The Famous Vibrations

In my opinion, the famous vibrations are not the cause of projection, but a symptom of the energetic activity associated with the internal generation of the projectable double. When energetic conditions are ripe for projection, the physical/etheric body begins to internally generate its projectabledouble aspect. This causes some pretty major energetic activity, felt throughout the body as vibrations. But even though the buzzing sensation of vibrations is strongly felt in and by the physical body, no detectable physical vibrations are present. The physical body does not actually vibrate or buzz. This indicates that these vibrations are felt from within the etheric body only, or from within the projectable double as it is being generated, not from the physical body.

Often, the vibrations start well before projection actually occurs. Vibrations often are localized to parts of the physical body, which indicates that only parts of the projectable double are being generated. For example, if only the legs and lower torso are vibrating, then only the legs and lower torso of the projectable double are being generated at that time. At times like this, projectors will often feel their legs or arms floating loose and moving about outside the bounds of their physical body. When vibrations are felt in only part of the body, those vibrating parts only have reached the deeply relaxed and energetically excited state required for projection to occur. The parts that are not vibrating, therefore, must be suspected to be unready for projection, possibly due to hidden physical

tension in those areas. Many people find themselves stuck to a part of their physical body during the exit. They also often experience pain and discomfort in these stuck areas if they continue trying to force themselves out of their body regardless. I would suggest here that a lack of whole-body deep physical relaxation is the major contributing factor to this common problem.

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