Ensorcelment of the Daemon

The arte of sexual sorcery between two partners should be focused on the ensorcelment3 of the primal ophidian power. This is the Black and Red Snake in union, between both participants. Let both the fluids of male and female be brought in union for the consecration of talismans and sigils, thus a demon born under the Will of the practitioners.

The Daemon which is a Succubi or Incubi may be sigillized by any known method and further prepared by the evocations to be conducted before, during and after

3 A word meaning 'to encircle', in the context of ritual and magical workings, it is the sorcerous binding of power or energy, that which may be identifiable with a charged spirit or servitor.

copulation. The Daemon depending on intent must be agreed ahead of time by the participants, so that by the methods of Will - Desire - Belief bring the circle of Art to manifestation, that the Shadow shall take form in thy union.

Allow the circle to be cast as the coiling dragon as thy circumference of self. The circle represents not that which you seek to keep out, rather of which you shall bind within - the circle is not a weak willed Christian design as once was, no cowering done behind brittle words! Rather evoke the daemon as your brother, lover, sister and friend!

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