Austin Osman Spare And Sethian Magick

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Chaos and the Adversary

"Awakening Aaos, remembered his purpose, and spoke to his heart; "The arcana of desire (i.e. Self-Love) would be satisfied with none but its original self - by the unique. Thus my morality taught me by dream symbols. As in life, so in sleep - all things have a sexual significance, hidden by righteousness. Herein is a mystery and a means to Will." -AOS - The Focus of Life

Austin Osman Spare (1888-1956) was the modem artist who brought conscious magickal and sorcerous art into a visible appearance, producing a plethora of later -anarchist styled sorcerers interested in working their own arcana of desire, their own foundation to the throne of the Adversary who resides in the in-between of double concepts of opposing forces as 'neither-neither'. One must keep in mind, while one may wonder the concept of Set-Typhon and how this 112

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relates to Spare's system of solitary sorcery seem to be cloudy, the foundation and his definitions are not.

The Storm of Set-Typhon, the "evil" if you will is nothing more than the subconscious desires of the sorcerer, once unlocked in a dreaming sense, through sorcery itself, can be used to achieve what the practitioner may wish to flesh out or manifest in the waking world. The process Spare employed are indeed found in older systems of Magick.

Systematically, Austin Osman Spare had made quite a detailed study of classical grimoires, such as The Goetia, Grimoirium Verum and other such works. From 1904 Spare had already formulated his creative technique which was no doubt a result of his early artistic influence rather than anything overtly occult. It was during his study with Aleister Crowley that Spare really found his own gnosis of sorcerous study; he went creatively further to found a system of obsession through Will-Desire-Belief. It has been suggested that Spare had developed his sigillic method from Cornelius Agrippa's De Occulta Philosophia, which introduces a combination technique of Arabic, Greek and Latin letters to form spirit traps or servitor houses. For example-

"There are, therefore, two and twenty letters which are the foundation of the world, and of creatures that are, and are named in it He, therefore would find them out, must by each joining together of the letters so long examine them, until a voice of God is manifest, and the framing of most sacred letters be opened and discovered." (Three Books of Occult Philosophy, by Agrippa.)

Austin Spare utilized the conceptual picture of desire as it was based in sex and workings derived from congress. In order for a desire to become flesh, with such as Goetic sorcery, one must adopt a form of faith which is controlled and willed belief. From this the sigil would be constructed by a series of letters from which interlace and become something not entirely recognizable in form. The meaning itself would be lost to the conscious mind, yet in fruitful ground in the subconscious, would reemerge at the right moment by a consciously willed atavistic resurgence. It is in this manner that one would summon and control "demons', "angels' and other spirits which would appear and produce results in magickal workings.

Zos vel Thanatos (the Witch Cult name of Spare) suggested that if the magician pressed to hard to achieve a goal then the force of his own Will may a deterrent to the accomplishment. Therefore, it was suggested that at the moment of evocation the desire should be focused and then erased or banished from the mind. The obvious principle of this is based around the conscious mind being side tracked and to communicate directly with the subconscious, which did not understand words yet only through symbolic images and impulses. By actually forgetting the goal, the conscious mind allowed the subconscious to bring this specific desire to enflesh. The "demon' or "angel' then was thus from the great arcana of the self, Zos and Kia - therefore exists and communicates through ones own sacred Alphabet of Desire.

Austin Spare also explained that the Sacred Alphabet is a sort of root forms of evocative sigils, that it is a script or grimoire of familiars and servitors which encircle

(ensorcel - sorcery) the circle of the Sabbat (the dreaming conclave) and self.

"But strange desires of stranger arcana. The law I make while thinking God - and will smash and remake again: so that I may commit every conceivable sin against its word. My utility has been-my pleasure-that alone is my service to man and to heaven, in that I am the Goat" -AOS, The Focus of Life.

Here Spare obviously relates to the Opposing or Adversarial aspects of Self - that CHAOS from which Set-Typhon is the God of, yet creates Order from for the purpose of balance and manifestation of temporary satisfaction of self-love. It is within this aspect that Spare is relating to the ending essence of the Sacred Alphabet, it is a KEY to self-deification, a tool of the gates of hell. Hell being a word derived from Helan, Angelo-Saxon for 'hele' and conceal, the very arcana of the self. In reference to Heaven, a temporary state of self-satisfaction, is destroyed in the fall of consciousness through the Luciferic rebellion of self-knowledge and that very drive which initiates hidden knowledge which can become wisdom. By Heaven do we enthrone, yet by the fall do we announce our individual consciousness and the "I" which makes us whole and unique.

Leviathan, the Timeless Serpent-Dragon of the Oceans of the Subconscious is a gate keeper of not only our great potential, but our immortal essence of self. The Ourabouris Serpent encircles the self and totality of being, and through the Sacred Alphabet which we each weave and form, is the communication point from which Leviathan heeds our calls. The Serpent itself is within the depths of the waters of Nun, the Chaos that is our subconscious, constantly plunging the "I" through the gates of both Heaven (stasis and ecstasy) and Hell (rebellion and Self-Love through ones dynamic point of Becoming).

"Know the subconscious to be an epitome of all experience and wisdom, past incarnations as men, animals, birds, vegetable life, ect, ect, everything that exists has and every will exist. Each being a stratum in the order of evolution. Naturally then, the lower we probe into these strata, the earlier will be the forms of life we arrive at; the last is almighty simplicity. And if we succeed in awakening them, we shall gain their properties, and our accomplishment will correspond." -The Book of Pleasure

The subconscious contains a primal map of what we may become by reaching back. Lycanthropy and Vampyric self-transformation by Internal Necromancy (atavistic resurgence) allows our own dynamic Becoming to enflesh those incarnations to emerge as what is considered "I" - developing beings.

In The Focus of Life, Spare writes about one assuming the Death Posture to achieve the specific gnosis to charge the alphabetic and sigillic evocation, allowing the self to assume the form of Thanatos, the Greek God of Death and the Brother of Morpheus. The result is an arcane message of the transference of conscious unto the Eye of Leviathan - dreaming knowledge:

"The waters became murky, then muddy, and movement began. Going nearer, he observed - a phosphorescent morass crowded with restless abortions of humanity and creatures - like struggling mudworms, aimless and blind: an immense swamp of dissatisfaction; a desire smashed into pieces." - Focus of Life

This darkness of self is made flesh into ones own desires and conscious desires and plans of the future. In mentioning this, one may refer to the concept of becoming - to manifest and recognize the dynamic of how you are getting there. This is the key of how such Sigil techniques may be used. Chaos is useful when you understand how to create order from it. By this process is it then useful to you on a first level before anyone else. Chaos is a friend to those who can recognize attributes which initiate it, therefore producing the opposite effect before the event can be realized as a desire of order. To simplify this - notice systematic or conscious, upfront similarities in chaos, then by recognizing these points which may appear too detailed for random energy, may be assumed in some sigillic form to produce an orderly and often Willed result.

"The "Neither-Neither" principle of those two, is the state where the mind has passed beyond conception, it cannot be balanced, since it implies only itself. The "I" principle has reached the "Does not matter - need not be" state, and is not related to form Indestructible, it has the power to destroy - therefore it alone is true freedom and existence... .renouncing everything by the means shown, take shelter in it. Surely it is the abode of Kia?" - AOS The Book of Pleasure

The Antinomian process of the Death Posture and the Sigillic Alphabet is the Adversarial and Opposing essence of Lucifer/Shaitan/Azazel/Set, the individualistic essence of "I" which we seek to become -

free yet knowledgeable about our process of how it is obtained and further developed. Aleister Crowley, who had initiatory workings with Spare early in his career, understood the desire of the sacred Whore called Babalon and realized the masculine as the Lion-Headed Serpent called Yaltabaoth or Samael, however Crowley called it Abraxas by name. While neither were able to manifest those names during their life times and surroundings, the force was present and on their minds throughout their own lives.

"Existing as Dual, they are identical in desire, by their duality there is no control, for will and belief are ever at variance, and each would shape the other to its ends, in the issue neither winds as the joy is a covert of sorrow. Let him unite them" - The Book of Pleasure

A grimoire of self-love and deification is meant at a process or tool of sorcerous art, both high and low magick which produces change by the exploration of self. The Death Posture as a means of producing Willed results, charging the sigillic process is best described as reaching a point of ecstasy from which the mind forgets and looses conceptual surroundings by Self-Love. This is the "Fall" process, the Luciferic rebellion from which the self emerges from the Death Posture aware of its being, the existence which makes it separate from the natural order Heaven so sought to impose upon it. There is an aspect of our self which is Heaven, when we seek unconsciously stasis and extended rest, and then the self moves forward dissolution. The Sethian/Luciferian understands this and moves through the Sorcerous path of the Serpent to oppose and through adversarial and antinomianian techniques separate and deify their "I" which is the immortal essence of self.

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