As Kali or Lhamo represents the darkness which swallows all, her mate Shiva who by modern standards is considered to be mostly benevolent. Let us consider the shadow aspect of Shiva, known as Bhairava. In specific Vedic mythology it was Shiva - Bhairava (the Wrathful) who cut one of the heads of Brama (the creator) off and held in his left hand. It was a balanced consideration to the murderer of the creator, the devourer who sought to be recognized by his own divinity and infernal nature.

As Bhairava carried the skull of the fifth and most powerful head of the creator god Brahma, he was known as the Kapalin. His spiritual form represented his nature. He grew the teeth of a tiger, the predator, his eyes were afire as were his head of red hair, he carried cruel swords or often a noose made from human entrails, a Trident, a known symbol in modern western influenced Luciferian sects as presented in Luciferian Witchcraft, he had predatory dogs at his feet, waiting to drink the blood he spills.

It is suggested that Bhairava attracts many women to him in his journies as he transcends and moves against the laws of the Brahmins, that is the recognized "Law makers" or accepted norm of the land.

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