clouds of corpse rot to escape and surround us. She let up the noose long enough for a breath, a rotting scent filling my nostrils and choking me with the heaviness of Nasu, she licked me with a long tongue, reeking of death and old blood. I felt love as I fucked her, seeking to go further and deeper into her oblivion.

Whispering in my ear, she playfully asked "if you fuck until you cum in me I will kill you, the corpse below you will be your only companion until I return to fuck on your body". I felt horror and shock, from feeling the swelling urge to ejaculate within her insect-temple womb to allowing my mind to still. I continued rocking her back and forth, the noose tightened again as I controlled my passion. Her instructions were clear, don't loose yourself in mindless pleasure, know what you want to achieve. I wanted to awaken my self as a God, but I wanted her. She felt different. "I hate your seed and I hate you" and she brought the entrails, sticking against my skin to where no breath was drawn without a struggle.

This lust would drive me, to raise the serpent within. It was in the cremation ground that Kundalini was raised.

Krodha Kali

Within a mass of blazing fire, she drinks from a skull bowl, the blood of those who could not remain in the circle. I stood before her, wizened by the rites I have undertaken and accomplished, not by fortitude of flesh by of spirit. She long ago drained the sperm from my and now drips the yellowing pus from her bleeding Yoni. Her was both life and death.

I could grow to love her stench, once entering her while licking and sucking her tongue and the blood flowing from her mouth does this stench of her womb become a wonderful aroma of lust. She whispers as my rock hard member, invoked by Siva, with a sound of moist friction, ejects in a moment of awkward penetration. Twisting my back as I force her body atop me, my spine seems to mutate my visions into a spiral dance of shadows ejaculating the rotting bloated mass of corpses, their flesh being flayed off to cover us in a temple of copulation.

The manifestation of the Void was here, yet she did not wish to dissolve my being. This was the great secret often never revealed to initiates; the Self becomes strong by devouring the weakness within. I held no boundaries as she bit and licked my neck and face, clawing with a desperate hand my shoulder, as if looking for a serpent to emerge from it. Trembling as I climb further into a mantra, I lost impressions of her lust and only knew it as seeking to enter her void of darkness with each thrust in her cunt. I knew as each serpent slowly encircled my legs and torso, all the while my Will focused upon the fiery divinity within her, lips thrust open and greedily swallowing me with pulsating, bestial abandon.

In these moments, I wish to see her kill and slice the flesh from the many sacrificed to her, that she bears open their flesh to reveal the soul. Wherein devouring, there was only the last flickering lights of a spirit before she consumed them. Every now and then she finds one of the blackened flame, wherein she finds the joy in the spirit which has entered once the void. She allows the spirit to encircle her and taste of her cunt deeper than before, wherein the white and red are brought together as one.


Kamakhya, mother blackened with the rotting menstrual blood, flowing into my eager mouth, ejaculating in your core. Let me thrust deep as the sword falls on the neck in front of us, opening forth spilling blackened blood and insects escaping. In this graveyard we are death, each thrust deep in your bleeding core. When we see this type of blood flow and the jewels appearing as skulls, why would we need anything else in the world?

I want the bad things to come and get me, I want them to recognize my unworthy nature. From the screams within her cunt, as she thrusts slippery on me, exciting my burning body. When they start biting me is when I will bite back. She wants me to fuck her more than ever, as I bite down on the spirits who thought I was finished. I grow more excited by their death and my own strength, when the spirit ceases and the strength is mine.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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