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The astral planes are, in my opinion, an energetically generated reflection of universal consciousness. They have definite form, order, and structure and are one of the true wonders of our incredible multidimensional universe. The structure of the astral planes can be clearly observed, and even used for navigational purposes, if they are approached from the correct energetic "angle of perception". This is my term for the angle at which a projector perceives the astral planes through the direct mind-senses of his or her projectable double. Perception angles vary from projector to projector, with tube-type and plane-type angles of perception being by far the most common. The angle of perception is set by the projectors' energetic makeup and activity during a projection, and is also affected by their belief system.

Traditional esoteric theory tells us that the astral dimension contains seven major levels, or planes, each housing a plethora of lesser subplanes, internal realms, and kingdoms. The many different descriptions for this structure — Hindu, Buddhist, spiritualist. New Age, etc., even the multidimensional theory of modern physics — often appear to conflict, mainly because of cultural and religious beliefs. I have found it impossible to verify any one version of dimensional theory as more accurate than any other. I therefore base my version of the structure of the astral planes on my own experience.

Exploring and mapping the astral planes is like trying to explore a whole planet on foot, without maps or instruments. It cannot be done during any single projection. It would have to be done over a great length of time, by highly skilled projectors with good shadow memory recall and excellent organizational and recording skills.

Astral planes are complex, multilayered, energetically generated dimensional environments with variable perception-based aspects. A tongue twister, I know, but accurate all the same. The way the astral planes and their contents are perceived, experienced, and remembered can be extremely variable, depending greatly on the projector's level of energetic activity at the time of projection, and on the state of their belief system, their level of consciousness at the time of projection, and the state of their base level of consciousness.

All this affects how the physical brain works, and how much of what is perceived during a projection the brain is capable of storing as a recognizable memory. After all, the only thing left after a projection is the memory of it, which will be perceived, interpreted, and recalled by the base level of consciousness only.

In the astral dimension, the energetic qualities of travelers' projected doubles strongly affect their angle of perception, more so even than their state or level of consciousness at the time. This is true, I believe, not only during the experience, but also afterward. It affects the memory and how it will be stored in the physical brain at the base level of consciousness, and thus, obviously, how an experience memory will be recalled after the fact.

I have explored only a very small part of the astral planes, which constitute an enormous dimensional structure with many different aspects and facets. I have not finished making observations of the primary layers and their surface entrance structures, let alone tried to map out their plethora of internal subplanes and realms. But I will proceed to paint a word picture of the astral planes for you, based on how I have perceived them during my many journeys there. I believe this will provide you with a much better and more understandable look and feel than theory alone could provide.

The astral planes, experienced firsthand, can be likened to the pages in a gigantic book, with lightly color-tinted gaps between the pages. These pages, or planes, appear to be hundreds of miles apart during an astral projection. The areas between planes are, I believe, something like buffer zones separating each primary astral plane from the next. These areas vary in color, but have a distinctly similar feel to each of them — a kind of thick, quiet, color-tinted nothingness — oceans of colored empty space. A relationship appears to exist between the colors of these dividing areas and the energetic colors generated by the primary energy centers (major chakras) of the human energy body.

The surface of an astral plane is two-dimensional and covered with perfectly straight horizontal and vertical grid lines. This makes for a uniform checkered appearance over the entire surface. Each square on a surface contains a brilliantly multicolored geometric design, repeated endlessly in every other square. The surface of each astral plane has its own unique pattern, completely different from that of any other astral plane's surface pattern.

Each astral plane appears two-dimensional when its surface is approached. However, a fully three-dimensional environment is experienced when this is penetrated.

Each astral plane also contains connections with every other primary astral plane. These connections appear in the colors and patterns of the surface skin. For example, the violet/purple dot in the middle of each centerpiece of every square (see rear cover) can provide a link with the seventh and highest primary astral plane. And the four gold petals surrounding each dot can provide a link with the sixth primary astral plane. Although I have not yet fully explored its potential, the navy-blue star on which the above structures sit appears to link these with the fifth primary astral plane, the one depicted. However, please keep in mind that if projectors do not have the energetic abilities necessary to transcend the fifth astral plane, entering any of the above will take them to higher internal realms within the fifth astral plane. Experimentation is the only sure way to ascertain whether these structures can be used as doorways to higher primary astral planes.

The surface of an astral plane is magnificent and awe-inspiring to behold. These structures are absolutely beyond compare in their artistic, crisp, and colorful beauty; their enormity and grandeur; and their spectacular awe-inspiring power and deep mystery. I am certain that they are logically and intelligently designed structures, much too geometrically neat and intelligently functional to be merely accidental or natural. They appear to have been designed by an intelligence far beyond ours.

This illustration and its perspective are not abstract. It is based on my living memories of many conscious-exit projections and entries into the astral planes. (See rear cover for full-color version of this sketch.) This accurately represents the surface of what I believe to be the fifth astral plane and shows what the surface of an astral plane actually looks like when encountered firsthand during an astral projection.

If you can stretch your imagination just a little after looking at these illustrations and the rear cover, try imagining yourself there. Close your eyes and imagine yourself hovering five miles high, looking down onto a spectacularly checkered wonder as depicted above.

The following illustrations show how I perceive the primary astral planes.

Fig. 29. Seven primary astral planes Astral Subplanes

My journeys within the astral planes have shown me that each primary astral plane has a complex internal structure, a tangled spectrum of interconnected levels, subplanes, and internal realms, both positive and negative. Dimensionally speaking, many of the internal parts are situated at right angles to the primary astral plane holding them. This description (right angles) is to be

Astral Plane Etheric
Fig. 28. Astral plane scene, showing projector's view during approach

considered abstract; there is nothing in the physical dimension to use by way of fair comparison to show how this internal structure actually works. However, the following diagrams attempt to do so in the abstract.

Modern physics says that energy cannot be destroyed, but only changed. I believe that this also applies in all other dimensions. Reflected energies of consciousness, radiated into the astral planes from the physical dimension, have many forms, positive and negative, each with many subtle variations. The reflected energy contained within the astral planes originates from raw primal consciousness energy, conditioned by the minds from which they have emanated. The subplanes and lesser realms within each astral plane are parts of an extremely complex energetic filtration system. I can think of no other way to describe the mind-boggling complexity of this process.

Internal energetic structures channel negative and positive energies (energetic reflections of consciousness) into different dimensional areas. This appears to be accomplished by natural forces acting as energetic attraction and repulsion mechanisms. Positive and negative energies radiate away from each other then congeal in energetically related holding areas, so that positive and negative energies generated by consciousness are separated and channeled toward the dimensional levels with which they are most precisely in tune.

The astral energetic filtering process is most noticeable in the lower internal subplanes. It is not apparent at all on surface structures, nor can it so easily be perceived within the higher astral planes. Higher astral levels seem to attract and filter only refined high-level energies. These flow freely into them from coarse lower-dimensional areas that are not capable of handling high-level energies. Once filtered, these energies appear to take root and energetically contribute to the environment in the dimensional layer, area, realm, or kingdom with which they are most in tune. Positive and negative areas coexist within all subplanes and realms, holding each other dimensionally apart through natural energetic repulsion mechanisms.

This energetic filtering effect can often be perceived, during a projection, as a subtle gradient of light, as a gradual brightening or darkening, or as a heaviness or lightness. Gradients of light and atmosphere exist between connected groups of related opposites. There appear to be no hard divisions between positive and negative areas. In practice, if you maintain a single directional heading for any length of time, you will perceive the astral landscape as slowly changing, for better or worse.

Your will can override the natural energetic filtering mechanism, allowing you to go wherever you choose. Astral projectors will always naturally project to the astral level they are in tune with energetically, but they can move on from there into positive and negative areas with which they are not naturally in tune.

In the astral planes, each connecting energetic gradient has many directions, not all of them obvious to the naked astral eye. Emotional, spiritual, and psychic directions can be taken intuitively, but they must be innate to the projector, as they are not always visibly represented in the internal parts of astral planes. The majority of visible astral plane ¡ntemai directions have a reasonably positive outcome. If a positive pianes1 direction is taken and held, a projector will generally move into a progressively brighter and lighter area, into higherlevel areas. The reverse usually will not happen by accident, although it can be brought about by a deliberate act of exploration.

If travelers remain focused on what they are doing and have positive-oriented minds, they have very little to worry about in this respect. In practice, travelers wandering the astral planes at random will find themselves experiencing a great many varied and interesting environments. They will not come across any seriously negative areas in their travels unless they actively go looking for them. The underlying intentions and qualities of thought of astral travelers safeguard them from accidentally entering negative areas they are not in tune with energetically.

Cul-awsy of single astral plan« above

Fig. 30. Exploded astral plane, showing internal structure (abstract representation)

Cul-awsy of single astral plan« above

Fig. 30. Exploded astral plane, showing internal structure (abstract representation)

I hope the above description and explanation sheds some light on the question — which I am regularly asked — of why negative areas are found within the astral planes, when the astral is at a higher-dimensional vibration than the physical universe.

Positive and negative aspects are related; neither could exist without the presence of the other, as magnets could not exist without having both positive and negative poles. The opposites contained within the structure of the astral planes are not as precisely defined as are the poles of a magnet. Therefore, an often-perceivable atmospheric gradient of energetic opposites exists.

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