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Following are some simple but important exercises that build on those given in the previous chapter. These take you one step closer to taking manual control over your own energy body. Please take your time over these, as the practice of tactile imaging is fundamental to most of the procedures given within this book, including trance and projection techniques. Their importance cannot be overemphasized.

Awareness Hands

The most natural way to use your point of awareness is to feel you have an imaginary pair of hands. Awareness hands are the business ends of tactile imaging. These are powerful awareness tools and you will be using them for raising energy and manipulating energy centers, as well as for projection techniques. You will soon learn how to use them over larger areas and in many other practical energetic ways.

Awareness hands are, in practice, simply extensions of body awareness. You have a left and a right awareness hand. Each hand is to be felt as being attached to an imaginary awareness arm coming from each of your shoulders, although the awareness arms themselves are not important. With practice, you will feel that each awareness hand is attached to a different side of your energy body. Each hand is attached to a different side of the brain, and one awareness hand is usually slightly weaker than the other, depending on which side of your brain is dominant. The more you use awareness hands, the stronger they become and the easier they are to use.

Awareness Hands Exercise

Close your eyes and relax, while sitting or lying comfortably. Using your body awareness alone (without actually moving), take both your awareness hands down to your left foot, as if you were grabbing hold of it. Scratch or rub the top of your left foot and wiggle it a bit to highlight it and make this exercise easier. Feel the whole of that foot. Draw your awareness hands through your left foot, from toes to heel, back and forth several times.

After this, draw your awareness hands through your foot to your ankle, and then slowly take them on up through your whole leg. Feel the whole of your leg as you move your awareness hands upward through it. Draw your awareness hands all the way up your shin, past your knee, up your thigh, and on up to your hip. When you get to your hip, flick your awareness instantly back down to your toes again and repeat the upward-stroking, energy-raising action. Do not stroke your awareness back down your leg. Repeat this action over and over, taking several seconds per stroke, feeling the whole of your leg each time.

This action forces energy to flow into your foot and draws it up through your leg. You may feel some peculiar sensations as you do this, like tingling, buzzing, warmth, cold, pressure, heaviness, or even bone-deep tickling sensations. Repeat the entire exercise with your right leg.

Splitting Awareness Exercise

Splitting body-awareness is very simple and easy to do. It feels quite natural in practice, just like using both your real hands at the same time. As an example exercise, split your awareness and feel both your feet at the same time, after targeting them, feeling one in each of your awareness hands. Draw energy up both legs at the same time, exactly as you did with the previous exercise, over and over. With a little practice you'll be able to do this effortlessly. If you have trouble splitting awareness, stick to using one at a time until you feel more comfortable with splitting them.

When you have had some practice at splitting your awareness hands, increase the speed of the upward stroking action until you can draw your awareness up through your legs at the same time, taking two or three seconds for each upward sweep, from feet to hips.

To add to the above, imagine and feel as if you were sweeping water up through the whole of your legs with your awareness hands. Imagine your awareness hands are each holding a large sponge and you are sponging water upward through the whole of your legs. The water keeps trying to run back down your leg, so focused awareness effort is used to force the water to rise. This action provides more energetic resistance and gives your awareness hands something to grip onto, so to speak. This increases the effectiveness of any whole-of-limb energy-raising action.

Visibly Detecting Awareness Hands

After a little practice with using your awareness hands, you may start detecting them when they move past your closed eyes. This is especially so if you have been meditating at the same time. You may see vague shadows and indistinct moving shapes. It does not matter, though, if you never see anything, as it is not necessary to see anything for these techniques to work effectively. Watch for this side effect for interest's sake only: many people have reported this phenomenon.

I always see my awareness hands when they move past my eyes, but I've had a lot of practice at this, so am not really a fair test subject. I rely on my volunteers to provide me with more realistic feedback.

As an experiment, relax and close your eyes. Concentrate on feeling your awareness hands. Slowly raise your awareness hands past your face and eyes and on up over your head several times (don't actually move your real hands), stroking your awareness hands over your face and head. Try to sense this from behind your closed eyes. See if you can detect shadowy movements, or if you can see the shape of your awareness hands as they move past your eyes. If you succeed at this, you are using a type of energy sight similar to real-time or astral sight, as discussed earlier. This experiment is most effective if done immediately after meditation.

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