Hell Really Exists

Hell Really Exists

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The Religious Allegory of Ahrimanic Knowledge

Succubus Sigil
The Sigil of Ahriman (above)

0° The Birth of Darkness and Light, the Rebellion

In the beginning there was one, the hungering void of absolution. The alpha was the spirit embodied in the greatest light. Zurvan, the endless one, created and consumed when it wished. There was no intellect beyond it, no individual will beyond it. Time meant nothing, yet the spirit lacked something.

The earth was birthed from eldest chaos, a roaring across the blood oceans of time. It is called blood as it holds all creative energies of the universe. Zurvan fathomed a great womb and wished that he had two sons, first was of his doubt, from which darkness encircled light, balance and chaos all in one. His will was to create a concept of light, then Ohrmazd was conceived. Zurvan held the thought that who shall come forth from the womb first shall obtain his kingdom and blessing. His strongest son, the one who is more terrible and beautiful than even Zurvan, was the least favored.

Angra Mainyu Sigil

Ahriman called Angra Mainyu heard this and went roaring forth, ripping himself free with claws through his mothers womb. He approached Zurvan and was not accepted as his son, yet denied the kingdom he was essentially promised. Ahriman grew angry and demanded his kingdom. Zurvan gave unto Ahriman a pact from his own being, black and ashen, yet filled with fire and hunger. This substance from his being was his Bride, called Az. Zurvan cursed Ahriman and claimed Az would be his greatest weapon, yet would in the end seek to consume him. There was indeed a great war in the so-called heaven, Ahriman was cast out with other rebellious spirits, who took serpent and dragon forms from the independent thought of Ahriman. Ahriman know awakened those angels that they now had independent thought. They entered the void and through this darkness of the abyss came forth to the depths of the Earth from elder darkness.

"Ahriman in darkness, with backward understanding and desire for destruction, was in the abyss, and it is he who will not be; and the place of that destruction, and also of that darkness, is what they call the 12

'endlessly dark.' And between them was empty space, that is, what they call 'air,' in which is now their meeting." -Bundahishn.

Destruction Symbol

Above: Ahriman Dragon

Ahriman had backwards knowledge, that he was the Father of Serpents and Dragons, he had the power and wisdom of the abyss, the subconscious. His power was also Air, that he was a spirit and could travel at great distance by his weightlessness. Yet Ahriman found he could take any form he wished, including a beautiful angel.

Ahriman in the ancient darkness called "hell", the place of the abyss, like Az whom he had illuminated from the substance of blackened and ashen darkness, began forming many demons or daevas from his spirit, illuminating them as the children of rebellion, the ones of the blackened flame.

Ahriman And Ohrmazd
Above: Taprev the ArchDaeva

I° The Awakening of the ArchDaevas

Ahriman first beget Tusush, (the first created opposition), Mitokht (meaning The Lie or serpent/dragon) and Akoman (The Evil Mind) who would illuminate the humans of the earth, while Ohrmazd created Vohuman who is the Good Mind would bring all to their religion of subservient, sheep like worshippers. These created forms are the corruptions of angelick personalities, made powerful and unified with Ahriman by his initiation of the Black Flame.

Ohrmazd created the angels Ardwahisht, Shahrewar, Spandarmad, Hordad, and then Amurdad. Ahriman created his Children of Rebellion, the mightiest fallen angels who were Andar, Sovar, Nakahed, and then Tairev and Zairik. Could they have been awakened angels who fell with Ahriman into darkness, his very touch bringing them into the darkened light he had awakened others to?

INITIATORY FOCUS: The Yatus should focus on Daena-Daeva, the faith of demons, or daevas. Ahrimanic yoga provides a suitable method of initiatory awakening. Utilize the points of the chakra using first the Black Snake or Ahriman, wisdom and matter. Methods should include complete stillness, non-thinking, void-reason (seeking complete focus on darkness) and Karezza. This method of masturbation should be focused not to orgasm, yet to focus the mind on the elements of the Beast and Black Serpent as the power of which the planet is encircled in, the cold void truth of the hell-paths of awakening.

MEDITATION - during karezza the non-thinking aspect of darkness after a period of time should be entered as fire into darkness, a single thought of self-love and desire to be separate and the only God that is. Each Daeva should be within the Temple of Self, they are fallen-angels which dwell within the body. They slumber and dream within the subconscious, awaiting the Fire Serpent or Az to awaken them. Know that the Daevas are also presented in a more balanced light in the Reg Veda, an Indian text which presents the Luciferian spirit in it's life worshipping power, immortality and self-mastery.

II° The Nature of Ahriman

Who brings both light and darkness, who uses chaos as a weapon against stasis

His nature was antagonistic and found stasis to be undesirable. His nature was War and his spirit was found in the ecstasy of devouring. In the Light of Heaven they went forth, storming and raging and the daevas of chaos began to devour the spirits created by Ohrmazd. Ahriman wanted complete power and would not stop until he achieved his goal: Ahriman wanted to destroy the blinding light of Ohrmazd. It was now with Ahriman, encircled in darkness, beheld within a light more potent than the tyrannical and mind numbing light of Ohrmazd. With the chant of Staota Ahriman and the others were cast from the realm of light again into the darkness.

It was those angels, having created the earth and its inhabitants, desired to protect the world from the Druj and their manifestations. Yet the light of Ohrmazd was weakest when his will was spent, fearing the surrounding blanket of darkness. The light created by Ohrmazd was incomplete, it was exterior and consuming.

Angra Mainyu Ahriman
Above: Wolf-Shadow, working of Yatuk-Dinoih

The light Ahriman possessed was enshrouded in the darkness itself, it was perfection and chaos, anti-light and more illuminating than any source. Balance was found in the core of the Dragon itself.

Ahriman dwelled within the darkness long enough to gain his strength of being again, Ahriman hated the concept of heaven, the goodness which led to mindlessness and death of the spirit. The doctrines of Ohrmazd were of the great embrace of light, like the inferno consuming the body, nerves and spirit of its followers. Ahriman would soon touch the clay and find his mark on his children, those like the fallen angels and ones he would create. Angra Mainyu understood that he may take any form he wish, from time to time be useful to his eternal and hungering, immortal spirit.

Between the gulf of the light of Ohrmazd and the darkness of Ahriman was the magnetic attraction of both to consume. Ohrmazd wanted to blind all into his light which brings nothingness, Ahriman wanted to devour the spirits of Ohrmazd and beget the illuminated daevas of the earth and abyss. Ahriman first went from the darkness and found the rays of light. His words were written in Zoroastrian texts, those who were deceived by a Druj of our ancient spirit, Arashk, who would later create the story of Zurvan and reveal the truth 'I will smite thee, I will smite the creatures which thou thinkest have produced all fame for thee -- thee who art the beneficent spirit, the weakened spirit, the false light, I will destroy everything about them and illuminate the ones who may be as Gods.'

Ohrmazd resisted the words of the Father of Serpents but yet Ahriman still replied: 'I will seduce all material life into disaffection to thee and affection to myself, I will awaken mankind as the Temple of Druj, the Gates of Hell and the kingdom of darkness and light.'

MEDITATION: Know that those who proclaim light and want to indoctrinate you into slavery or blind faith are those who kill the spirit. Be predator and not prey! Seek the path of Ahriman, against the self-proclaimed law of the universe!

INITIATORY FOCUS: With the sparks of being, know what you have been in the past is nothing to what you can become now. Challenge yourself in calm reserve to your desires. Think about how you may obtain those desires and the very consequences of them.

III° Ahriman begets Az from his own Blackened Flame, enters the spirit of mankind

Ahriman, the sorcerous Daeva, the Adversary new that he lacked a sense of balance, sought a mate. He brought from his own darkness of being, the shadow immolated with blackened flame, the spirit of time by the property of darkness. This blackened flame was encircled or enveloped in black and ash colored kind. With these weapons, the Serpent Azho is given lively intelligence, she is thy daughter and bride, she will devour humanity and those who cannot rise to Daeva, she will nourish from the bodies of the dead. Yet she gives life and love, beauty and hunger.

The eternal hunger and lust of Ahriman, his compliment and equal, Az first went to the depths of hell were the demons were in repose. She took the clothing or forms of mighty beasts upon the earth, learning of the spiritual hunger of which she came into being from, that very blackened essence of Ahriman was indeed her flesh.

Ahriman, the Prince of Darkness held the traits of Greed, Pride, Desire, Anger and Lust

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