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I believe the fabled akashic records are part of a medium that permeates all dimensions, on all levels, and has many different aspects. They are a permanent record of every thought, perception, and event that has ever occurred, like a huge and infinitely detailed history book, where past events can be accessed, viewed, and even experienced firsthand. The akashic records can be accessed and experienced within the astral planes (during OBEs) or with clairvoyance, remote viewing, and other psychic abilities.

The akashic records also contain probability energies that are records of the future. Probability energies stem from and are generated by past and present events, actions, and thoughts. These energies can be tuned in to and read, visually or otherwise, in many different ways, both in and out of the astral planes, but the akashic records are far more accessible as a searchable type of records structure from within the astral planes, where they can be searched, viewed, and experienced firsthand, even by unskilled projectors.

Like the astral hospital, the akashic records are an energetic dimensional structure with no actual shape or form. The appearance of this structure is affected by projectors' angles of perception, belief systems, and creative abilities. Projectors' needs for a definite and well-known structure within which to work have created a fairly solid library-like astral structure, which has been added to and maintained over many years.

The most popular structure is the traditional library scenario. Imagine a large and imposing white stone building, beautifully kept, with wide marble steps leading through several large stone pillars that mark the main entrance. This building is set well back among neatly kept lawns and gardens. Inside is a large main foyer with high ceilings. Several hallways lead off from this into different parts of the library. Sometimes a librarian will meet projectors and may guide them to the part of the library they wish to use. If not — which is more often the case — projectors must use their intuition to choose a hallway and move down it to a section of the records. If they feel nothing and all the hallways look and feel alike, they must guess. While guessing, projectors must hold their area of interest or query firmly in mind. The chosen hallway opens into a larger room full of books and scrolls. Even computer terminals can be found and used there these days. An item must then be selected for viewing and, once again, it is important the query be kept firmly in mind at all times.

Fig. 33. Traditional akashic records library scenario

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