In the Emerald Circle of Azalucel

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"Spirit of which the fallen had taken strength, isolate and beautiful, Angelick Essence, Azal'ucel, from which came into being Cain I do invoke thee" the young woman chanted rhythmically.

The witch stood within the center of the circle, seeking to bring into herself her initiatic guide, within a state of self-fascination and the fire of the Aethyric and celestial plane. This was the rite which no man may sate, which no lover save her Angelick Host may initiate further. The witch understood that Azal'ucel, the Angel - Watcher who is revealed by the hidden name as Lucifer and Azazel, transforms within the initiate by bringing a distinct and unique 'fire' to the self; in a sense a continual transformation from the Hidden Fire (Black Light) of Cain to the Higher Faculties of Azal'ucel, the Risen God within. She has copulated with the demons and serpents of the void, held intercourse and sodomy with the shades of the dead under the initiatic guidance of Hecate, but here she would seek the Light of the Sun in the Dawn by intercourse with her Angelick Guide, Azal'ucel.

Standing within the Grand Luciferian Circle, she began moving widdershins performing the calls, with each syllable and intoning vibration she threw her heart and soul into it, invoking with a passion which allowed her to rise up. Her invocations were intense and fiery, flowing and as she chanted she spiraled the light down from the sky itself. As dawn arose in the Eastern Sky she so summoned her Angel by visualizing a Great Lion - Serpent coming forth with the Dawn and the rising sun.

Ahriman Sigil

"Aoth, Sabaoth, Atheleberseth, Abraoth!" she rolled from her tongue in an enthusiastic conjuration. She envisioned the Fallen Seraphim who was her soul and essence, sexless, Azal'ucel took the sex of the witch who the dragon had coiled within. She understood the origins of Azal'ucel, who was Lucifer, the first Angel who had twelve wings and helped cover the throne of limitless light before his fall. Once cast out as a fiery Seraph, his nature was that of a Dragon, a Beast who would become Satan.

Azal Ucel Symbols

The symbols of Azal'ucel, each burning within her own mind while she invoked, felt a burning sensation of excitement as she imagined and visualized the Lion -Serpent which was above her transform into a human shape. The beauty of this Luciferic Angel was of which could not be properly described with words. As Azal'ucel stood outside her, taller than her with darkly beautiful wings, long black tresses and a seemingly hairless body, his continence were strength and gentle beauty, sensitivity and pride in self worth. She recognized these traits within herself and Azal'ucel took the form of her desire. His eyes were sky blue brilliance, which as he put his arms on her shoulders turned blood black and his skin from a pale to a ghost white. She felt a chill as Azal'ucel presented the darkness beneath the surface, the very Daemon which she sought within herself. With this stab of coldness she held within herself he returned to the solar beauty he possessed.

She gently followed the lead of the spirit to the floor, wherein he was called forth. She reached down slowly while her lips met his; this embrace took her breath away into a sense of burning panic as he passionately tongued her and kissed with a warmth she could not grasp. He moved a hand slowly downward past her navel and began massaging her warmth until she became moist and then wet with anticipation. His movements were snake like, his mouth opened from tonguing her to be in the shape of a serpent, slithering and lightly flickering on her neck. Azal'ucel's movements were seeming instinct, yet the intelligence and light of this angel was of a high intensity, it mirrored her most awe inspiring dreams, her deepest desires for a union with what others called God.

She looked again from this state of ecstasy to notice that Azal'ucel had transformed below his waist to a scaly dragon - man, which a large and smooth black penis, which pulsed hard with her touch. His eyes were black obsidian which burned a flame she knew only so well, his face smooth and sleek as midnight, which a presence in his features as powerful as the Noon tide sun. The incense in the chamber lightly perfumed the room to accent this rite of the union with the Angelick Initiator.

She turned to move her hips in front of him that he may enter her there within the circle of union. Feeling so alive so felt this angelick spirit enter her warmth in a slow, steady thrust which set her nerves on fire, she was thrust into by him with careful yet passionate movements. As he with both rhythmic movements achieves a deep sense of penetration Azal'ucel removes his hands from her hips. He slowly turns his hands with the palms facing upwards; a golden flame emerges from each hand. The hour is Noon; the witch opens her eyes with a desire which echoed the brightness of the flames, as perspiration began forming on her brow. Her lips were now swollen, taking all of her angel deep within her warmth, allowing his fire which was soon to be one to consume her.

As she suddenly felt the Angelick Lover began to slowly ejaculate deep in her burning core, she contracted her muscles to squeeze him deeper within her, to suck his penis dry with every drop. She suddenly felt the hands which burned a Golden Flame darken and both hand touched her shoulders. She felt a burning ecstasy she could not express, in a scream or in a cry of joy; she lost herself floating in the light of the sun. Azal'ucel burnt and went forth into her, her union with her Daemon complete. She collapsed and soon regained consciousness, now she has begun to merge Light with Darkness, from which she is going forth on her Path of the Great Work.

Cain And Baphomet
Above: Cain as Baphomet

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