Black Magick And Vampirism In Bon Po

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While not specifically corrupted by Western ideologies, the Bon Po were presenting the path of Predatory Spiritualism early on, going beyond any concepts of Good or Evil.

Methods of Necromancy were made current by the whole skull being used to contact the SHI-DRE, the ghosts of the dead. It is known that the sorcerer who summons the shades of the dead may direct these spirits to drain energy from chosen victims. In the tradition of Bon Po, the sorcerer would set out a kapala with slips of "poisonous" paper, inscribed with magical sigils and a symbol of a bound figure.

A Yatus/Sorcerer who embraces the chaos-aspect of cultural transcendence would simply utilize this method in their current work, focusing the Sri or Si demons to be a link of draining energy from the chosen victim by the way of dreams. The shades are bound to the paper by the sigils and anyone other than the sorcerer touching it would become a source of energy of which the Si may drink from.

The human skull in the ancient Bon Po sects represents "Shes rab", being Wisdom, Self-Sacrifice (called "Lus Sbyin") and is the seat of the spirit itself. It is suggested that one being of the evil or good subjective practice may benefit from both as they clarify consciousness.

A Yatus may utilize the names of specific Dre and Si with a partner to manifest them in someone else. For instance, if you have a continual problem with someone which cannot be resolved, the sorcerer may inscribe the name and attriubutes of the Si, Dre or the Daevas from the Drujo Demana, attach the persons image or name to it and

when performing intercourse with your partner, both may envision the traits entering their body and slowly causing self-destruction. You may seek to use this as a psychic link from which you will devour their Chi slowly as well.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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