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Michael W. Ford is a solitary practitioner primarily of a modern interpretational form of ancient Persian sorcery called collectively "Yatuk-Dinoih" which is essentially known as Daeva-yasna, utilizing the forbidden currents of the Adversary as a life-strengthening tool of initiation. He is currently the Magister of the Black Order of the Dragon and The Order of Phosphorus, two small initiatory guilds based in Houston, Texas. Mr. Ford is a professional business manager and underground musician in known groups such as

Black Funeral, Psychonaut 75 and Hexentanz. Michael is currently developing the Luciferian Tarot with Elda.

Elda Isela Ford aka Soror Lilitu Azhdeha photo by Dana Dark, 2002 ILLUSTRATOR

Elda Isela Ford is an artist who has been a longtime practitioner of the demonic-feminine currents found in the Luciferian Path, she has contributed artwork in all of Michael's published writings. Elda is currently developing the Luciferian Tarot with Michael.

By Michael W. Ford Succubus Publishing 2005 ISBN 1411626389 The home publisher of Luciferian Witchcraft is here:

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