Communion with Darkness A Ritual of Seething

Hell Really Exists

Hell Really Exists

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Prepare the Skull Bowl or Sacred Bowl of Adamu, fill it with both sperm and blood of the moon6, mix it with jasmine and those herbs which bring gnosis. In the Nights of Az, be it the Dark of the Moon or the Light of the Moon shall you have a sacred vessel of her marriage of the Dragon and his Bride. The soil may be prepared by the earth of which you dwell, and filled with the grave soil of a working place. During the preparation of the vessel of marriage, be it skull or pot you must be disciplined to banish the beliefs of which you were raised, and the ego which holds you in stasis. Seek her with the thirst of consciousness, the desire of knowledge and to transform your consciousness into a higher state of being. Seek Azal'ucel and His Bride during this sacred act, let not another who is untouched by the Blackened Light of Cain dare witness this preparation.

Your magical partner of many of the rites must be a witch of the current of the Peacock Angel, who is Azal'ucel revealed. Let her join you in the Great Work, but yet both are isolate and alone. Share your visions and inspirations; allow such sacred interaction fan those flames of the Black and Red serpents of Samael and Lilith. To rise the self up in the Emerald Presence of Lucifer and the Blackened Abyss of Lilith you must build a foundation of strength and will. One does not seek the marriage of the Adversary and the Whore by weakness, those are not of they! The Mind which

6 Menstrual Blood. If the blood is collected days before the rite, store accordingly in a small vial. If not possible, seek rather your own blood in a small amount or something which represents blood.

is of the Black Light is of Ahriman, who in the cold north awaits his children with his Bride Az-Jeh, they devour the minds of those who are not illuminated with the Gnosis of their wisdom. Be prepared and be so diligent in thy work!

In the Sabbat Path does your transcendence begin to take place. With thy vessel poured and bathed in the Elixir of Adamu can you offer thy dedication to Her, and by Sabbat Fire and Dream Way shall she entreat thee in the ecstasy of union. Be as Cain, who walks the path alone yet consumed with the Blackened Fire of Self-Divinity!

Adamu is Her secret name of old which is the Trshna of Lilitu, by those mysteries shall you enter her dread circle. She is the Lust of all Women, and the Desire in Man. We are born in this world alone and separated, by the Averse Act of the Luciferian Path can we Come unto the Marriage of the Dragon and Whore, thus you shall be uplifted to the Path of Cain and his father, Azal'ucel who is called Azazel, Samael and Lucifer. Seek this way alone, as it is the Left Way, of matter and flesh. By this Witch-Way being the medium of desire of continued existence can the Spirit be ascended into the Fiery and Aerial Realm of the Angelick Watcher Azazel. It must be done through Darkness, to awaken Ahriman and Akoman within, by the Kiss of Az which stirs the Beast.

In the Circle of Az on the Night of the Dark Moon prepare thy Vessel with the Bowl of Adamu, the Semen and Blood of the Witch Woman, shall you both be cloaked in the night. Chant the words which open forth the Place of Arezura, the Cold North-

Akaza obil ahsu azaza

Ahsu azarrz azarrz arepum analpatsehs

Ahselpmu oiroiz, ararbum azooirrz!

Zazas, Zazas, Nasatanada Zazas!

These words as above (not including the last line) are the inversed Alphabetic and Sorcerous language of Shadow tongue, the forward chant is one of the Summoning of the Watchers, thus an atavistic chant which ensorcels your body in darkness.

Jeh - Az, Mother and Bride who is Samahe, I summon thee to circle path

Az, who is Pairikanamca, who has Nyanco, I entreat thee within my flesh

I am as Daevayzo within my own Being, who is of Ahriman

By the Daevodata do I Become, my grimoire written in dreams.

I offer this Bowl unto Adamu, who is perfection in Fire and Shadow!

Pour now the contents into the Vessel7 of Az, which shall be envisioned as the Circle of Az. Give this offering in Love, that by Agape is your desire to become born!

If thy vessel is a Skull, entreat the shades of the Lilitu to reside there, their own earthly sister being Agrat-Bat-Mahalat, the guide of nocturnal copulation and instinctual desire. In the night of the sacred offering with your partner, seek by sleeping - way to join in union with each other. Do it so in Her name, and use the Elixir to invigorate the Vessel at Dawn, to make an offering to Lilith and Her Mate, who is Azazel, who comes forth by the Light of the Sun.

During the offering the Calling of the Watchers should be chanted quietly-

Zrriooza, Umbrara, Ziorio Umplesha Uzesta Moriomba Usha Shestaplana Umpera Zrraza Zrraza Usha

7 This is a Bowl or sacred contain for you to perform the Great Work.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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